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The WEIRDEST New Animals Discovered!

Here are the most interesting animal discoveries! 13 – Dementor Wasp
The dementor wasp, or ampulex dementor, is a terrifying little creature. The most terrifying thing about this little
thing, and the reason for its sensational name, is its behavior towards its favorite
food: cockroaches. It actually injects a paralyzing toxin into
its prey’s belly before eating the roach alive. The cockroach is only paralyzed by the toxin,
not grilled, and has to watch as it’s being slowly devoured by the dementor wasp. Researchers named the newfound waspAmpulex
dementor, or “dementor wasp” for short: The name was inspired by Harry Potter’s dementors,
ghostlike creatures that suck away a person’s happiness and will to live. In May of last year, researchers described
the pacified, poisoned roach to Live Science Magazine as a “passive zombie” that submits
itself to being eaten alive. Ugh!! 12 – Goliath Birdeater Here’s another truly, terrifyingly weird
entry to this list of assembled weirdos from the animal kingdom. This species was officially discovered in
2006 during an expedition to Guyana. It’s a burrowing spider, feeding primarily
on invertebrates, though it’s also been observed eating small mammals, lizards, and
venomous snakes. Wait, what? Yes, it even eats snakes. Fully grown specimens can reach a horrific
weight of around six ounces. An almost half a pound spider!! Thankfully for us – and for any other creatures
too large for this spider to eat – the Goliath Birdeater is a species of tarantula that has
relatively weak venom, which only causes mild swelling and pain for a few hours. The only thing that poses the biggest threat
to us humans is the goliath’s ability to expel hairs from its body. These tiny, nearly invisible hairs float through
the air – and have an awful tendency to stick to the eyes and on the skin! 11 – Louisiana Pancake Batfish The Louisiana pancake batfish is a bizarre
looking creature native to the Gulf of Mexico. The species was discovered in 2010, during
the cleanup process following the infamous oil spill in the gulf, one of the most devastating
ecological disasters. The Louisiana pancake batfish’s name comes
from its shape, which quite closely resembles that of an unfortunately prepared pancake. The strange manner it has of moving along
the ocean floor is described as being similar to the way a bat crawls. Like other batfish it has pectoral fins which
resemble limbs. It uses these fins, together with their smaller
pelvic fins, to ‘walk’ along the ocean floor. The pancake batfish feeds on invertebrates,
which it captures using chemical lures. 10 – Acrobatic Arachnid
This little guy is definitely not about to help anyone get over their arachnophobia. Forget about crawling up your leg or onto
your pillow. This spider does gymnastics. This spider lives in the Moroccan sand dunes. The spider hides from predators in its own
little sandcastles; towers made of silk and sand that also serve as a little bit of relief
from the sun. When threatened, though this spider does something
really weird: It breaks into a run that soon turns into a tumble. The spider basically starts cartwheeling at
6.5 feet per second up and down the dunes. 9 – Sea scorpion One of the most terrifying things in popular
imagination since the Jaws movies has been the mystery of what lurks in the depths of
the deep blue ocean underneath us. Sure, sharks are pretty terrifying, but during
an excavation of an ancient meteorite impact crater in the Upper Iowa River, researchers
uncovered the fossilized remains of human-sized sea scorpions with both pointy and paddle-shaped
limbs. The sea scorpions likely ate bivalves and
squishy eel-like creatures during their day, roughly about 460 million years ago. Giant scorpions crawling around the floor
of the ocean? Let’s just hope they’re as extinct as
scientist say and you don’t bump into one next time you’re on the beach! 8 – Chicken from elle
Imagine for a second a giant flesh-eating chicken. Well, if you were around give or take 65 million
years ago, you would have had to deal with this night hare. We all know about the Tyrannosaurus rex, partly
thanks to Steven Spielberg, but researchers recently discovered big Rex’s creepy little
feathered cousin. The “chicken from elle” is an eye-catching
nickname, but the newly discovered dinosaur wouldn’t have pecked around the front stoop
for grubs. This North American dino grew to around 10
feet long and weighed up to 600 pounds. It lived in what is now the Dakotas around
the same time as T-Rex, and was very likely covered in feathers, which somehow makes it
way creepier, don’t you think?! It probably hunted small animals and ate random
eggs. It also probably took good care of its own
young: Paleontologists have found evidence that this weird oversized carnivore chicken
made nests and brooded over its eggs until they hatched. 7 – Pig-nosed rat Okay, the snout on this recently discovered
Indonesian rodent is actually pretty cute, but the same can definitely not be said for
its weirdly long front teeth. This pig/vampire rat is an elusive rodent
from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It’s a newly identified species, and a weird
one at that. This little rat has a hoglike nose and oversized
upturned teeth that looks a bit like a caricature of a goofy vampire. “I had never seen a rat with a nose like that,”
said Jacob Esselstyn, curator of mammals at Louisiana State University’s Museum of Natural
Science. “When I took it out of the trap, I knew it
was a new species. There was never any doubt in my mind.” 6 – Fanged frog The fanged frog doesn’t lay eggs like other
frogs, instead it gives birth to live tadpoles. This is very unusual for an amphibian, as
most just lay eggs. It was also a very strange discovery for herpetologist
Jim McGuire of the UC Berkeley, who was on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi when he
grabbed what he thought was a male frog. “As soon as I picked her up, she squirted
tadpoles all over my hand,” McGuire told Live Science in December 2014. The fanged frog is now the only known frog
species to give birth to live tadpoles, although a few species give birth to mini quote, “froglets”. The live birth thing isn’t the only weird
thing about this amphibian though. As soon as you take a good look at it you
might also notice that the frog also sports fang-like protuberances on their lower jaws,
which they use when fighting. 5 – Walter’s Duiker By simply looking at a picture of Walter’s
Duiker you might think it looks like a pretty standard antelope. But if you ever happen to bump into one next
time you happen to be in Togo, Nigeria or Benin, you’ll see what is so strange about
it. It is tiny. So tiny in fact, that at first glance you
might even mistake it for a dog! Walter’s Duiker is a fascinating little
creature, officially discovered in 2010 in the Dahomey Gap, West Africa. The species made its first foray into the
world of science in 1968, when Walter Verheyen – the man after whom the species is named
– retrieved a specimen from Togo. Walter’s duiker measures an average of only
sixteen inches in height and typically weighing 9 to 13 pounds. In addition to its small height, the duiker
has hind legs which are longer than their counterparts up front. This is particularly interesting given that
the duiker is not a grazing animal, and typically feeds on berries and other similar items of
nourishment, which grow on plants. 4 – Red-bearded Titi This monkey, with its small stature and what
looks like an immaculately trimmed beard, looks pretty much like your modern day hipster. The red-bearded titi is a small primate discovered
in the Colombian section of the Amazon Rainforest in 2008. Unfortunately, the story of the discovery
is not all happy, as it appears the adorable bearded little things are critically endangered,
with an estimated surviving population of less than 250. The red-bearded titi, like many primates,
shares a surprising number of characteristics with humans. One such characteristic is that they mate
for life – an uncommon habit in the primate world. I guess being like the other primates is too
mainstream for the bearded hipster monkeys! A typical couple has a baby every year, and
males are responsible for a majority of the infant’s care. Couples have often been seen sitting together
on tree branches with tails intertwined. 3 – Pinocchio Frog Pictures of this weird little guy always looks
photoshopped. But they aren’t. It’s just strange to see a frog with such
a crazy nose! Found in the remote Foja Mountains of Indonesia,
the Pinocchio frog is a strange little creature which was only discovered by accident in 2010,
after wandering into a research camp and perching itself atop a bag of rice. This creature’s most obvious and most distinctive
feature is obviously its nose. The super long nose is a feature which only
the males have, and becomes erect when they’re making excited calls and returns to its standard
position when they’re not excited. The exact purpose of the ‘nose’, and the
frogs’ ability to manipulate it, is still a mystery. 2 – Speculative stories
Okay, so all of the weird discoveries mentioned so far have been official scientific discoveries. There are tons of photos and scientific journals
to back up their discovery. The next few entries however are a little
more speculative. The internet obviously is a very democratic
place. Anyone can share photos or stories of weird
things they find. The problem is that this also means there’s
a lot of false information out there. So for the next few entries, we leave it up
to you to decide! Is it real? Or is it a photoshop? Have you ever seen or heard of any of these?! Let us know in the comments! Reportedly, a goat with seven legs has been
born in Jiaoliuhe township, Taonan, Jilin Province in China. The owner of the goat, a woman surnamed Song,
explained that it was a difficult birth but the goat is standing on four of its legs and
is feeding. We’ll probably count this as a genetic anomaly
and NOT as a new species! The piglet with a monkey’s face has a simian
jaw, bulging forehead, small snout and eyes that are so close together that they appear
almost attached. Its front legs are much shorter than its back
legs, causing it to hop rather than walk on all fours like a normal piglet. The animal was one of five piglets recently
born to a sow owned by a family in Fengzhang village, Xiping township. We’ll count this one as another genetic
anomaly as well. A while ago there was a post that went viral
about a deep sea fisherman sharing some photos of some of the weird creatures that end up
in his nets. This laughing octopus was one of them. But the post did not include any descriptions
or details. Only the photos. Do any of you know what this thing is? Have you ever seen one?! 1 – Lesula Monkey This monkey is practically begging to be a
meme! Its face is so human, that it’s hard not
to laugh at its seemingly overdramatic resting “sad face”! The lesula is a remarkable new species of
African monkey discovered in 2007 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s the second new species of African monkey
discovered in nearly three decades. The monkey was first seen, by non-locals anyways,
by John and Terese Hart of Yale University’s Peabody Museum of Natural History, in the
home of a primary school teacher in the town of Opala. The most visible characteristic which makes
the Lesula so unusual is its startlingly human face. Some slightly less obvious characteristics
are the bald patches on the monkey’s hindquarters and genital region, both of which are colored
a vibrant blue! Here’s what’s next!

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    I still like tarantulas but I hate scorpions. I about had a panic attack when I had to move one of the big black emperor scorpions in the tank and it struck at my pen. I see wild ones in my house from time to time and I not only kill them but also turn them into ashes with my mini torch lighter. I had one crawl right next to me on the couch and I needed a xanax to calm down.

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