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Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Today, we’re gonna work on this paludarium, which, by my humble opinion – and this is a very personal opinion – it’s the most exciting project of Green Aqua of 2019. Stay with us! This is a 90 centimeter cube. Well, I’m saying it’s a cube aquarium, but it’s not really. It’s a 90×90 base tank and… [Chiming sound] We don’t have time for this Tommy! [Tommy] And it’s 18! [Balazs] 18?! [Tommy] Yeah! I didn’t think, that this is gonna be so nice. The whole thing has started to be so exciting for me, that I can’t wait to plant it. I just cannot express, how excited I am to do this. I’m not gonna do it alone, though. I’m gonna do it with Tommy! Very extra! I’m prepared for Christmas now. Looks good! This is my ugly Christmas T-shirt for this year. It’s much better, than your usual T-shirts. No, let’s just keep it like that! Alright, before we move on, we have to explain to our viewers, what happened since the last episode. The water is flowing down on the glued pebbles. It looks like the water has washed away everything, so we need to plant some plants on both sides of that, to make it look more natural. And we’ve got the cold mist coming down in three places. And I couldn’t stop, so I just had to put some moss in there, because I wanted to see how it looks. We have a little pond, which is my favorite. So yeah, without further ado, let’s start working! Let’s start working! This is the pond that I was talking about. That’s completely by accident. We added some surface plants. [Tommy] We got this as a present from Jurijs. [Balazs] Phyllanthus fluitans, The water is divided into three parts. The first, 4×6 hose goes there. The big, 12×16 hose does the waterfall and then the third one comes, to fill up the pond. And actually the pond overflows onto the rock. Do we want to plant epiphyte plants in the tank? And then just leave the whole thing, or try to plant into the sand under the water, so we don’t have to drain the tank. We wouldn’t use any plants in the sand… I would put some Eleocharis or something like that. Okay, well we can try it. The sand is very thin. So I’m not even sure if they’re gonna stick into it. I started cleaning the plants. I started with the Anubias nana mini. And I’m gonna tie those to some little pebbles. Actually you will see all the plants in the description. I’ve started with Bucephalandra… …I don’t even know – Deep purple from Aquaflora. This plant looks quite ugly, in the in-vitro box. When it comes, it doesn’t look like a healthy plant, but don’t worry, it always comes like that. [Balazs] Let’s do a competition, so who does more in 5 minutes? He doesn’t like the idea. Look at his face! I can already tell, when Tommy doesn’t like something. It’s written all over Tommy’s face. [Tommy] I like to keep the different species separately. So I can make sure, that I use them all around the tank and not just in certain places. This is Bolbitis difformis from Aquaflora. Which I find very-very difficult to keep underwater. But on the other hand, it looks very-very nice in dry enviroments, in humid environments. It actually develops very quickly. I have it at home as well, in my vivarium, so I plan to use this, somewhere on the edge of the water and the dry parts. This is one positive thing about having a Multiple-Tank-Syndrome. I don’t know, if you know what that is. If you have a lot of tanks at home, you will be able, to reuse plants. Actually I’ve talked to Josh Sim and he told me, he has complete nursery tanks. So how was your vivarium at home, Tommy? Well, my biggest mistake was Hydrocotyle Verticillata. But I actually put it in the soil. And it basically covered my whole vivarium in a few months, or even weeks. After visiting ADA and seeing all the paludariums, I’m really thinking about just ditching the whole tank I have at the moment and build a vertical one. Or we can put some Marsilea in the sand and they will run away in the sand, it’s gonna be nice. [Balazs] I had enough of this … tying! I want this to be over! I want to start planting! So we’re gonna start planting the Bucephalandras. This is the Wavy leaf. This is the Bucephalandra red. And this is the Anubias pinto. I’m gonna probably put this somewhere in the middle, where I can see it better. We need a big plant, that will cover this side here. Tommy, can I leave the Bucephalandras at the top of the tank? Will they grow out of the tank? [Tommy] If their bottom is in the water, they’re gonna be fine. Or even if they’re in humid place, where the mist actually reaches them, they should be fine. [Balazs] So what did you want to do with the Bolbitis difformis? [Tommy] Just on the edge of the water. I kind of put all the plants in the back. So that I can not reach it. Good thing about planting these plants above the water is that you don’t have to care about them coming up. So you can actually just place them wherever you want and they’re gonna get some roots and just grow from there. Tommy has already started to plant the background. Make sure that we cover the little pipe! I’m just gonna start planting the Marsilea hirsuta in the foreground, in the sand actually. I’m hoping to be running away from the point. I’m gonna add them, following the line of the rocks. We also gonna have some carnivorous plants. They’re gonna help us out with the fruit flies, escaping from the dark frog vivarium. Hopefully. [Balazs] Oh cool! [Tommy] We have quite a lot! [Balazs] Yeah, I just found some fruit flies in the kitchen as well. So with terrestrial plants, I’m always taking off most of the soil they come in. But I always keep some of it. This way you can actually just put them on the soil and they’re gonna grow their roots straight. You don’t need to actually plant them. We have these two different types of orchids in-between the rocks. This is some kind of dwarf fern. This as well. [Balazs] And in the foreground, I am actually adding Staurogyne Repens. Then I think it’s gonna grow out of the water, because I’ve see that grow immersed as well. And you have a nice little green island there. This one, at least in Hungarian is called Spider fern. I guess you can see why. [Balazs] What kind of planting is that? You just threw them in! [Tommy] Yeah! Exactly! What kind of mess did you do there? Do your thing! Tommy! [Tommy] Yeah? What? Did I kill it? Let’s hope not… Put it back! You didn’t see this! So what is the biggest plant, that we have? Because here we actually need to put big plants. [Tommy] It’s actually this one. And… [Balazs] So like that? [Tommy] Also this one. But these can have even bigger leaves, than they do have now. [Balazs] We have a little bit of Riccardia here with me. And I’m just gonna take some of it and just place it on the rock. I would like to have a graduation, that comes down like this. As long as we’re at the lights! We’re using the same system, as we did, when this was a simple aquarium. The only change is, that we had one of the tubes replaced to a 2700k tube. So it’s quite yellowish, which looks very nice on the terrestrial plants. Did you see that – whatever you put here, I don’t know what kind of moss this is – [Balazs] Yes? It’s like blooming or happening… [Balazs] Can you not touch it please? Plants do not like poking! He keeps poking the plants! That’s not working! This is completely empty and this is completely empty. We would need… And this here! And all this is empty. [Balazs] Yeah, we will need to put something here. But… Tillandsia. [Tommy] No! No Tillandsia! So we need to do something… No Tillandsia, no bromeliads… It’s not that type of tank. No! [Balazs] What is this? [Tommy] That’s Fittonia, it needs soil. [Balazs] Okay! So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put terrestrial moss. Do we have terrestrial moss? Okay, so I found a rock, that was covered with moss outside, in the garden. It’s still terrestrial moss from anywhere. This is the advantage of working afterhours. Nobody’s gonna notice what we’re doing here. Okay, so actually Attila used up what we’ve had for order, for a client and now you’re stealing what he used up. Alright, so… What do you think? It’s much better, than I expected! That’s, that’s my… Is it? For me too, as well! Now I see that we have very-very limited space. So the aquarium itself is quite small for a project like this. Alright! So let us know in the comments, what you think about it! Tommy, once again, good job! I’m quite happy with what we did here. I hope that you guys are also happy. 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  1. So with the plants that spread, could you do like they do with bamboo and put rings around them in the soil to keep them from spreading and make them stay where they are supposed to?

  2. This is a dream to me! Something like this… You have done it perfectly. I just adore your work and energy!
    I have one question, please. When I bought my first Bucephelandra, they have told me that is the most like anubias. Among other advices was, no special need for a ligt, grows attached to rocks or some other stuff but not to put it in a soil. I have gravel in all of my tanks, and in the new one I have attended to lay it down just like You have done. It is a future hillstream tank with fine sand and a lot of rocks and wood. Yes I will have gaps for plants but I have a picture of a "bucephalandra velvet leaf entikong" arround one big rock at the same bottom. I see that is theoreticaly possible. Is it sustainable for a longer time?
    Thank you very much for an answer. Happy hollydays!

  3. Hey Guys this looks amazing!

    I'd like to get into the hobby but at a much smaller scale of course, just wondering for a system like this how would you clean the filters over time and maintenance for that?
    Also what do you guys do after cutting the end of the chord for the equipment, just solder it back together after putting it through the conduct pipe?

    Thank you and keep up the fantastic work very inspiring! 😀

  4. Wow….. a beautiful scape to rap up the yr! Merry Christmas to everyone at Green Aqua! It's been a great pleasure watching your videos this past yr. I look forward to watching more of your inspiring videos in 2020. Cheers!!

  5. as for me – too many diferent types of plands. even in jungle you cant find so many in one sqare meter. putting both anubias and bucephalandras – kills beauty of both. Anyway – great idea to make such paludarium – eager to see update.

  6. This is going to be awesome when mature… just wondering how do you get space for these extra creations… already dont know what was in that spot before. kk

  7. Green aqua.. give me this paladarium as a chrismas gift..! It is so amaZing. I am impressed ❤️❤️ Well Done guys..! If i can i would have buy it..!

  8. Gr8 job guys!
    I'm very happy that you start to built a paludariums! One visit in ADA gallery changed everything 🙂
    I've got an Idea for another project for U guys.. Of course its ADA also but ADA China

  9. Just one word « beautifull » as ever !!! Would like thé same at home !! ?
    And seeing booth of you aquascaping make me laught ! So much fun ! ??

  10. Genius as always.
    As an idea….you might want to consider doing a desert oasis type setup someday.
    Maybe with cactii and mini palms.
    It might be complicated for anyone else to do…
    NOT for Greenaqua!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  11. Awesome, but then again, I expected nothing less 🙂
    How do you guys deal with evaporation? It must be crazy on a project like this? Do you have RO water on tap?

  12. The little pond is my favorite part hands down , also the fish really make the tank pop , river tank coming 2020 for sure I can see it now 🙂

  13. Let me start of by saying again you guys continue to push by striving for the best! Awesome! Bravo! Can I make a request! I'd like to see same setup with rocks HOWEVER I'd think it'll look real cool with skinny wood and the big rocks. The wood would look cool as if it's crawling down the rocks like roots trying to reach substrate then a bonsai tree with red leaves spread in oval shape style bonsai!then only moss for your greens on rocks above water and couple purple greenish plants on both sides!I got the idea from a movie I watched with my daughter! Here's a link haha! Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!

  14. Looks good, but personally I think the background is a bit busy and I think the natural plant growth will clutter it up and throw of the perspective and depth of the paludarium. I see alot of careful plant trimming of the background in the new year for someone. Hopefully theres enough mist swirling around to get to all the mosses on the rocks.

    On a different note, you 2 should have a head to head aquascaping competition, since not everyone has easy access to beautiful hardscape and large quantities of plants it would be good to see how pros handle less than ideal circumstances. Suggested competition format; same tanks, basic canister filters and CO2 (no pretty glassware), have some people put assorted rocks and timbers into closed bags that you get to randomly pick from (eg 4 closed bags, pick 2 bags each without poking, prodding or lifting), same with a mixed set of plants (theres an Australian online store that sells mixed plant "bundles", 15 plants per "bundle", guaranteed at least 1 carpeting plant, 1 moss and 1 stem plant, lucky dip for the rest). Seeing the looks of confusion, shock and horror when you guys open a lucky dip hardscape or plant bag would be fun to watch.

    The real fun though, would be seeing the best you can do with less than optimal circumstances.

  15. Really really like it! Can't wait the plants to be rooted and stand up. Nice job guys, nice new direction. Can't wait to visit you!

  16. Good job guys! I'm wondering something, when you use mist maker like this, I guess it makes the all room humidity climbing. Are you doing something to avoid this? Or maybe there is no really impact ? 🙂 I wish you a nice end of the year!

  17. Will you be stocking the tank? If so, what will you use? I am seeing so many beautiful waterfall aquascapes lately. Yours by far is the most ambitious. Hope you will post many updates!

  18. Really nice tank! I love it, especially how every face is covered in some sort of plant, cant wait to see it grow out and become nicely aged, also a green aqua movie at 500k subs? ?. anyways as always, from Australia, have a great week and see you next Thursday!

  19. It is a beautiful tank.. I guess I gonna steal the tank from you guys..if I ever drop in to green out.. btw it's a beautiful tank.

  20. Thanks for making this video and sharing. I love your videos! It would be great if you can show the completed work a little longer, that would be amazing! Thanks!

  21. Even tommy also looks so cool with that t shirt …… guyssss your all videos are so awesome …..the way u people are presenting everything feels so cool …… really enjoying all videos from green aqua …… the main thing that I notice in all your videos are you peoples and the things everything feels so fresh ……. really enjoying …… good work guys , keep doing ….. 100% full support for green aqua …

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