Importance of Natural Resources

The Rainforest By Billabong Baz

Rainforest Woohoo!! By Billabong Baz (Barry Lyon) Like a great emerald crown that sits on the mountain this magnificent rainforest, mother natures fountain. The trees are giant green castles that grow so high, some even seem to reach the sky! And see, how the tree tops touch each other, leaves holding hands, like sister and brother. Vines loop through the trees like long giant ropes, to see such wonders, sigh I’m truly stoked! Down on the forest floor the carpet snake slithers, flicking its tongue, hunting for dinner. Imagine, being able to smell with your tongue, that would really be, such awesome fun! The birds, like a choir, are calling all around, ohhh, I just love to hear their beautiful sounds. And there’s one that sounds just like a cat! Meow, meow! It’s a Catbird. Fancy that! All of a sudden there’s a whistle and a crack. What on earth? What on earth? What was that!? A Whip bird indeed, so well named, that whip crack call, gives it, its special fame. Cloud comes in, swirls through the trees. Looks so beautifully eerie, if you please. Then, the rain falls. First with a patter, but soon, it comes down, with a deafening splatter! All of a sudden I feel something small on my foot, it’s a leach indeed, when I have a close look. Sucking my blood, just for a feed, doesn’t want much, just a little it needs. When I dab it with salt the leach falls away, just leaves a slight itch, no pain to dismay. Night time is coming! It’s time to head out, and leave the possums to scamper about. But in a small clearing, there is one last surprise, lies a glistening black Snake, in the opposite of sunrise. I keep a safe distance while watching it bask, soaking up sunshine is its afternoon task. This primeval rainforest grows on soil from a volcano, you know, that erupted, many, many million years ago. Back in the tent, the rain it still falls, and I’m in absolute bliss as I recall the jungles wonders, with awe. I just feel so blessed. What an amazing days hike. Exploring natures lush rainforest with its bounty of life.

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