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The Power of One Interaction | Tonya Anderson | TEDxWilliamsport

I'm just gonna take a deep breath because there was a time when I couldn't take a deep breath life is difficult em Scott Peck said that in 1973 when he wrote those words in his book called the road less traveled I am here to share my road less traveled he gave permission to go on a spiritual journey and I am so proud to be on that journey and I like to share it with you I also went to grad school where I learned Maslow's hierarchy of needs a little nervous so personal the hierarchy of needs when I what I learned is that individuals and communities are shared what we go through as an individual also we go through as a community so in the very first bottom is the physiological needs of home food safety the next one is security where we feel safe the building the law enforcement being safe low crime that's how it's displayed in the community the second part is love and belonging that's why we're all here because we believe in something that's bigger than ourselves the next level is self esteem where we acknowledged for for our for our guests the next one is creativity and spontaneity this can be used to help individuals in to help communities why is this important to you because today 129 people will die by suicide and I could have been one of them do you recognize this look I had everything I have everything I was in Hawaii my father took the I was very and very well loved woman and my mother was on the balcony with me but they didn't know a week before I had planned to die by suicide when you look at this picture you see a woman who is I felt cold I felt dark I couldn't breathe I had I could only take a sip of water I'm sharing this with you because it's important inside of this heart right here was joy and when you open up your heart it has enough joy to burn away all the pain we are a society that has been traumatized one of these is the 911 I was a flight attendant for United Airlines for thirteen years I didn't just get this way it's an accumulation of life's trusts as 9/11 divorce financial problems we just some medical doctors would call that complex PTSD they have medical terms for it however I ended up like this and one of it was from the 9/11 when I was a flight attendant and I was a chief purser I watched the Towers fall down in the I didn't realize how personal innocence let's go back to 9/11 9/11 I was in Los Angeles I was standing in the living room with my friend and we watched the first tower burning we watched it live when the second plane hit and our whole lives were changed in my mind I quit I didn't want to be a flight attendant anymore and then on the on the table in my apartment a couple days later there was a blinking light and in that blinking light was I pressed the button and it was taught T Anderson report to the crew desk we have an assignment and trembling trembling I called the crudest they said we need you to be the first flight attendant on the flight going back from Los Angeles to Washington DC you will be the chief purser and I'm trembling still and I like I felt called by God I felt this voice sounded like God talking to me so I gathered my strength I put my uniform on and I show up and it's solemn like this right here like what we're it's just quiet there's twenty two flight attendants you have to understand that 14 flight usually we have 14 flight attendants but today we have 22 and we're all lined up they have their suitcases and we are the first flight going back to Washington DC we walked through the plane we get there and it's still solemn the passengers start coming on board and what they do is they start giving us gifts newspapers doughnuts nodding to us just nodding just a silent knowing and they go and they sit down in the seats and it's quiet and I'm holding the microphone because I'm the one that's going to help us navigate this flight back to Washington DC the doors closed behind me because the flight attendants the pilots cannot be contacted that's new because we were moving into a new world and we didn't know how to respond to it so they were locked down I didn't even speak to them the gate agent is the 747 so it was like two or three hundred people on board the airplane that the gate agent comes to the door and we lock eyes and this big huge heavy door comes down like this and we're like this and all of a sudden the door shuts and we're all alone on this plane together and that's human connection she asked me if I was okay do you need anything and I'm saying yes we're ok so the flight was very smooth we serve every the food the movies playing and the flight attendant comes up to me and she says one of the passengers has put a knife in his jet coat pocket and I looked to the pot carpet and is closed so it's me I have to do this there's a still small voice in my brain that helps me walk down the aisle as I still trembling feel it now I'm trembling through this whole thing because I'm so it's I can still feel it and I don't know what I'm gonna say but I'm listening to this still small voice and the voice says get down low and talk softly and I didn't know what I was gonna say to him but we lock eyes does the gentleman and I and we lock eyes and I say may I have my knife back please out of his jacket he pulls a plastic white knife and there's a collective sigh through the hole or you know this hole we're all watching and and the next thing you know we start to land in the 747 what happens is you call ahead to the mechanics cuz the planes gonna land and you need to tell them what's wrong with the plane I pick up the phone I call him and he goes are you okay I burst into tears I didn't even know I was stressed out a person in tears I'm okay we're okay and they try to be normal you say if I wrote five seas reading light is out you hang up the phone so we landed in Washington Dulles International Airport there was a spontaneous applause spontaneous we had we had accomplished something unknown more flights come more flights come more traumatized people come and I can't do this anymore I'm on a morning flight one day and there's passengers coming on and they're terrified I'm terrified advise terrified and I decide that I'm gonna pour some orange juice I'm gonna pour some black in my orange juice I don't even drink but I can't do this flight like this so I pick up the glass like this trembling and there's a still small voice pour out the drink Tania pour the drink out and pour the drink out like that I'm still trembling so I I can't do it anymore I quit flying I'm not a flight attendant anymore and I land in Williamsport traumatized by life military sexual trauma divorce you name it I land right here and I can't find a decent job I'm well-educated I'm smart I will very portrayed by God because I'm doing all things that God told me to do I'm a good girl I don't drink don't go out bla bla bla and I land here and I feel so isolated I don't have the same language to be able to talk to people I feel very alone I land in the coffee and tea room now by now when you are confused now when you when you earn in a suicidal state I could not see you come tunnel tunnel vision like this it becomes like this cold inside I had a big coat on it's hot outside there's a sea of blue over here and all of a sudden this blue comes right in my face and he looks at me and he goes are you okay because I can't answer him my brain is not working I cannot answer them full questions he asked you okay and like know who's her husband I don't know I could I could not answer him are you cold I'm from California as well he just starts calmly talking to me he sees me he sees that I am NOT okay he says the name is John McKenna and he's the police officer and he shakes my hand and I kind of come life a little bit like this a little bit more and they started talking about his church and he started talking about mission trips and this mission trip saved my life because he did not know that that was that little prayer that I had said when I was a flight attendant to God that one day I like to build a school I want to build a school and so here's the school that we made for the kids in Dominican Republic this little mission trip saved my life why is that important to us because sixty percent of us are going to be directly affected by suicide and is really important for you to know that eighty percent of people do not want to die they just want the pain to go away they just want the pain to go away they don't know how to ask for help that woman that you saw there she didn't know how to ask for help her dad her mom right there they don't even know I'm suicidal they don't know and I couldn't say it so that's why today we as a community because you have a very huge influence right here each one of you is a Cirque influence and I believe that we can break the stigma of asking for help we're gonna do that right now so just together we're gonna whisper I need help I'd say I need help okay in the normal voice I need help now for all my extroverts I need you to be loud okay we're all gonna see this really great loud I need out perfect excellent so what do you do the next thing you do the next thing to do if somebody says that to you say together we will figure it out okay together we will figure it out whispered together to figure it out normal voice together we will figure it out and now we're going to out really now so nice and loud together we will figure it out perfect so I believe that if each one of us just helps one person every single day in our little circle of influence our big circle that we could have a 21st century community based on joy and connection and you just don't know whose life you may save thank you [Applause]

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