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The People Of Dreamville [A TomorrowWorld Documentary] | Elite Daily

Just the beats totally encompassing your body. Feeling completely lost in the whole environment. To me it’s more than music. It’s a lifestyle. I haven’t found anything else in this world that even gives me the feels that EDM does. All of this is one giant, eclectic, life. So this is your life for four days. I’m getting like chills just heading over to main stage remembering last year. Alen and I met in July in 2013. I met Alice when she was interning in Boston. I wasn’t looking for a relationship at all. So it took me a while to decide to want to be with her, but she was absolutely worth it. One of the greatest features of our relationship I think is the aspect of adventure and so we’re always down to want to explore different countries, do different events, Tomorrow World being on of them. My name is Danny Cole. I’m in the army, I’ve been in the army for almost three years now. I love it. I am a computer information specialist. I’m going to be getting deployed probably early 2017. We’re going to Kuwait. To be here before I have to go to deployment it’s pretty wonderful you know. I’m very appreciated to have to chance to be able to attend Tomorrow World. I’m gonna have a bet. In five seconds I can get a random high five. one, two, three, four, five. My man. Got it. What got me into EDM basically is just it was a good distraction from what I was going through at the time. I was diagnosed with my stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma‎. Somebody decided the best way to cheer me up was to buy me these tickets to Tomorrow World. Hodgkins Lymphoma‎ in itself is actually the most curable form of cancer in the world. The problem with me was that I was diagnosed years to late. And that diagnosis was just kind of numbing so I had to have aggressive chemo. The treatment actually worked. I went through twelve rounds of it for six months. I’m in remission right now, been in remission for almost two years now. Dreamville is…It’s a camping experience. To me it’s like a small city. I’m going solo and I didn’t want to camp by myself so I just posted on Tomorrow World USA Facebook page and I found just a random group so today is the first day we’re all meeting for the very first time so im pretty excited. Ahh what’s up. What’s up. Good to meet you. How you doing. I’m going to catch my first set at Tomorrow World right now. So I’m pretty excited. Pretty happy. Look it’s a rainbow. I gotta take a picture. It is amazing so far. It’s only the first day, my first hour, my first set. EDM did, it did bring us together. 100%. We first met at Tomorrow World we we’re just trying to get to know each other. We would spend hours outside of our tent talking. That’s literally what we did every single night and then fast forward a year and so you know our son is born. He really is a product of Tomorrow World. He’s the best thing I could ask for. Tomorrow Worlds interesting because me coming here wasn’t just hey here’s music let me cheer you up. It was here’s a bunch of people that I know will take your mind off of cancer so here you go, meeting her, having Bradley, meeting all these people That’s what it was about. All of that in a nutshell was why you keep coming back here. Dreamville is a world of its own. Its that home away from home you never knew you could come to. There’s just so many different people from all different walks of life. You make friends from different countries, different states, it’s magical. So last year was our first time coming here. I had wanted to go for so many years. She just bought surprise tickets for us and I had like the best time like maybe even better than Alen. I think my favorite part about being in Tomorrow World is just all the diversity. One thing that we think about a lot as two women that are together is just where do we feel accepted and at Tomorrow World when we’re dancing in the crowd all these people come to us and tell us how nice it is to see two people who are in love. We just feel like it hits right at your heart. This is my I beat cancer to attend Tomorrow World shirt. Because their may or may not have been a chance that I could’ve even come. I’m tryna fill it up before the end of the day before I leave. Yeah. Is this you? Yeah yeah. This is me. Yeah. Uh I had stage four Hodgkin Lymphoma‎. Oh shit. Yeah but I’m in remission now though so now I’m tryna celebrate with my people here. Ya know I almost wanna cry but I’m not gonna. I’m not doing it on camera. It’s so heartwarming to see something like this. I would wanna cry. Tomorrow Worlds great. It met my expectations until today and then it exceeded them. You want this one? I want that one. Oh no no I want this one. Thank you. Overall I would…I would say its been a pretty successful festival for me it was a lot of fun definitely. Already a lot of memories made. I can’t really ask for ya know a better group of random friends that just worked out like that so I’m pretty lucky. I’ll definitely be back next year. Ignite the flame of your imagination through the sounds of the chain smokers. This weekend is just like one of the most special weekends of the year. The music, getting lost together in the weekend has just been like a really really memorable experience of our past year. I wanted to reinvent it this weekend at Tomorrow World and make it an even more epic and memorable weekend. Yo congratulations to Alice and Alen who are literally getting engaged right now. Hi thank you so much. Did she say yes? Yes she did. Thank you so much it was amazing. I’m feeling just in shock. I came here expecting an amazing music festival and dancing and then all of a sudden the weekend took a completely different turn and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still in shock too. I was so so nervous hoping that she would say yes and have her be very very surprised. Obviously I was going to say yes. But Tomorrow World last year was such a special weekend for us and this year it was even…even better. People of Tomorrow World put both hands above your head. One. Two. One, two, three, four.

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  1. The people at techno and deephouse festivals are even awesomerder. They are so awesome i had to make up a word to describe them.

  2. Still crazy to think I was apart of something so beautiful! Thank you Elite Daily for this wonderful experience, and for the amazing video!

  3. we know who's getting picked for every single random UA now lol. why would you put your military affiliation out there on a documentary?!?! lol cool but not the smartest move POG

  4. it's hard to find someone whose down to go raving. it's such a shame that those same people that aren't down to go are totally down to go clubbing. I think clubbing is way worse. whereas in a rave you go have fun, explore, meet new people and find love sometimes unexpectedly.

  5. For those that bash it, you'll never understand. From Thursday night until Monday morning, people from all walks of life join together in unity in an entirely judgement-free zone, brought together by music.

    Congratulations to Alice and Helene – I was lucky enough to hear the announcement, turn around, and catch the end of it. We went crazy cheering. Truly an amazing moment.

  6. Some People just go to a Festival and others do live it. This is what it is all about. Come with the right mind set to a great Festival and it can be the best time of your live. Great video about great people.

  7. My dad is a survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma. My wife and I attended #ElectricForest in Michigan and from what we have heard it's the closest thing to #Tommorowworld. It's amazing what these festivals can do for the soul.

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