Importance of Natural Resources

The Nature of Millennials

– [Narrator] The silent generation. Baby boomers. Gen X. These generations have all
had their time in the sun, but there’s a new flock on
the horizon, the millennials. (electronic intro music) Hard working, skillful, and resilient, these are adjectives that have never been used to describe the millennial. Born between the early
1980’s and late 90’s, millennials have been
shaped by technology. It’s noon, time to start the day. After checking her emails, social feeds, and blogs in bed, the
millennial springs to life and makes a quick, organic,
vegan, gluten free, breakfast acai bowl. She feeds on a diet consisting primarily of likes and instant gratification. Life appears perfect on her feed. The traditional workspace is the bane of every millennial’s existence. Unable to cope with criticism
and lapses in stimulation, the millennial can become
hostile and detached. – I don’t really have
a plan, to be honest. All I know is this nine to
five life is not for me. – [Narrator] After an arduous
three months in the workforce, this millennial has discovered that adulting is just too hard. – I think I just need to escape, maybe to to Thailand and get
started on my travel blog? – [Narrator] The struggle is real. The mating habits of
millennials diverges greatly from their ancestors. Gone are the days of meeting in bars and long romantic courtships. Let’s watch as the male pursues a mate. Netflix and chill, millennial
seduction at its finest. The male’s request has been denied. Undeterred, he resorts
to alternative options. He finds a girl he went
to high school with and likes a six month old photo. Mission accomplished. (busy coffee shop conversations) This young male is on the
prowl for a scarce resource, an unoccupied power outlet. (upbeat percussion music) (angelic music) But now a bigger concern
is on the horizon. – Uh, excuse me, what’s
the wifi password here? – Oh, sorry. Our wifi’s down. – [Narrator] Like all
of Earth’s creatures, millennials are at the mercy
of our unpredictable society. War, climate change,
millennials will stop at nothing to defend their planet from threats. – All right, everybody just
calm down and stay woke. – Racism is fake news. It’s fake! – Are you trying to oppress me right now? – (bleeping profanity) white people. – [Narrator] Millennials are
trying to save the world. But sadly, they have no idea how. Millennials are forever chasing
the affirmation and praise they were showered with in their youth. – What? Of course I’m in the crypto game. Are you kidding me? – [Narrator] Will they, like
every generation before them, dominate the workforce
and inherit the Earth? – These balloons cost 40 dollars! – [Narrator] We’ll just
have to wait to find out. – Do you know who my dad is! (upbeat electronic music)

Reader Comments

  1. Some of the comments here, from offended Millennials, just re-inforce the point. Your feelings are hurt and you can't take a joke.

  2. Well… A vision kind of biased here.
    This obviously doesn't represent millenials.
    Then, making fun of a vegan or gluten free diet is stupid. This does have nothing to do with millenials. Plus, been vegan is a politic and economic commitment. Food is disgusting only if you can't cook. Like for everything else.

    The millenials are just the scapegoat of old frustated people. Stop stereotype anything you dont want to appreciate or accept or understand. We are not animals or alien, just humans who live in their time. Get a life. Damn.


  4. Lmao this was funny. Every stereotype they could think of wrapped into one video. My favorite was the guy on the toilet mating. ?? I don’t think anyone should give this to much steam it was made for laughs

  5. I love to watch Millenials walk into cars and walls while they are staring at their phones. Best entertainment ever. I wouldn't have it any other way. The car crashes due to texting are funny as well, millenial or not. LOL.

  6. Typical millennials always putting the blame on someone else can take responsibility for their own actions

  7. Not all millennials are lazy, greedy, entilted, cry baby brats. Blame the parents for the ones who are that way.

  8. Millennials aren't necessarily people who are on social media first thing and last thing during a day. I see them more as lonely and desperate people who need but dont know how to ask for more attention without guilt. Fuck this world. Uhm Google, fastest and least painful way to commit suicide?

  9. I think older generations are giving us to much slack millennials are still a young generation give us time and will do something amazing for the planet

  10. it’s strange how people think that EVERY young person is a millennial…we passed Gen Z and now Generation Alpha is here

  11. In general, millennials don't care if anything is true or false as long as they can ……. [You finish the sentence.]

  12. Me: "Good thing it is pretty evident that this is not meant to be taken seriously."
    *Looks at the comment section…
    Me: "Oh sh*t…"

  13. For work, I wake up at 5 am to leave at 6 am and take an hour commute via the metro because I can't afford to live closer to my job since the cost of living is like a game to capitalists.

    That's what being a millennial is.

  14. Now am 10,000BC me wake up dawn and hunt mammoth
    I want girlfriend I grab, bear is me eat sometimes if me no want baby on girl me is use leaf

  15. I’m a millennial. I spent my adulthood with a back injury, no healthcare, picking up pop bottles and change from the ground, sold all of my assets, moved 20 times, have 30 different jobs, have a degree, no crimes or violence on record, and I still get shit from older people. Older people who went to the grocery store and got a simple job, and that was enough to buy a home and support a family.

  16. Whoever came up with this study should be shot!!!!!! theres too many grey areas in between this test. I don't consider myself a millennial, I remember old school things

  17. If people have baby photos from cameras, not cell phones, they shouldn't be consider millennials. I include myself in that

  18. Millennials are not that bad. Many of us actually know what life was like riding bicycles outside, climbing trees, using Caset/VHC Video tapes and CDs, using phones without any color screen and being scared of the “new bug” they claimed would happen in the year 2000 when many of us were young.
    This taught some of us patience and appreciation because we know what it feels like not to have such easy access to the internet like it is currently.
    I despise Instagram, don’t have snapchat and love to be up early to watch the sunrise and I was born in the mid 90s. I am vegan though but this must be Generation Z

  19. The answer is no, no they wont. Baby Boomers will start WWIII in the next 5-25yrs because they are too narcissistic, selfish and entitled to ever even consider handing over the reigns. After all, why would you need to hand anything over when you already did the greatest most amazing impeccable job possible and can just destroy everything? sigh

    oh Baby Boomers, you know you messed up when cannibalizing your children is the hand you play.

  20. 0:56

    Kid me: is this our future who me, you, our friends and our kids gonna be like?

    Me: yeah…..but hold on….me we play music in our walkman

    Kid me: alright! And playstion?

    Both: hell yeah, we gonna own the zone

  21. im sorry but this is accurate and im a milenial dont stick up for them your further enabling there laziness yes society and our parents raised us but milenials are lazy self absorbed and dont do enough to really contribute to the greater good of everyone like those before we need to step up and go back to class and hard work i work get my own money dont live at home and barly complain im lucky to be honest but milenials need to wake up and pull there heads out there behinds and do something it wont be given to you on a plate sorry it takes sweat and tears i know trust me you got to fail and struggke milenials dont like that they want it over night !! its getting out of hand and the way its going our world will have no leaders at all !!go out and pick up rubbish we need good old fashion times remeber trump is in though so thats nkt good or a good sign but also society has to change the disgusting things the bullying the killing the lies has to stop so it both side not just one millenials can do more then they currently are though sick of seeing fake tan food eating lazy complainers im ashamed to be born then!!

  22. Millenials weren't raised to be useless. They were molded to be worthless by the education system. We don't have to worry about climate change. When Millenials take over, society will break down and the world as we know it will collapse.

  23. Condo builders are selling $2Million dollar 1-bedroom condos to Millennials simply by advertizing a year's free 'avocado toast' to anyone who buys those over-priced shit-boxes. Guess what; those condos sold out in just days to Millennials who lined up for miles outside the sales offices. Yes, Millennials will sell their souls for avocado toast.

  24. I wrote a little compostition in tune and it goes something like this: blah de blah who de ha ha, its moe de ma ma and de papa, so ye haw de ye haw, yo mama !

  25. I'm millennial iron worker/concreter which is definatelly non-millennial occupations. I know only few millennial or gen Z co-workers in construction.

  26. We, millennials, live in a great, actually, incredible time!
    I can work from home and I don't need an education degree for that. Still can have a well-paid job and gain working experience. Our predecessors could only dream about it.

  27. This video is for clout it’s complete bs and most of the info is false

    Except the pictures girls lie about how perfect their lives are
    I work 2 jobs and attend school this is bs

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