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The Nature of Color—Opening March 2020

Color is one of those things that we see around us all the time and that
we probably take for granted. This exhibition, the Nature of Color, will give you
the full spectrum of information about color. Color is central to how we understand evolution. Animals use color in almost
every way you can think possible. To camouflage themselves,
to warn other organisms off, to attract mates. Plants have used colors in many
different ways to attract pollinators. If you’re a plant that opens your flower late at night, you don’t want to be dark.
You want to be white. If you want to attract, say, a bird,
you want to have a bright color. If you look around you, you see human
beings use color in many various ways. Color in culture is a fascinating subject, because it allows us to dig deep into
our way of dealing with day-to-day human life. Color is an important way for us to communicate
and we’ve used it for tens of thousands of years. And it continues in art, and in fashion, and in other areas where color is
very, very important very, very important. We wouldn’t have color if it wasn’t for physics. We wouldn’t have colors if it
weren’t for the evolutionary process. We wouldn’t have colors if it weren’t
for the cultural attitudes of people. We’re all seeing a different world of color,
and that’s what’s really spectacular.

Reader Comments

  1. yes, everyone has a favorite color, even our skin tone. I am a summer. I should wear summer colors. colors of a rainbow. I can choose depending on my mood. thank you. I like color.

  2. I really hope that the color violet gets some recognition in this exhibition as well as colors that are associated with the water and the night.

  3. "We wouldn't have color if it wasn't for physics"?!! WTF?
    That comment is totally false! And he blew it saying that.

     Physics is the branch of science that studies the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact.
    Physics is NOT what creates color, it doesn't cause color or the reason it exists so we get to see color.

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