Importance of Natural Resources

The Nature-Accelerator | Promo

The Nature-Accelerator is basically an accelerator that trains, supports and invests in startups that work with nature. So, for example, with natural resources such as forests, wood, but also ecotourism. The Nature-Accelerator is also a human experience. We bring togeter people from all over the world, where they can stay away from their daily business lives. For two months, they can concentrate on their business model on improving their attitude, value proposition and understand better what costumers want. An accelerator needs an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Padova, with the University and this campus; an ecosystem of innovation, and all the small-medium enterprises that live and work in this region, makes the perfect environment to grow your company, create connections and especially for the Nature-Accelerator, because we are in the country with the best economy in terms of ecotourism, nature resources and food. And this is the reason why Padova is the perfect place to accelerate your company. But obviously, the campus of Agripolis is where all the environmental, agriculture, forestry and food studies of the University of Padova are located. So, it was the natural venue for our accelerator. The Nature-Accelerator connects startups with investors, and we are looking specifically for impact investors that know and expect from startups social environmental impacts and return on investments. The Nature-Accelerator helped me to built the path for future growth, to stay on a track and to see how the company should grow. The biggest challenge the Nature-Accelerator help us to overcome, is to find clearly our value proposition. The accelerator was a great opportunity for us because it helps us to destroy our main idea and then rebuilt it again, improving it. So obviously, the last part of the accelerator is the Demoday. It’s where startups go on on stage, they present themselves to the investors and the innovation community and to the University of Padova. My advice to people that want to start a company with sustainability in mind, would be to never give up, to always follow the “green dream” and don’t forget to apply to the Nature-Accelerator next year because it will help you a lot!

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