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  1. The greatest later day scientists, on a par with Archimedes, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Maxwell, Gauss,
    they are —-> #4=A. Einstein; #3=C. Darwin; #2=K. Marx and, drum roll, #1 the BIG KAHUNA=S. Freud.

  2. Biological evolution is a lie. Even Darwin's book title, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, is now known to be scientifically false.
    Evolution's only mechanism mutations/natural selection is totally, utterly and pathetically inadequate.
    And about "species might change " that's correct. Species change but that change is limited by the GENETIC MAKEUP OF THE SPECIES!! There are genetic boundaries that cannot be crossed and when that happens the creature does not evolve-it just dies.
    The theory of evolution is not science. Evolution is based on pure speculations,imaginary extrapolations and lies.
    The theory of evolution is dead. Only indoctrinated, brainwashed people believe all that nonsense.

  3. Kids – Can't live without 'em!
    If I can find willing participants to assist in the satisfaction of my needs (ala the Maslow Hierarchy), then I can spend more time on the "higher up" parts of the Maslow Heirarchy. i.e. If I have a chef to prepare all my meals, and a landlord to prepare all my residences, then I have instantly overcome the { "Food/Water", "Shelter" } parts of the Maslow Hierarchy, and I can concentrate my efforts on the next bits, such as { "Esteem", "Self-Actualization" }. Also, I may come to a point in my life where I am assisting in the satisfaction of other's needs (ala the Maslow Hierarchy) by providing for my own needs AND the needs of others – such as when I parent my child (or even another's child – wow! I can help all of life extant!! Did the ants remind the grasshopper to store food for the winter? Suddenly I love life :).
    It naturally follows from child rearing principles that I can be supported by my parents while supporting my children. If I increase the number of generations in this line of reasoning then I can infer that the support of my grandparents and generations before them are all supporting me (and by extension, my children). Standing on the shoulders of giants? Hardly… I am small, and I stand on the shoulders of small people – and I feel like a giant!
    I can study evolution while dad cooks dinner.
    I can sleep in the room that mom built.
    I will be safe with my brothers and sisters.
    I will walk tomorrow with my equals.
    My senses and feelings are luxury… so what is necessity?

    So where and when does inter-species communication come into the picture?

  4. Darwin, you magnificent bastard! I read your book, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" It was a hell of a read!

  5. Was it because of of distance of the Wallace Line between Asia and Australia were much greater at the time of the original establishment of these separate root ancestors that isolation occurred? Along the Wallace line has any mixture of of marsupials and placentals occurred within the habitats?

  6. Homework? Not me, thankfully, at 58 🙂 For most of my life, I had never been into science and such. But after hitting 50, I've become interested in EVERYTHING. I had stumbled onto a video from this channel about the end of the dinosaurs and how researchers had pieced things together to prove their theory. I was impressed by the quality and am now watching the other videos at this channel.
    — Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

  7. Darwin was correct about survival of the fittest but wrong about macro evolution {the tree of life] There is not a chance that random mutations led to the highly specified complexity required for macro evolution to ever occur. The fossil record merely confirms this with not a single thread showing one kind of animal turning into a different kind of animal, gradually over time.


  9. Ur Welcome

    Darwin starts investigation after eating an armadillo and afterwards finding a fossil of a larger extinct version of the armadillo

    Darwin travels to the remote island of the Galápagos

    Darwin learns about the distinction  of tortoises shell depending on the island it is from

    Darwin starts investigation the subtle differences between the native mockingbirds

    On the voyage back to England Darwin hypothesizes that  One common species came from the mainland and changed in different ways on different islands.

    Darwin concludes that spices might change

    1837 England Darwin keeps his idea that species change over time secret in fear of rioting

    Darwin hypothesizes that today's species are descendants of older extinct species therefore all spices are connected from one another

    Any species can give rise to new and slightly different species

    Darwin concludes that species come from other species just as naturally as children come from parents

    Darwin keeps his ideas a secret in fear

    Darwin meets Wallace for the first time

    Wallace heads to the  Malay Archipelago

    Wallace is captivated by a group of butterflies called bird wings

    Wallace notices that butterflies tend to differ depending on the island

    Wallace comes to the same conclusion as Darwin- species change over time

    The more similar 2 species are the closer they tend to live

    Species are connected to each other like branches of a tree

    Manatees are creatures that live entirely in the sea yet have fingers similar to humans

    Useless features in animals make it clear that every species are a modified form of an older species

    Wallace observes the differences of mammals on the island of Borneo and New guinea

    This leads Wallace to come to the conclusion that the animals of the  Eastern islands of the Archipelago are more related to Australia while the western island animals  are more related to Asia

    This differences is species would to put in a line dubbed the Wallace line.

    The islands were once to connected to their corresponding continent

    All living things individuals vary in small ways.

    Animal species tend to have steady populations due to massive amounts of young dying early

    Massive death plus variation equals evolution.

    Wallace sends his studies to Darwin

    Wallace names it Natural selection

    Wallace + Darwin = Best Buds forever

    The End

  10. we really should be talking more about Wallace not darwin tbh. I feel like Wallace was robbed off from all the credits he should have been receiving.

  11. They don't need take constant jabs at Creationism. This video is biased and they do everything they can to debunk God. It's a shame.

  12. I have to watch this for biology but I actually LOVE this video. It's so freaking well made, and the music is fantastic.

  13. I’m from 8th grade natural selection. It sucks, the unit sucks, and the way my teacher teaches it sucks.

    He had us mark T/F statements, and then had us explain why they were t or f.

    One of the questions: T/F: Darwin trained to work in the church.

    Video: Darwin trained to work in the church.

    Assignment: EXPLAIN.


  14. I didn't come here because of homework. I just finished translating Wallace's biography and came here to bask in the visual glory *lol

  15. Just one important observation , Galapagos in 1535 was not a small Spanish colony – minute 8:38– , it is part of Ecuador since 1532 – 3 years before his arrival- , Ecuador claimed its freedom in 1522 therefore became an independent Republic in 1530 and the islands had been added 2 years later.

  16. DARWINS was a fraud! The thought of evolution dies right at the Big Bang! something came from NOTHING!!!? think about it it’s impossible THERE WAS NOTHING, NOTHINGS, NOTHINGNESS.
    it doesn’t even mention how or were DNA structure come from p.s not a rock or explosion! It’s impossible.. it has to come from and can only come from an intelligent design. think about why evolution is always rammed into you? dont believe me, research for yourself.

  17. 3 scientist enter a bar after a few drinks the come up with a hypothesis a 4th enters and buys the next round and agrees with the three and it becomes a theory ….but we the people are quite able to reason with something scientist do not have unbiased mind not polluted or bogged down with antiquarian theory or dark ages concepts …you idiots stop looking at the past ..the world as we know is ending cannot see Yellowstone or that sea-level rise is creating a downward pressure on oceanic plates which is causing more and stronger seismic activity and forcing the magma underlying these plates to have to vent…Yellowstone's old caldera is 34 by 50+ miles …please do the research it is free ..i would not wish for this to happen but it is coming ..wake up and think, people…..

  18. ¿Galapagos an Spanish colony? It was never even a colony. AND it was annexed by Ecuador in 1832. 3 years prior Darwin's arrival.

  19. bs… as if Darwin had the mechanism in mind and didn't want to share it until someone else also had hit… as if Darwins friends would have said "wait, until someone else comes up with the idea too, then share it"…. the obvious most-likely is that Darwin had ideas about how it obviously is happening (evolution), and Wallace showed not all continue to reproduce, not all are fitting, and inseminated that actual theory..

  20. The "Debate" is over. Biological Evolution is science and has been accepted science for 150 years. Creationism is fraud, it is magic that has never been demonstrated and it has NO place in any science classroom.

  21. Except for survival of the fittest Darwin was wrong. Macroevolution is the greatest scam in history.  The fossil record does not support it. The notion that the body plans for every creature that ever lived were generated by natural selection acting on random copying errors is harebrained…. to put it bluntly, if I may., The mutation lottery has been ascribed magical and fantastical powers… simply because. To be an evolutionist you have to suspend life experience. Why is that? Because they need the theory to be true, That's why. Macroevolution is headed for the dustbin of history where it should have resided decades ago. You can't carry on this charade indefinitely. We have been living…. literally… in the dark age of science… since we were just kids. Disgracefull.

  22. "Species might change" Well, this was well known long before Darwin. If men could change animals by selection, natural conditions could do that too. Darwin was certainly not the first having this idea. But his well formulated and thoroughly researched and generalized ideas were explosive in a religiously biased society.

  23. what's silly is that the same theories we're probably talked about in the conversations of millions of everyday people for eons .

  24. Who wrote the scientific book called "The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life". Somebody told that a Nazi wrote but I'm not sure. Anybody know.

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