Importance of Natural Resources

The Lush Rainforests of Dorrigo National Park

WOMAN: In the depths
of the rainforest,
a dappled sunlight
breaks through the canopy
and highlights the lush greenery
and colourful fungi
that surround us.
Barbara, I think the first thing
that hits me
as I’m walking through
this rainforest
is the smell –
it’s quite powerful, isn’t it?
Yeah, it’s fantastic, isn’t it?
It’s all this rich compost
and vegetation matter
and it’s all just rotting away
down there,
and it just smells so alive,
doesn’t it?
Especially in the wet weather.
Especially in the wet weather.
And we’ve had quite a lot of wet
weather in the last couple of days.
But I think the best place to be
in the rain is in a rainforest.
Yep, that’s right.
Yeah, it’s a magnificent sight
with it all misty
and drips coming off the trees.
It’s a fantastic time to be
in a rainforest.
This park is actually a World
Heritage-listed area, isn’t it,
so, by definition,
it’s quite unique.
What is special
to this particular area?
Dorrigo National Park
is part of the Gondwana Rainforests
of Australia World Heritage area
and it’s special
because it has links
right back to
the prehistoric rainforests
of the Gondwana subcontinent
which existed 100 million years ago.
So those rainforests
have evolved slowly
and existed
and prolonged for all those years
until we get these very special
rainforests here today
that show those living links
with the rainforests of the past.
Certainly the waterfalls are looking
pretty spectacular at the moment
with all the rain we’ve had.
Is that sort of a characteristic
of this area,
to have some really wonderful
The waterfalls are pretty special,
aren’t they?
We are on the Waterfall Way
and lots of people
do travel this way
just to see the waterfalls.
So, here, our waterfalls do run
all year round.
We have good spring-fed creeks
and streams.
So there’s always some waterfalls
to see here in Dorrigo.

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