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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Life in the Ruins

[melancholy orchestral music] [music ends] [melancholy orchestral music] [music ends]

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  1. I really like the symbolism in the beginning. From the tears and pain of destruction, life returns and the people of Hyrule begin to pick up the pieces. This game is the most beautiful take on a post apocalyptic setting.

  2. In every zelda game: Link has his green cap and tunic
    In botw: Links cap and tunic disappears
    In future zelda games: Link is naked

  3. And I'm still sitting here, watching the trailers for the base game while waiting for the DLC… Bet I'll be old and grey before we learn something about that.

  4. I'm just now revisiting this and wishing that the music in the trailers was in the game. Can we get an Amiibo that plays music during game play?


  6. This makes you acutely feel the destruction that the calamity caused, and makes you want to avenge Hyrule at any cost.

  7. 0:55 and 1:02 what scenes are these
    (In talking about the scenes with link with stars glowing around and the one with malice shooting around

  8. I remember watching this, and freaking out over getting a Nintendo switch. I remember when I first started playing it too. Best game ever


    If you could eat music, what will it taste like? This might taste dynamic yet sweet! Lol

  10. I think I've spent more hours on this game than anyone on the planet. It is brilliant. You can play it from a different angle as much as you can imagine. Start out a decide to get the barbarian outfit as first priority. Or Rubber (electrical resistance). They all create a unique experience. Goron first? Gerudo first? Castle first? I've tried and enjoyed all of these. ANd to my surprise, I liked finding Koroks. Find a map (like zeldadungeon) and search them out. They bring you to parts of the map you might miss otherwise.

  11. This was the most unexpected thing to wake up to the morning I saw this. What a treat! I remember watching it over about 40 times just in the one day

  12. The trailers and gameplay was so incredible. But after beating Ganon the ending is so disappointing I felt like I did all of it for nothing.

  13. Fun fact: the trailer music is a combination of two pieces of music in the game
    00:00–00:12 The first few seconds of Rito Village
    00:12–01:05 Champion Daruk's theme from 17 seconds onward
    … I just kept thinking it sounded familiar and I HAD to know.

  14. Nothing will compare to my first Breath of the Wild playthrough. Honestly the best gaming experience I’ve had in my 20’s

  15. Visit every stable:check
    Visit every village:kinds check
    Goron city:not yet
    Reason why:theres 2 guardian and 1 stone talus

  16. Only today did I find out that the Life in the Ruins music is a combination of the first 12 seconds of the Rito Village theme and from 13 seconds onwards of Daruk's theme. It's amazing!!!

  17. This game is almost 3 years old and I still get goosebumps when I watch this trailer, knowing how long I have been waiting for Breath Of The Wild. Can't wait for the next TLOZ 🥺

  18. 1:02 Three years and hundreds of in-game hours later, I don't think I've ever seen that cutscene where Link gets all sparkly.. cut content?

  19. Anyone in 2020? This, and Super Mario Odyssey, are two switch games I wish I could play for the first time again. God bless. Waitin for those sequals tho, BOTW sequal is in development… Point is, wish I could play BOTW again first time.

  20. They showed the gentle side of the game tbh… Where the lynels at yo. You can actually get good enough to the point you kill lynels easily tho.

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