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The Netherlands, you would not say it at first glance, but they are the chemical waste pit of the world. They import chemical waste from all over the globe and in very large quantities. Processing it is costly, but because the Netherlands is the only country in the world that has not drawn up adequate rules for what can be contained in fuel oil, the chemical waste is largely processed in there. The Netherlands is the country where companies from all over the world dump their chemical waste for a bargain. Then cheap fuel oil is made from it. So cheap even that ships that use 70 to 100 thousand liters a day detour all the way from the Mediterranean to fill up in Rotterdam. These large ships pollute much more than airplanes, in fact, only 16 of these ships pollute as much as all the cars around the world combined. Now there are around twenty two thousand of these large ships refueling in Rotterdam on a regular basis. That is almost half of the entire world fleet. The ships that refuel in Rotterdam therefore exhaust the total emissions of all cars on the whole world 1375 times over! But with additions of neurotoxines, cyanide’s, acids, heavy metals, and even radioactive waste! All of that enters the global environment … An appropriate term for this is “Ecocide” … And all of it because of missing regulations on bunker oil. It spreads in the oceans, fish, our drinking water, and in the atmosphere… And because we eat, drink, and breathe it, it also ends up in us. Cautious estimates from polluted oil amount to sixty thousand deaths a year. And these are not as visible as in a war, but if at least sixty thousand deaths per year can be prevented by simple and fair regulation, you could also call it Genocide! In the Netherlands companies with a criminal record for environmental offenses are asked to co-write a new and crucial environmental law for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment! They may even determine how often they are inspected per year, and which chemicals are allowed to mix with fuel oil. But that is not all, research shows that in addition to this red carpet policy for dubious companies and multinationals, government officials are involved in 48% of all registered environmental crime cases! But in House of Representatives, Prime Minister Rutte calls for fewer rules and checks. Can we not simply proceed to the implementation of what we already know., because the business community sighs under those traffic jams but they also sigh under the regulatory pressure and I said yesterday they are more and more like smurfs because they turn blue from working and blue of paying and blue of standing still. Can we not simply proceed to the implementation of what we already know. The business community sighs under those traffic jams but they also sigh under the regulatory pressure. As I said yesterday they look more and more like smurfs because they turn blue from working, and blue of paying, and blue of standing still. Let us help the entrepreneurs to be able to do business and remove those rules. Meanwhile, the environmental inspectorate has handed in three-quarters of its manpower and the Dutch government thwarts enforcement and research … Fraudulent waste processors can get to work without a permit and the companies involved are eagerly getting large subsidies resulting in extra profit. Climate targets are set by law in the Netherlands … All election campaigns are as green as grass … And environmental taxes have risen to a record high in 2017 … But despite all the election promises, it is not going to beautiful initiatives such as the ecoliner with sails on cargo ships that can save 50% fuel oil with the same crew … Reducing the total emissions of all cars around the world by 687 times. On the contrary, instead of subsidies we are faced with strong opposition from the government and the business community … Meanwhile the fossil fuel industry still receives 7.6 billion subsidy per year! Let’s ask one simple question to all members of the cabinet … Why is there no adequate regulation and enforcement for chemical waste in fuel oil? And now that we are talking, let’s make a suggestion. Sustainable ambitions are very easy to manage. Give an sizable share of the 7.6 billion spent each year on the fossil industry to the development of sailing cargo ships. Making sure fuel oil is no longer chemically polluted, we also consume 50% less oil. And that saves more than 687 times the emissions of all cars in the whole world. And then back to you and me … The state of the Netherlands now openly protects companies against citizens … Putting convicted polluters at the table to make new environmental laws … And completely neglects the responsibility for public health. What can we do with this knowledge?

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  1. Hello from the USA…..this looks so terrible…..We thought your country was environmentally sound. It's very sad.

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