Importance of Natural Resources

The importance of environment

Environment covers a whole range of things. A lot of what Powell talked about was physical
environment. And, so certainly shelter; your housing; how
you get around within your house; outside of your house; problems with the lack of universal
design, for example; and things that get in the way as you age and have more functional
problems. But it also has to do with the larger environment. Your community that you live in: Is it safe? Is it supportive? Does it have good transportation. Do you have access, for example, at the meeting
today we talked a lot about food insecurity, and so your environment really allows you
to either have access to certain things or to be deprived of certain things. And, so those are very important pieces of
the puzzle. A person and the person’s family, obviously
social supports, and then the physical and sort of larger environment around that person
really helps to determine the status of the individual, the needs of the individual, and
also ways in which we can really intervene to make life better.

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