Importance of Natural Resources

The Education of Design: A look inside the School of Human Ecology at UW-Madison

My name is Soyeon Shim, the Dean
of the School of Human Ecology. We asked our faculty
and students, what are the things that make
you feel that you are well when to come to work? And many of them
mentioned the building. Isn’t that amazing? When people come into
Nancy Nicholas Hall, from the moment they pull
into the parking garage, to coming to the third floor
to see the 100 Women exhibit, to going into a classroom,
it’s awe inspiring. I see people’s jaws drop. We want to work with people
who take us to the edge and make me say no too much. ZEBRADOG takes us right
to the edge every time. 150 years ago, men went
to study agriculture, and women went to
study home economics. Our school, the home
economics now human ecology, truly was the gateway
to women’s education. We really need to celebrate
all the pioneers in the field, whether they are professors
or alumni or friends who supported the school’s mission. When we bring guests,
visitors, prospective students, alums through this building
and in particular this space here where the 100 Women
exhibit is, the reactions we get are oh my god. I have got a chill
that wow, these women are talking to me
personally, collectively, about the significance
of women in the field. It’s reflecting people in
a way and their commitment to the school in a way
that is unlike any other. Everybody wants to feature
these 100 women on a magazine or on calendar. People are just inspired by
the color, by the design, by the thoughtfulness. It’s becoming an iconic place. ZEBRADOG helps us think
not what’s possible today, but what do you
want to be tomorrow?

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