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The Climate Denier Enablers

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay.With all the discussion, debate,
news reporting about the Michael Cohen hearings, the Trump scandals, the continuing soap opera
in Washington, it’s very difficult to actually spend time focusing on the thing that’s actually
the most threatening facing human civilization as we know it.The climate crisis is without
any question the most immediate problem, and it does continuously get lost in the context
that the fact this guy is a climate denier, even that kind of gets lost in the fact that
he’s involved in corruption scandals and so on. Of course, corporate media doesn’t care much
about what’s important, they care about what drives media, but that goes for a large part
of the leadership of the Democratic Party as well. But in a recent CNN town hall, and we’ve been
covering this, doing segments on Sanders’ CNN town hall, he did speak about climate. And here’s what he said.SPEAKER: My home,
the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, part of the Delmarva Peninsula, is estimated to
be one of the first places in the country to experience the effects of climate change. In fact, with more and more frequent flooding,
it already is. What is your plan to help these rural communities
in the poorest part of our state to fight climate change?BERNIE SANDERS: What you’re
asking is maybe–you know, a couple years ago, I don’t know if you were moderating,
well I don’t know if it was you or CBS, I can’t remember. Somebody asked me, they said, “What is the
major national security issue facing this country?” You know what I said? I said, “Climate change,” and people laughed. Wasn’t that funny? Well, people are not laughing now, because
they have read the scientific reports and they know that if we don’t get our act together
in the next twelve years or so, there’s going to be irreparable damage.So let me lay it
out on the line. We are going to have to not only take on Trump
and his deniers, but we are going to have to take on the power of the fossil fuel industry,
that is the coal companies and the oil companies and the gas companies. And we are going to have to transform our
energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. Now, the good news is that we know how to
do that. The technology is there, and that technology
will only improve. And here’s the other good news when we make
that transformation. We’re going to create millions of good paying
jobs, weatherizing our homes, changing our transportation system, moving aggressively
into wind and solar and other sustainable energies.PAUL JAY: So that was Bernie, the
greatest national security threat facing us, climate change, something that we barely hear
about. Corporate television news almost never even
talks about it, and for that matter, the leadership of the Democratic party pays kind of lip service
to it. He was talking about the climate deniers,
and I think he could have spent a little bit more time talking about the climate denier
enablers. And that’s not only corporate media, but it
was also, for that matter, the Obama administration had eight years to do something significant
and didn’t. Norman?NORMAN SOLOMON: I think that phrase
is quite apt. The climate deniers are augmented by the climate
enablers, as you put it, and the enablers are at the top of the Democratic Party in
the Congress. And so, when we look at where there are areas
for progressives to hammer on the Democratic Party leadership such as it is, I think climate
is at the top of the list. We’ve got Pelosi and Hoyer in the House, we
have Schumer and Durbin in the Senate, and as you put it, they’re good at the lip service,
but this is totally inadequate in terms of anything that is being done by those top Democrats
given the threat involved. And I think most clear in the House of Representatives
is this new committee. Now let’s face it, if Joe Crowley hadn’t been
defeated in a Democratic primary by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, there would be no Select Committee
on Climate Crisis. But because of that momentum, a volunteer
for Bernie Sanders a few years ago, now in Congress, AOC and that entire push from the
grassroots, made the Democratic Party leadership feel compelled to set up what is called the
Select Committee on Climate.And this is where I think, among other areas, there’s a tremendous
opportunity for progressives to push hard. And that is that the select committee has
been denied the power to subpoena and denied the power to draft legislation. And that’s preposterous. And so, we should be raising hell with the
members of that committee who are Democrats appointed by Pelosi, and with Democrats in
Congress in general, to say that is not acceptable. That select committee has to stop being a
farce and a phony front for taking action and has to be empowered to do so.PAUL JAY:
It’s interesting. AOC didn’t even want to be on that committee. Jacqueline?JACQUELINE LUQMAN: I didn’t even
realize that the committee had no subpoena power and had no power to pass legislation. So this is like the power of these types of
mediums, where we do get to share and spread this information. So now that we know and we recognize that
yes, we do have to face this crisis head on, now we have to ask, what do we want these
people to do? It goes beyond just passing a Green New Deal. What are we demanding our elected officials
to do about our local energy companies that are continuing to hike energy rates that are
already based on fossil fuels but they aren’t providing any kind of relief for poor residents
or middle class residents who just can’t afford to move toward renewable energy solutions
or aren’t even offering them? What are our elected officials doing about
expanding incentives for people who do drive to access electric vehicles? What are they doing about revamping the industrialized
farming industry, not just meat, but also all industrialized farming, to handle the
way industrial farms handle waste management? And as well as, what about just reducing waste
of food in industrialized farming?These are some everyday, really simple kind of questions
that we need to be asking our elected officials. And I agree with Norman, especially the Democrats,
because they’re supposed to be the good guys. We need to be asking them what they’re going
to do about these things and when are they going to ask. I really applaud this group of kids who confronted
Dianne Feinstein last week. And I think that response from her is very
telling of the kind of culture we still have to fight in Washington in regard to this issue
and so many others.PAUL JAY: Yeah, we’ll play that clip of the confrontation with Feinstein
here. Eugene, go ahead.EUGENE PURYEAR: Well, yeah,
I agree with a lot of what’s been said. And I think one thing that’s really key in
this, and certainly I think Bernie is absolutely right, this is our number one threat, is to
continue to concretize to people how these threats start to interweave with other major
issues. I mean, for instance, one of the things we’re
seeing in coastal communities, and the questioner there of Senator Sanders raised the point
that she’s from the Delmarva Peninsula, we’re seeing in a lot of these coastal communities,
because of the threats of climate change, their property values are dropping. But what’s based on property taxes? Education funding. And so, coastal communities are actually now
struggling with their public education systems because of the implications of climate change.You
talked about trade policy. Well, certainly you see China is now restricting
U.S. trash. That was a lot of our sort of “recycling,”
which was sent to China. And because of some of the things that have
been happening there and their own policies, they’re no longer taking it, which means an
increased amount of things are going to incinerators, primarily in black and brown communities,
and ruining people’s lives and certainly ruining their health. I think there are a million different things
out there that we could do. Even just the reduction in arable land, the
challenges to water resources in states of the West and things of that nature that will
challenge farmers, so that everyone can really start to get more of a sense of how climate
change affects them individually. I think we have a good big picture sense of
how it’s affecting us as a species, and I’d like to think that would be enough.But in
the context of what I think is not outright climate denial, but when you talk about the
enablers, this idea that of course we can’t deny it, but we have to move slowly or deliberately
or whatever it may be, which would actually be akin to a lot of the liberal positioning
in the early stages of the civil rights movement. Well yes, you need rights, but we’ve got to
do it slowly, we’ve got to do it respectfully of Jim Crow infrastructure. And that collapsed under the weight of, obviously,
the mass civil rights movement. And I think the sort of halfway houses are
collapsing under the weight of people like these young folks who are challenging Senator
Feinstein.PAUL JAY: Right. The big attack on the Green New Deal coming
from Trump and the right is that this is “just an excuse” for more big government. And that phrase, more big government, is just
a symbol, a tag word for more socialism, for more planned economy. The problem is two parts to it. Number one, yeah, you’re going to deal with
climate change, there’s going to be a planned economy. You have to plan to get off fossil fuel and
onto sustainable. That’s going to take government planning,
because without doubt, it’s clear the free market is not going to go there. And number two, the fraud of this whole attack
on big government and planned economy is that the biggest planned economy already exists,
and it’s called the militarization of the American economy and the Pentagon. It’s already a government agency with a trillion
dollar a year budget or more which has a planned economy of militarization to the point where
they make sure there’s aircraft manufacturing in every single state so that the web of the
manufacturing controls politics at practically every level.Even Bernie Sanders was susceptible
to that when they were going to build the F-35 in Vermont. He wound up having to support it, because
without the F-35, they would have so many jobs lost. The blackmail and pressure militarization
puts on every level of politics. But it’s a big government, if you want to
use the word, planned economy. But they don’t talk about that. And why don’t they talk about that? Because they’ve all got their hand in the
military industrial congressional complex gravy train, and they don’t care about the
hypocrisy of their language. But the problem is, under normal circumstances,
and this ties together with the conversation we had earlier about socialism. There would be, sooner or later, a kind of
evolution towards more and more socialized solutions one way or the other. But the climate change, we don’t we don’t
have that kind of time for like some kind of evolution. Norman, what do you think of all that?NORMAN
SOLOMON: The urgency is such that we need to cast aside all these halfway, supposedly
more realistic measures. The idea that market forces can solve this
problem is preposterous. The record of cap and trade out here in California
is abysmal. We got into this horrific mess largely because
of market forces. When you look at, for instance, an editorial
that The Washington Post printed a few days ago, an official editorial by the newspaper
that is owned by the richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos, they gave a tepid endorsement
of the Green New Deal, but said that too much of the resolution that’s been introduced by
AOC and backed by many Democrats in Congress, too much of it, they say, goes into other
matters. And they argue that because of the urgency
of the climate crisis, other concerns like social justice and economic justice, they
need to be set aside.And of course, that’s a corporate view of what should be done, but
it’s bass ackwards if you really care about dealing with the climate crisis, because these
are not laundry list issues. As Eugene was just referring to, these are
integrated, interwoven issues. And we’re never going to roll back this horrific
threat of climate change unless we deal with it in an overall way which includes social
justice and democracy.PAUL JAY: All right. Well, it’s a good point to end on for this
segment. Thank you for joining us.JACQUELINE LUQMAN:
Thank you.EUGENE PURYEAR: Thank you.PAUL JAY: And thank you for joining us on The Real News

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  1. There really needs to be an age limit and term limits. Nancy Pelosi is too old to be running anything! She clearly has Parkinson's

  2. I believe this year will be the punctuation point everyone is feedback looping on incorrectly, next, if I am wrong. Furthermore, how can Sanders ignore the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics for the Wikipedia lies? In 3 months, the weather whiplash scenario is going to go hot because Tarkovsky's Green Zone is going to disappear. Dane Wigington (mountains of data).

    Three points, or, three strikes:

    Ocean Iron Fertilization this year
    by The HAARP Report

    Simple solution to The Internet (TM)
    LaRouchePAC Videos, with Bill Binney, 3/5/19 (BO is Pokemongo, via Dick Cheney)

    Hydrino, geniuses! Now is the inflection point.

  3. Play where is all this true climate change climate changes all the time the Winter to the summer summer to the Winter always changing How about some facts real facts

  4. I haven't looked into the science which is said to support and/or disprove climate change so I'm still undecided on the subject. However I do like the idea of energy sources such as solar and wind regardless of the authenticity of climate change because of the Independence it affords people.

  5. Sssorry charlie volcanoes blowing up puts more carbon in air than a decade of constant drive in a gas guzzler..over fifty volcanoes going off right now..the planet heats from inside..pollution of our maing is different but this rhetoric creates more problems than solves and misses the point..the planet is heating underfoot .

  6. Until very recently I was under the impression that the so called flat earthers were a bunch of whackos. However after looking at the scientific evidence they present I have to admit their argument does have some merit. It has to do with the curvature rate of the earth's surface. If their evidence is correct and cannot be refuted then they may be right. If anyone knows of a credible alternative explanation please let me know because at present I'm undecided on the subject. As way out there as it seems they may actually be correct.

  7. Our federal government is a circus, and that circus is owned by the fossil fuel industries. Just like our monetary system is the worlds petro-dollar. The US monetary economy depends on world oil sales. Unless we re-engineer our monetary system the US federal government cannot do the Green New Deal. It would destroy the US dollar as it is. Why is it that never hear about this aspect of our tie to oil?

  8. There has not been 1 climate model that has been accurate. They can't model the unknown under water volcanos and steam vents on the ocean floor.
    Florida should be feet under water by now and snow should be a thing of the past since 2005

  9. This global warming propaganda is a cover-up of what is really wrong. There are weather modification and weather war experiments taking place, and these are the real problems with our weather. What people are being sold are lies, to get their minds off of the real problems with the deadly pollutions we are really being exposed to. What is being sprayed in our skies is never brought up. We see white skies, and rarely see stars at night or blue skies, like when we were younger. That is NOT normal. It is being sold as normal to the younger generations, but those of us who remember when we actually had blue skies, without all these streaks in our skies, year around, know this is not normal.

  10. Bernie is not "Obie-Wan Kenobi". You're depending on an erroneous paradigm to change the world. Politicians have led us into this present abyss. Why do you think that the solutions lie with another insider politician? This is another in a series of media "Bernie Loving" propaganda. Some might call him a "Red Herring".

  11. Convert the military economy to a green economy and pay for it by taxing the mega rich and corporations like we used to in the 50s-70s.
    And In this process we will also close the wealth gap between the rich and the poor and middle class!

  12. Norman Solomon cracks me up. For decades he's been bitching about the Democratic Party, but he keeps staying in this corrupt party and voting "lesser of two evils"!
    I'm so glad I don't have to deal with his cognitive dissonance!

  13. Looks like I'll be looking at the Green Party again. The Democratic leadership are a bunch of snakes, and Bernie just signed on to the team. Sorry but now he has to play by their rules to stay on, so he's more compromised than Trump is with Russia!

  14. People could already do a lot by reducing their amount of driving, and driving huge gas and diesel guzzlers.
    But no politician has asked them to take this little step. One person will be driving all over hell in their
    pickup trucks the size of freight trains, and leave the diesel engines running while they go in store to shop.

  15. If every country would abandon their Military complex's that would solve the immediate problem of climate change, but nobody would do that because there is too much money driving military growth and greedy bastards profiting from the proliferation of an ever-growing march to our destruction.

  16. I didn't get lost. Others have been running around looking like idiots to me for decades. I knew the world and everything on it was doomed before I was even an adult. Powerless. Just turned 50 this year. Can anyone commiserate?

  17. NG0s, corporations and governments had 30 yrs to fix climate.
    100% private carbon tax dividends means 0% for NGOs, corporations and governments.
    Government must dismantle nuclear weapons and get clean energy fixing the waste.
    Governments must fund health and education and honest security.

  18. Excellent Paul and thank you for your tireless and fantastic reporting on all of the world critical issues. Sir i have a humongous story which keeps getting me banned from Fb, my car blown up, apartment ransacked, death threats galore, Visa denied 3x for entry into USA with no explanation. It involves the Global Elite in particular the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Al Maktoum, the Clinton Foundation and the FEI and SRS. Please i know you are busy but please sir i hope you look…

  19. Sanders is a capitulator to the Empire, if "elected" he will serve the Empire. Sanders says things and takes positions that clearly support the Empire – Maduro is a dictator a lye spread by Sanders – campaigned for H. Clinton. Sanders is no different from any other US politician he would be unable to effect change, the representatives of core Western capital which has had its way every year for the last 100 years – never a year without growing profits higher than economic growth – will roll over him as they have every president – including Eisenhower!.

    Why oh why does the left almost deliberately not recognize that the US government is moribund, it is a hollow group of institutions which fully support the interests of core Western capital.

    There is no excuse for TRNN to ignore the clear evidence of the existence of a 50 trillion dollar single block of capital which has been growing as least sese the Protestant Reformation when Peter Phillips has shown clearly who rules the world and it is not the USG.

    Sure, go ahead and elect a capitulating old man, then what? The 50 trillion is still there, still growing, still making the rules. Nothing will change. The Western world is ruled by its owners and no one else.

  20. Climate change is a cover-up for military attempts at weather control, i.e. geoengineering, chem trails, etc.. It's very ingenious. The solution will be a tax. Meanwhile the spraying of metals into the atmosphere is doing great damage to insect life, weather patterns, and human life. We most likely won't even make it to 2050, when the seas will all rise 30 feet and drown half the American population. People are asleep or brainwashed by TV and assume they're doing the right thing by worrying about global warming/climate change. It's almost as big a hoax as 9/11.

  21. The DNC leadership. What a joke. It's a duopoly. Can we move on from these two parties please!!!!!
    Thank you guys for taking this seriously–the climate catastrophe.
    Please cover the upcoming demonstrations on this subject i.e. the extinction rebellion. Think it's on April 15th

  22. Great reporting but the title is stupid. No one denies that there is a climate. "Climate science denier" makes more sense.

  23. Climate change published media garbage bought by gullible stupids going back DECADES, is laid out in this 49 min., very well done, video of historical delusions. Want to fix climate changing, control the sun spots!
    "We will all die in 12 years", the new battle cry from the children with the camera microphone.

  24. The US Imperial Empire's military industrial complex is the biggest polluter on the planet, there is really only 1 party in the USA (the party of war and Imperial empire) so there is no chance the Democrat wing of this party will do anything revolutionary on climate change.


  26. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Bernie is a sell-out – a sheeple-herder that never intended to win. He was a gatekeeper for Hillary because she is AIPAC-beloved and he is an Israel-firster. He threw his supporters under the bus as they told him in real time that the nomination was being stolen. He's part of the con, and the sooner we realize this, the better off we'll be. Vote Third Party (REAL third parties, not the Bernie Sanders' kind).

  27. Like Elizabeth Warren, AOC talks a good talk, but she couldn't WAIT to betray us to Cuomo and Pelosi. Like Bernie, she will knife us in the back like she knifed Corbyn in the back. Her role is to have her Green New Deal fail to pass so that the media can criticize the Green Party. The Democrats will never pass the Green New Deal, and AOC’s job is to diffuse the effort.

  28. If you learn about the incredible magnifying and exponential factors literally set to be initiated now, by loss of arctic sea ice, then of course it is an emergency, but much more about facing an apocolypse. For example, now we have cruises and freighters planned to sail through the arctic as never before. This is possible because vast amounts of ice are gone, white ice which reflects heat, ice which makes the arctic waters calm, etc, on and on once the frozen dome is gone its going to be gone for hundreds of thousands of years and we will not be able to farm like now, i.e. were dead, I'M TALKING SUMMER 2019

  29. It's called the Grand Solar Minimum. We go through one every 400 to 600 years. Its recorded by historians, not paid off government politicians , scientists and meteorologist. The government is to big and ineffective.

  30. If we take money out of politics it will, make our representatives fight for average person.
    it will make them make them pass laws where rich and corporation have to pay equal or more taxes
    than the average person; which will bring more money in the reach of average person that ultimately
    will bring prosperity to average American. Rich and Powerful are holding the country hostage.

  31. If we take money out of politics it will, make our representatives fight for average person.
    it will make them make them pass laws where rich and corporation have to pay equal or more taxes
    than the average person; which will bring more money in the reach of average person that ultimately
    will bring prosperity to average American. Rich and Powerful are holding the country hostage.

  32. There is not any warning on the planet, even your corrupt newspaper report daily record breaking cold, and rain, and snowfall, wake up, go to a public library and read

  33. Stop using the term "climate denier". It is meaningless. Talk about data, physics, chemistry, cosmology, geology, statistical techniques, margins of error………..
    You are making one or other views a religion.

  34. Bernie really did't answer her question. Probably he could't bring himself to tell the lady that there is no way to save your property if you live on a sand bank on the east coast. It is way too late. He should have said something about government sponsored relocation.

  35. The very word climate denier is a logical fallacy. The only crisis is that it is getting colder and colder as we approach grand solar minimum Magnetic poles shift. Crop yields fall. There is no crisis. Adapt and build a green house or migrate somewhere warmer.

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