Importance of Natural Resources

The Amazing First River Protected Fisheries

okay welcome to another video we are the Riverside where you have hundreds and hundreds that you know not quite our final destination fallen coconuts that are growing right here pretty dope nobody cares man it's a man dope dope for business people those who are coming to Malaysia those wanna do business education there are two men business manager palm oil export or rubber exports you have a huge market here in Malaysia I mean export by exports but there are other things you need to import in Mali's I'm gonna find out what you can actually import to Malaysia and so I'll rather go out for Safari Drive you know slowly finally so stay tuned right now we're gonna go have a little fun so this is your first time on my channel make sure you subscribe if your comment below let me know what you like to see in Malaysia and those fishes are actually protected by the sabah malaysia government you can catch you can eat those fish let me show you real let me pick up my huge man take the enviro me here take climate [Applause] hey you wanna come feed the fish all right this is real life how friendly they are they help protect our environment right I'm still against Doki games our nature the animal some animals already you see ya guys [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] the best seems whoever so that is it stay tuned for our next destination we're gonna show you more here in Malaysia you can use this China and make sure you hit the subscribe button and stay tuned next destination

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