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The Adventures of Annie and Ben – SOUTH AFRICA by HooplaKidz in 4K EP 17

ANNIE, BEN & MANGO! ANNIE, BEN & MANGO! ANNIE, BEN & MANGO! You never know where they’re gonna go! ANNIE, BEN & MANGO! ANNIE, BEN & MANGO! ANNIE, BEN & MANGO! You never know where they’re gonna go! There it is! Where they keep the rhino babies? Baby rhinos are called CALVES just like baby cows. Here in South Africa This is a very important place. They raise orphan rhinos — Orphans are babies without parents. These calves are kept safe until they’re big enough to live on their own out in the wild. There are only 5,000 black rhinos left in the wild — each one is precious to us. Hello, I’m Tau, welcome to our nursery. Hi, Tau. I’m Annie, this is Ben and that’s Mango. Hello. Kago and Kaya like your Mango. It’s good to see them happy. They are our newest orphans. I found them only yesterday. They just said they’re NOT orphans. Your dog understands them? Yes. Ben speaks most animal languages. They were playing hide-and-seek and well… they hid really good. Their mother couldn’t find them before Tau did. If she’s still out there, we have to find her. Ben and I can go with you. Ben’s a great tracker. I’ve got a nose that knows. I can smell their mother on them. That is excellent. But I need someone to watch Kaya and Kago while we are gone. Don’t worry. Mango can watch them. They like him! WHOOOOOAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO!!! Are you sure you’re old enough to drive? If there are no roads, I can drive. Now hang on and try to stay dry. Uh oh!! Here comes a… BIG RIVER!!!! Do not worry. The river is shallow and it’s only dangerous if you stop. What happens if you stop? THOSE happen. CROCODILES!!! I think I’ll sit here. Aw, big, brave Ben, you want to sit on my lap? Kago’s and Kaya’s mother doesn’t know where her babies are. She’s probably scared and worried. I know, and that is why we have to be very careful. Rhinos are nice animals. But they have very bad eyesight and really good noses. They smell before they see. If they don’t know what they’re smelling they often think they’re in danger and will attack to protect themselves and their calves. Hey! I think I smell her! I think she’s HERE! She smells her babies on Tau! She thinks you have them! Annie! Tau DOES have her babies! Then let’s lead her back to them! Excellent idea, Annie. And I do love a good chase through the bush. Come on, Mommy! Let’s go see your babies! Waaaa-HOOOOOOO!!! That horn’s awfully close — and I don’t mean the “beep beep” kind of horn. Is it true a rhino’s horn is made of hair? It’s kind of true. A rhino’s horn is made of keratin, the same stuff that’s in hair. Quick!!! TURN RIGHT!!! Oh, my gosh. That is soooo sweet. Sweet, yes, but the monkey adds a touch of weird. That’s Mango’s job. You may come back anytime for a drink or cabbage. You are always welcome. And the same goes for you. This was so much fun, I almost don’t want to leave. Neither does Mango. Awww, Kaya gave Mango Kago’s ribbon as a souvenir. It looks like Mango won the BLUE RIBBON — for best Rhino babysitter. The new Champ! MANGO!!!

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