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Testing Eco Kitchen Gadgets | Episode 5 | Katie Pix

Helloooo and welcome to Katie Pix Ah! Welcome to the 21st Century, you know what- wait is it 21st or 22nd? 21st (laughs) D’you know what I love about the 21st Century is that this generation gives a bleep about the world we are suddenly clocking on to the fact that this lovely little planet of ours can only be as sustainable as we allow it to be and that is by shopping more sensibly eating more sensibly and essentially just treating the world with a bit more kindness and for that reason I’m going to get a little bit eco on your asses and we’re going to do a little gadget haul on some of my favourite eco friendly products on the kitchen market at the moment so shall we start the QVC music and begin our shopping haul with eco… ecological conscience this is from Joie and these are stainless steel straws, eco friendly and reusable in the US alone they use 500 million drinking straws every day now if you don’t know the damage straws do to the planet then where are you living, under a rock?! (laughs) I mean what the heck, that’s horrific ok, in which case, stainless steel straws I don’t know why you don’t have them in your repertoire already they come with a little cleaner so you can clean in to your straws say you have yourself a milkshake or something and they have their own little easy grip storey-thing straw store so they’re not rattling around in your cutlery draw! yeahhhhhh! I think they should’ve been washed first stainless steel straws they’re going straight in the draw Zero plastic, durable, tree free microwave safe dishwasher safe made from rice husk 100% biodegradable if you don’t have a keep cup again where you born under a rock?! (laughs) like honestly, honestly anything- i need that not only do you get discount in a lot of coffee shops nowadays side note what a win grab yourself something that you can use time and time again because time and time again you’ll get that feel good feeling lock and lock salvaged from 100% food-grade waste plastic so this is reclaimed plastic that has been given a second life and a second purpose it has a lifetime guarantee that’s right it is eco storage containers whether it is your lunchbox or it’s just a way of keeping those leftover dinners in the fridge everything’s washable, everything’s good now when you are buying tupperwear and you buy something like this you are voting with your money if you spend your money on these actually what your choosing is for people to keep producing this to stop producing all the other stuff that sticks around for way too long that has no second life, has no second purpose you are choosing for manufacturers to create better more conscious more environmentally friendly products, so make it everyday eco this is a stasher so they’re dishwasher friendly, microwave friendly fridge and freezer friendly these have transformed my life I’m on food shoots believe it or not, with all the best will in the world I can’t eat everything in one session on a food shoot tupperware or dare I say it copious amounts of clingfilm and food bags and so I found these stashers so they literally work like your plastic food bag but instead they’re washable they’re storable they’re keepable they also are heat proof they are reusable storage bags that you can cook in and you can reuse it thousands and thousands and thousands of times brilliant so beeswax paper is the natural alternative to plastic wrap so you can wrap cheese, lemon, cabbage, bread, cover a bowl whatever so we’re talking storage people storage is half the problem in the kitchen this is called beeswax paper I’m hoping that this video will be of interest to quite a few people because I discovered things I didn’t even know existed it’s basically made with beeswax so when you warm it and you can warm it just literally with your hands so it’s made with organic cloth, bees wax, tree resin and jojoba oil and it basically means that you can wrap it around items, like you would clingfilm and it’ll keep but then unlike clingfilm which you then unwrap and throw away this means that you can get it out you wash it under cold water stash it back in your cupboard and you use it again the next day like, it’s unBEElievable (laughs) ahhh the ecological kitchen cleaner that is tough on grease and grime but uses natural plant based formulas a lot of products we use in kitchens and stuff can be quite harsh in their chemicals and I found this can clean with confidence because let’s not lie there are quite a few cleaning products out there on the market that are eco but ec-no they’re just not strong enough whereas this one actually is very good I recommend ahh coconut, that’s why it smells so good bet you didn’t think a frying pan was going to be on an eco haul did you? well the reason being is that not only is being eco about how what we do with our waste it’s how we produce those products in the first place and what’s great about this particular pan from Lakeland is that it’s kind to the environment so it uses less energy to produce, to make it it uses less hazardous materials and products and there’s no acids used so it’s just a better made pan Erm d’you know what I’m going to let them tell you the facts because they’ve worded it so brilliantly who wouldn’t want to save twenty-plus plastic containers from landfills by purchasing just this one cutting board how good is that? oh that makes me feel good this product contains ground coconut shells a byproduct of the agricultural food industry (clapping) well done Eco smart you are – you’re amazing you are amazing this should stand the text of time lifetime guarantee delightful so proud so there you have it a little mini haul of some of the most used products in your kitchen and how you can actually just make them a little bit more eco friendly if you have any fantastic products that you’d like to recommend me please do let me know in the comments box below if you’ve found this video useful feel free to give it a thumbs up until next time go spread the eco love and guys look after yourselves as well as this planet cheers cause I’d like to stick around on it for a while I don’t know about you byeeeee!

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  1. Love the shelves in background. Wish I could find something like that but ceiling-mounted… Lovely video as always, by the way πŸ˜‰

  2. Love this Katie! This generation could do so much to reduce pollution and waste by getting into good practices and passing it down to the next. Bought my mum and sister beeswax wraps as an Xmas stocking filler (they love them, as I do) I haven’t bought cling film I’m ages! I bought the Koh cleaner, less waste, chemicals. Recycling regularly, buying fruit and veg without plastic wrapping, I know some people are iffy about tap water (not me) but buy a filter jug rather than bottled….So many small changes help massively xxx

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