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Tennis Clash How To Counter All Main Play Styles [Top 100 Player Tips]

Let me show you how to counter all main play
styles in Tennis Clash, a sports game published by Wildlife Studios. So when I talk about the main play styles, I
mean the counter puncher style using Kaito (and we will see two matches against this
style), the powerful serve big forehand style using Viktoria (we will see two matches as
well), the volley style using Kaito (we will see one match), and the aggressive baseliner
using Viktoria (we will see one match). So I hope that my experience in Tennis Clash,
that has allowed me to enter the Top 100 global ranking can be helpful to you through the
recommendations that I provide in this video. We will start now with two matches where I
play against two counter puncher opponents. The first one is a very offensive counter
puncher. And the second one plays much more defensively. I play in the first match versus a top 10
player named Halep. This is a top player that I respect a lot. He had given me so many tennis lessons in
Tour 7 when I was still having lower stats and trophies. I had improved my game a lot after having
played so many matches versus him. As you are going to see, this player is playing
very offensively. His style is officially counter puncher (that
means “defensive baseliner”), because he uses Kaito who is a counter puncher character in
Tennis Clash. But in reality, his style is more similar
to a very aggressive baseliner style. As you can see, with a low serve, you are
put in a difficult position right after your serve, by a strong return. In that case, just return as quickly as possible
to the other corner of your opponent’s court and position your character right near the
center of the baseline to get ready for the next hit. You can place your character closer to the
corner where your opponent is very probably going to hit a cross court stroke. That way, you will run less to return his
stroke and will have much less risk to be outflanked. On your opponent’s serve, which will be weak
because he is playing with Kaito. Take the most advantage of the weak serve
to deliver a strong return or a cross court drop shot that will outflank him. We are seeing it again in slow motion. Your opponent will try to return this drop
shot with difficulty, and you will just have to follow up with a big stroke to win the
point. I like to use this combo “cross court drop
shot + strong stroke follow up” because it unsettles the opponent a lot. He will not know much where you are going
to hit the next time he serves. Because you can hit a strong return down the
line, a cross court drop shot or a big cross court stroke towards the other corner. That makes 3 possible spots and he will have
to guess where you are going to hit, that may be very unsettling for him. So you can do just that actually. Unsettle your opponent by changing the spot
where you are going to hit on your next return. Instead of hitting a cross court drop shot,
just hit a strong down the line forehand, that will outflank your opponent, like I am showing in the slow motion just there, and later on you will have the possibility to dictate the rally afterwards because his return will be weak. return will be weak. Of course, there will be points where you
can really do nothing to counter. They happen mostly after your weak serve. If your opponent hits a very strong return
in a spot very far from where your character is positioned, well that’s almost impossible to
reach (even with a Joker Cord). Nevermind, keep focus on the match in that
case. Why should you not bother? Because it will be your opponent’s turn to
serve afterwards. And will come the opportunity for you to win
the points to counterbalance. So here, you are seeing the slow motion showing how I wrong foot my opponent So one of the best thing to do to outflank your
opponent is to wrong foot him. Whenever he thinks he should run to the right
side of his court because you are very probably going to hit there, just hit the opposite
side. That will wrong foot him. He will have to make a U turn to try and catch
this shot, and return a weak shot in consequences or doing an unforced error because he is losing balance. Then you will just have to stay focused to
end the rally. You should try to read your opponent’s play pattern
as well. If you know that whenever you serve to his
left service box, he likes to hit the right corner of your baseline, then just be prepared
to move your character to the right corner of your baseline. You have nothing to lose. Either you guess it right and you will have
a huge advantage over your opponent, having a head start to hit a strong return towards
the opposite corner. Or you guess wrong and anyway, you would have
had a very hard time to catch this ball if you were far from it. So yeah, you have nothing to lose and a lot
to gain by anticipating where your opponent is going to hit the return after your weak
serve. Whenever you do a long catch, try to return
the ball to one of the two corners if possible, instead of simply putting back the ball on
the court. That may invert the situation, making your
defensive shot an offensive one, and you will be able to hit a winner on the following stroke,
because your opponent was outflanked. Whenever the match is going to last a long
time, both players will have a reduced stamina, a bit like here, like you are seeing right now on the screen.You see that the stamina of both players is low. All right.Well, at that moment, Try at all costs to shorten the rallies. Really, that’s very important. Try to hit 1 or 2 shots max after the serve
to win the point because you will have no more stamina to run to catch balls afterwards. That means you will have to take risk, hit
very strong down the line forehands, or hit risky cross court drop shots. You have a low stamina anyway, so your best
chance is to shorten the rallies as much as possible. Don’t try to return the ball just for the
sake of returning the ball, but return the ball to win the point, that’s totally different
and that requires another mindset, another mental strength. So, especially on the match point. you really you really can take risk that’s very fun! You will see that. So of course, your experienced opponent is going to think the same thing. So by the very end of the match, it will be
a battle of mental strength and anticipation more than a battle of stats. Because with depleted stamina for both players,
stats will be almost insignificant, high agility doesn’t help anymore to long catch, and the
player who is going to crack first under the pressure is not going to win the match, that’s
simple. So this is the second match versus a much more
defensive counter puncher (a defensive baseliner in the pure tradition). The shots of this player are softer and risk less to be unforced
errors. He generally tries to be accurate rather than
to take risk hitting strong cross court or down the line strokes. You can achieve those soft and accurate shots
by swiping more slowly. By making slower swipes moves, you are less
likely going to commit unforced errors. This kind of opponent will defend while waiting for his opponent
to commit the unforced error first. This is another strategy that can work too,
especially against players who don’t have a lot of patience. Against this kind of counter puncher, very defensive one, simply use the classic windshield wiper technique: 1 big stroke to the left corner then 1 other
big stroke to the right corner, and so forth and so on. Sometimes, you can diversify by hitting several
strokes towards the same corner to try to wrong foot your opponent, who thinks that
you are going to hit the opposite corner and who is running to this corner. The Joker Cords string is very helpful for
this kind of match that could last longer than expected, unless you can shorten the
rallies, of course. The long catch ability of the Joker Cords and
its small stamina shield (when I say small it’s smaller compared to before the big update of 7th of May 2020. The long catch ability and the small stamina shield are very helpful after the big update. So I am playing basically with it almost all the time now. Of course, the long catch can just allow you
to extend the rally to have an extra chance to win it. Il will not do miracle. If you are too tired to run to catch the next
return of your opponent, then you will be definitely outflanked and lose the point anyway. Let’s see now 2 matches against 2 big serve
strong forehand opponents. In the first match, you will see that my opponent
has more agility but a much weaker backhand, so this is a one handed style. In the second match, you will see that the
opponent has a more balanced build (but a lower agility). Because One Handed players who have a weak
backhand will expect you to hit on their backhand most of the time, try to wrong foot them by hitting
on their forehand now and then. You will see that it works quite well. But if it doesn’t work, nevermind, keep focus
of course. Other opportunities will come to wrong foot
them. Remember that their agility is not very high, so
if you wrong foot them properly, they generally don’t have time to get to catch the ball. Especially if they don’t take the Joker Cords
to have a long catch, like here, my opponent is playing only with the Maestro Multi but even then, even with the Joker Cords they would return a weak stroke that you can easily
handle to end the rally. Of course, whenever you have the possibility,
try and return on your opponent’s weak hand that is often the backhand, like here. He will return a soft stroke that you can
smash easily. Afterwards, his returns will be even weaker,
and then you can toy with your opponent by making soft drop shots that he can’t catch
(being too far away). Now and then, during the rallies, try to make
drop shots (soft ones, like this one) that will surprise your opponent, making him run to the net. Afterwards, you will just have to follow up
with a big stroke or another drop shot, it’s up to you and your mood. If you want to toy with your opponent or not 🙂 You can note that after the big update, it
is easier to counter Power Servers since agility of all players has been buffed, so it’s easier to catch the serves. That means the strong serves are not as effective
as before the big update. Let’s see the second match where the opponent
has lower agility but a better backhand. So that were the stats for the first match. Right now, it’s for the second match. 72 serve, 69 forehand and 52 backhand which is better than the first opponent. Here again, try to return your opponent’s
serve on his weakest hand which is the backhand, like that. When you serve, try and serve towards your
opponent’s backhand but it’s generally useless because your serve is weak. So you will have to anticipate. Try and see where your opponent likes to return
your serve. Of course, the drop shots (like the one that I have just made) still are the best
weapon to end the rally very fast versus a power server having low agility. And when that doesn’t work, don’t mind, just keep focus. Don’t forget to hit your opponent’s backhand
in priority during the rally whenever there is an opportunity, like here, and to end the point afterwards. So I remind you that I have made a tutorial explaining how to hit drop shots and it is available on GamePlays365 channel. So take a look at it. And you will see how I do the drop shots like this one. So obviously, after a drop shot that outflanked your opponent like here, be present at the corners whenever your opponent tries to return a desperate
stroke there. You just have to be present at the corner,
and you will do that just fine if you have the Joker Cords. Then you will simply have to hit the return
towards the empty court, because your outflanked opponent is still very far from where you are going to hit. So now we are going to see a match against a volley player having a very high agility of 93, based on Kaito and not Diana. I don’t show 2 matches for this volley style
because there are fewer players using it in Tour 1 to 6 after the big update of 07th of
May 2020, fewer than the counter puncher and the power serve strong forehand styles. So this opponent has chosen Kaito clearly
because he has much more agility and stamina than with Diana, the normally preferred character
for this volley style. There are several things you can do to counter
the volley players having huge agility: 1) On the serve of your opponent, try and
return a cross court forehand/backhand (depending here again on your best hand) to surprise
him (because he generally expects you to hit a forehand down the line instead, which is
easier to execute than the cross court shot). And because he is surprised, he has a very
high chance to commit an unforced error while trying to return that cross court drop shot. 2) Hit big forehands (or backhands if it’s
your main force) as powerfully as possible towards the two corners of the baseline. Choose your preferred corner and hit your
best stroke towards this area. Don’t mind about the side where your opponent
is weak because most of the time, all those huge agility and high volley stats players have very weak
forehand and backhand so they will have a very hard time countering your big forehand/backhand. 3) Hit the ball to make it land as close to
the sidelines as possible. Whether you choose to hit a cross court winner
as explained previously, or a powerful forehand down the sideline, just try and make this
straight and fast swipe that will make the ball land very close to the sideline (either
side). Why? Because your opponent has to choose one side
to counter your strokes, or will place himself at the center of the court close to the net,
so if you can succeed in hitting the ball towards the 2 corners of the baseline and
as close as possible to the sideline, then the ball will have a very high potential to
be out of reach for your opponent. And for the end, let’s see a match against an agressive
baseliner based on Viktoria, who has decided to put a lot of points on stamina. I don’t show 2 matches for this aggressive
baseliner style because there are fewer players using it in Tour 1 to 7 than the counter puncher
and the power serve strong forehand styles. So the recommendations that I would give to
counter the aggressive baseliner style are very similar to the ones that I gave to counter
the counter puncher style because actually, a lot of players using Kaito are playing with
him as an aggressive baseliner having higher agility and stamina than Viktoria. So the windshield wiper technique still works,
with now and then several strokes towards the same corner to try to wrong foot the opponent. Most of all, stay strong mentally. Don’t lose focus when you are led by 0-3 or
1-4 or 2-5 by your opponent. Stay in the match to come back and win it,
don’t say to yourself that it’s over. A match is never over in Tennis Clash until you see the end of match screen. 🙂 Your windshield wiper method may just need
some time before it works. Now and then you can also hit the cross court drop shot
followed by a strong stroke combo. You have to take risk anyway to come back,
so don’t be afraid to take risk. By taking risk, you will unsettle your opponent
and show him that you are mentally strong. He will feel that will not be so easy to beat
you. The mental side of the game is very important
in Tennis Clash. For me, it’s quite significant actually, and can almost
counterbalance sometimes a lack of high stats. Of course, a strong mental can help you come
back more easily than if you are giving up too early. So never lose focus, stay strong, don’t shiver, don’t tremble, make your opponent doubt. That’s easier said than done of course, but if you don’t
stay strong mentally in this game, who is going to do that for you? You have to ask this question. OK, so obviously if your opponent is choosing a string which is different from the Joker Cords it’s even easier because Well, the Siberian Wire is has been now after the big update and the Joker Cords gives you a small stamina shield which is better and that’s easier to outflank your opponent when you have more stamina and when he doesn’t have a lot of stamina left, like in this match near the end, you clearly see that he doesn’t have any stamina left. And he would have avoided that if he had chosen the Joker Cords. I’m pretty sure of that. I hope you enjoyed watching me show you how
to counter all main play styles in Tennis Clash, a sports game published by Wildlife
Studios. We have seen recommandations to counter the
counter puncher style, the strong serve big forehand style, the volley style and the aggressive
baseliner style. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel GamePlays365
to stay tuned for new videos of Tennis Clash. Thank you a lot for your support and see you
soon on GamePlays365. Bye bye!

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