Importance of Natural Resources

TCU’s Costa Rica Field Station

– I wish I could touch every
soul that comes to the station. (upbeat music playing) Being a student is when
I discovered this place. It’s unique because it combines
elements of the rain forest and the cloud forest in one place and it’s got unique species of
plants, insects, and animals that cannot be found in any
other kind of ecosystem. – The thing that struck
me about the station, and I think its greatest
strength, is that it is remote. It’s an hour off the beaten path and we are in this remarkable facility in a treehouse in the canopy. So here at the field station
is the first time in the trip that we really immerse them in the art and the science of data collection. We break up the field
work into understanding how these river systems work and how the hydroelectric
cycle works in the rainforest. And then we also go into the forest and get them to understand and to look at the structural species differences between primary and secondary forest. – Back home in America
we’re always on our phone or always on our computer and out here we have no cell service and we have four hours of electricity. So it’s been kinda nice
getting to know myself. – When the lights go off that’s it, it’s just the sound of
the jungle all around you and you wake up at 5am and
you hear the birds singing and it’s just, it’s beautiful. I absolutely loved it. – It gives our students a
truly life changing opportunity to be immersed in this incredible place. – The field station’s been incredible. I had no idea it was going to be in the center of the rainforest Just being able to look out in the morning and see all of the birds and not even have to leave
the field station to do that has been really incredible. It really does seem magical.

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