Importance of Natural Resources

Study Science and Environment

Young people understand that we’ve only got one planet and it’s actually all of our jobs to look after it There’s a real demand for skills based on STEM science technology engineering and math’s We work on a number of different diseases they’re parasitic diseases as well as cancers There are numerous challenges facing the marine environment urban development, global warming and the role of ocean acidification We have to keep advancing we have to keep developing and we have to be abreast of everything that’s going on out there Students undertake a range of activities some of those activities are lab based and some of those activities for field based So the sorts of things we do the high-throughput screening using automated systems, robotics you don’t normally get in most labs You can study some really fundamental questions about how the universe works The research that we do here isn’t just isolated to us like everyone around the world is actually interested in the same thing we are They get the opportunity in their academic environment to learn about what it would be like to be in industry Students can go and get jobs both in science and also in other areas Doing something that inspires you is the best road to actually moving forward I love the fact that we contribute to a better understanding of disease and health Students have gone on to do amazing things everywhere the National Institutes of Health in the USA the Shanghai Institute Materia Medica in China Oxford University, we have seeded new careers throughout the world.

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