Importance of Natural Resources

Students enter Rainforest Pitch Competition to test business ideas

Have you ever been shredding the slopes
or flying down some single track and all of a sudden your goggles fog up? Class Bucks empowers students to exercise their voice and choice in the learning process. Everyone has seen Shark Tank. Same idea. A portion of every dollar that’s
spent at Lunchbox goes to our charity, Lunch Money. … is an alternative mask-free treatment. Those guys have about 90 seconds to get you interested. We will tap into that market through licensing and great sales. Class Bucks where learning makes cents. It’s a great opportunity for students to share their ideas, and get exited about innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The pitch competition is an opportunity for students to pitch an idea that they have, an innovative idea. When you come to something like this, this is so much like the real world, more than anything else. It’s pretty awesome, especially having the top-notch judges that they have. Because we believe in discovery, share-ability and community we created Bitekast. They can walk away with a prize. Cash prize. Nothing better than cash. We’re doing these competitions mostly
for the experience and to see what other people are doing and get the coaching involved. We’re taking this to heart.

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