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Strawberry Winter Tips for Cold & Warm Winter Climates to Jump Start Spring Berries

hi everyone well you guys know how much
I love growing strawberries in my garden the flavor is absolutely out of this
world and a lot of you grow them with me too we talk about all the time in our
community how amazing it is to pick a fresh berry from your garden right now
it’s winter time and I want to share with you today some winter care tips
from strawberries so that whether you live in a cold winter climate or in a
mild climate like I do here in California there are a few things you
can do to take care of your strawberries over the winter time so that they
survive and you have a jump start on your berry production for the spring now
we’re talking about two different types of people here for our winter care
strawberry tips first off if you live in a cold winter climate where you get
temperatures in the 20s if you don’t do anything to your strawberry plants they
could die and then no berries for the spring now if you live in a mild winter
climate like we do here in Southern California your risks are a lot less but
your strawberries can still definitely benefit from some winter care the
strawberry plants will start to go dormant as the temperatures cool off in
the fall and winter so what you’ll notice is that your strawberry leaves
will start to get brittle this doesn’t mean that they’re dead it just means
they’re taking a nice long winters nap so first of all let’s talk about the
people who live in the north where temperatures drop well below freezing
into the 20s or lower during the winter time if you don’t protect your
strawberries and those kind of temperatures most likely they’ll die
over the winter time so if you’re growing them in a container in a
northern climate what you can do is move your container or your tower up against
your house or ideally you can put them in an unheated garage and you can cover
them with a old quilt or a frost blanket just to protect them from the cold
because if you don’t they’re gonna die and then you won’t have your nice
berries in the springtime now if you’re growing your strawberry plants in ground
in a cold winter climate they’ll definitely need protection from the cold
so they don’t die so you’re going to want to multiply several inches here I
got shredded leaf mulch you can also use straw but the colder your temperatures
get the heavier you’re going to need to mulch your plants so I would suggest at
least two to three inches of mulch around the base of your plants to help
from the cold so they survived the winter so that’s the scenario for you
northern gardeners for you southern gardeners in mild winter climates where
you rarely get a frost or only get light for us your strawberry plants will
survive just fine without winter protection but you will definitely get
some benefits in the springtime by pruning and fertilizing your plants so
that’s what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna prune back all of these dead
brittle leaves and then fertilize our plants to help give them a jump in the
spring so I’m just gonna go through here and trim all the dead leaves off now
strawberry plants really benefit from a good pruning you can see there’s tons of
dead growth here but trimming off all the dead growth will help protect the
plants over the winter time and really send all the energy into brand-new
growth once the weather warms up and you’ll notice here how the strawberry
leaves turn a nice red color as the weather is colder it looks really pretty
it’s about as much fall color as we get here in color in Southern California so
I’m just finishing up the pruning here my strawberry plants and wow they look
so much better already the strawberries grow best between 60
and 80 degrees that’s when you’re gonna get the most berries out of them so I
want my plants to be ready because because we do have those warm days here
in California what I’m gonna do next to get my plants ready to produce is to
fertilize them so here I’m giving them a handful of the vermis Terra worm
castings which will give them a really nice good boost I’m also gonna add a
handful of compost to the top of my strawberry crate towers so I made this
compost right here in my own garden and I just love feeding my plants with my
own black garden gold so really help jump-start them and give them a nice
start in the spring or really help them on the winter days now as I’m adding
compost and worm castings I’m going to leave a little bit of space around the
crown of the strawberry plant you don’t want to cover that up because then the
strawberry won’t have room to breathe and it grows
better if the crown is left uncovered see the crown here is just at the base
of the plant you can see tiny little roots coming out there the plants in
here are actually getting just a little bit crowded so as the spring approaches
I’ll be spreading these plants out so they have more room to grow next step
I’m going to do to help take care of my plants this winter time is add some
liquid fertilizer adding the Vermisterra worm tea all the good
beneficial bacteria and microbes to keep my plants healthy over the winter time
and I’m also adding some Good Dirt plant food which has a higher nitrogen to
encourage the green leafy growth of the plants on those warm winter days so
we’re just gonna mix it up and pour it on and then we’ll be done
so we’ll just pour this over my plants and let it soak down through the towers
and even if you’re overwintering your plants indoors in a cold winter climate
you do do want to keep the soil evenly moist not waterlogged but you definitely
don’t want the roots to dry out or your plants will die boy I’m so glad that I’m
taking care of my strawberries this wintertime because I cannot wait to have
those nice juicy strawberries come springtime in fact you know what here’s
a little strawberry right here it’s gonna be so yummy to pick come
springtime so whether you live in a cold winter climate or a mild winter climate
comment below and let me know whether you have strawberries growing in your
garden and you’re gonna do these winter care tips for nice yummy strawberries in
the spring thanks so much for watching we’ll see on the next video

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  1. Let me know YOUR strawberry winter tips – thanks for watchingI
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  2. Hey Kim n Jerry. So nice visiting with you again. Also I'm grateful for the strawberry info. It'll come in handy for next winter. Blessings
    Ps. I received the copy of your book last week and I think it's great. Thank you.

  3. I live in Southern California and my strawberries died during the summer I guess they couldn't take the heat I should have put them in the garage to protect them now I know..

  4. My strawberries have always survived the cold winters in Nebraska with little care. however, I didn’t always have a good harvest the next year.
    I moved my strawberries to a metal fire ring planter this past summer and I did mulch them with leaves for the winter. I wasn’t sure if they would do as well in a raised bed as they did in the ground.

  5. Ha, no wonder my strawberries never survived the winter here in Colorado – I just left them out in pots all on their own, oops! Going to try to grow some from seed this spring but will also purchase transplants, and now I know how to take care of them over winter.

  6. You have a couple of real nice looking strawberry crate systems Kim. Have not tried berries up this way, altho so far this winter they could survive inside I would suppose. Of course your videos make the work so easy too! Happy great start to the New Decade of growing and publishing to you both. Happy Gardening! -Bob,,,

  7. Hi Kim–I received your book nice job it gave me lots of hope I live in Hayward Ca. you can grow strawberries all year–without a problem

  8. Hi Kim & Jerry
    I have been reading through your book and am enjoying it. Thank you for all your helpful tips and tricks. I planted over 100 strawberry plants last summer and they are all hanging in there. I just finished trimming and and feeding them the other day and have several strawberries growing. Looking forward to a bountiful summer of fresh home grown berries.

  9. Here in Orange County it hasn’t even been cold enough to get the leaves to turn red. Mine are all still green and putting out fresh leaves. I’ve just been foliar spraying with kelp and iron/zinc spray and Epsom salts. Holding off on anything with extra nitrogen until late February.

  10. I think we get that you LOVE using worm castings 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 I can NEVER bring myself to use ANYTHING regarding worms lol. What else do you suggest?

  11. I live in a zone 5 and I actually have strawberries that are rated for my area. They do pretty well as long as I bring the ph down a bit with some Hollytone when fertilizing. But that’s just because I have alkaline soil. Thanks for the video! Looking forward to more!

  12. We have 2 towers in our garden (Maryland 7b) and have them covered with white shade cloth. Do you think I need to also add a blanket over them?

  13. I have never grown strawberries and I love them. Thank you for the inspiration. I am ordering seeds now to start in my greenhouse. Im In Zone 7 Richmond VA. Love your channel. I watch all the time.

  14. Hi CaliKim29 – Thanks for the inspiration. I got my seeds today. Strawberry, blueberries, rasberries, blackberry and apple seeds. Will keep you posted on my progress. Be blessed.

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