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Stem RoomDesign

Hey there, I want to show you real quick
how to design a room using Stem Room Design. We created this tool so that
anyone can spec a room with a fully customized audio solution. Let me show
you how it works. The first thing we’re gonna do is jump on and then click “Get Started” in the top right hand corner. Now that we’re here what we
want to do is recreate the room and looking to outfit. And then we’ll place
product and check to see if the coverage is adequate. The first thing we do is
create the room, you can create a room of any shape and size, the size of my room
is 32 by 22 feet. Now that I have the wall set up, I’m going to add furniture.
You can see I have a lot of flexibility here, my goal is to make it as accurate as
possible to the real deal so that when I place product I know whether or not I
have enough coverage for our meetings. Now I’ll place products in the room. For
this Room Design, I want to have a wall device in the front of the room and two
table devices for additional coverage but I really have the freedom to mix and
match however I want. Notice that since we added multiple devices to this room,
it automatically adds a hub the hub is designed to centralize the communication
of the multiple devices that are in the room directly to your PC that is running
Zoom or maybe a different video conferencing platform. Now that I’ve
placed the devices, we have one last step and that is to check that our design
fully covers the room. Let’s see how I did, I check by clicking the estimated
pick up button in the top left. Nice! Fully covered. Now that I’m done I have
the option to either download my design or go straight to order my room. And
that’s it! In a matter of minutes you can design and spec a room right
here on the Stem Audio website thanks for watching.

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