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SketchUp 2020 Yenilikleri ve Ecosystem

SketchUp from our users in 2019 we spent a lot of time learning what was going to do better. what you need to improve your workflow thanks for helping us discover SketchUp with additional features that come with it takes the game far beyond what you know We will talk about Ecosystem too in the innovations video The favorite hero of modeling is SketchUp keyword to master: Explore Let’s get to know the Outliner With the SketchUp Outliner organizes the model, names the objects, allows you to organize there is a big change in model organization model performance create a layer on top of the layer to increase will not be required. Your model directly you will be able to manage and control it from outliner using the eye symbol, your objects as you want hide and show. New holding points have been added to the bounding boxes Now the objects are holding them from the back when you want to move automatically transparent holding the points behind the object will allow to achieve this You can use the move or rotate tool. If you don’t believe our word to see what’s going on placing objects in hard-to-reach places You can start. A much better control feature on hidden objects When you open the View menu, You will notice that you can hide objects and geometries separately. So how will this change your workflow? let’s say hidden lines on a land you want to check. But trees are like buildings you want to keep other objects hidden. Yes, you can now! After that, groups, components, dynamic components we will be using a single term for it’s objects. Also Layers are now Tag so they will pass as labels Meanwhile, SketchUp no longer brings all the innovations in the new version innovations are also added in intermediate versions for example, in the latest version of 2019 separate units of measure were added for the area and volume This year to SketchUp the most helpful, not so well known hidden hero in the background: LayOut she got his share of innovations this year our aim increasing communication between the two saving you time and energy A free layout tool that works with LayOut SketchUp presentations, scaled output exports you can use features to quickly present your projects More power to adjust model viewports LayOut is now about your SketchUp model and what’s unnecessary much more knowledgeable no longer a style or camera angle without losing your changes accidentally you can safely change directly in LayOut With the perspective you prepared in LayOut, how to understand the difference? When you make changes in LayOut the corresponding panel turns dark gray and tells you that you have changed we have developed the customization features for your drawings now from the same SketchUp model in LayOut he model views you added you can link to new SketchUp models also after that layers directly from LayOut with the new name tags you can show and hide when you want to make changes to the scenes Since we don’t have to open SketchUp again we will save a lot of time Introducing SketchUp Ecosystem With 2020 subscription version much more now SketchUp ecosystem that comes with helpful SketchUp tools with the Usage information and discovery feature rewards which powerful users SketchUp ecosystem is your workflow from start to finish by touching each point you can use until the end Offers solutions and helps you get new jobs When you use these features of SketchUp Let’s see what kind of work flow you will have Style Builder SketchUp’s Style builder makes our models look like sketches thanks to it, you can make the model look like you have drawn it yourself No! as if it was really drawn by your own hands ready template inside how are the lines of certain length and thickness to determine what to express as if the model was drawn by your hand you can make it look Those styles in SketchUp now you know where it comes from Trimble connect This topic is really exciting. Otherwise it is now in SketchUp Are we getting rendering??? With SketchUp Pro subscription Also added to Trimble Connect application for desktop Simplified renderings with Trimble Connect Visualiser You can take So What is Trimble Connect? Actually, we can briefly call it a cloud storage area. Endless number of models storage with Sketchup subscription you can store it in your cloud space For detailed information, of course, we wait on our web page. SketchUp Viewer Your model at the construction site, school, bus, campervan if you want to show them somewhere Use Sketchup Viewer From your phone, tablet, computer, your model whatever is with you After preparing your model and leaving the house open it from your phone and tablet you can make a presentation Remember! student friends you can easily use this application in the juries 3D Warehouse Before 2020. 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse also got its share of innovations 3D Warehouse now with its renewed interface and features wandering in your spare time adding the products of the companies to your favorites you can use later in your projects turnet into like pinterest for example, if you choose your furniture while drawing your model you may be confused, your work may be prolonged instead, the models you like by collecting in your own folder you can place one at a time Extension warehouse all these innovations at the end of our video If you can not get enough make a novelty for yourself Over 1400 extension you can select and download a new extension To learn how to install You can watch our video below in details. Prepare your model with SketchUp turn scenes into presentations Print two-dimensional output with LayOut Show others with the Viewer Share with Trimble Connect Use unique opportunities to better describe your model If you want to devote your energy to design SketchUp is for you SketchUp leaving behind the difficulty of using of other modeling programs And Provides professionalism preferred by big companies Detailed information about SketchUp and Ecosystem in the details below

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