Importance of Natural Resources

Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest (2nd)

Face the natural world of the forest alone Dig yams in the new place Build a shelter and go fishing Hunt insects in the tree holes Entice crabs to go out Make the night lighting items Find stream snails and cook them in the bamboo tube Make torch and hunt in the night Find food on high trees Build a shelter beside the stream Store firewood for the rainy season Dig a well Trap stream fish by poisonous plants Dig a swimming pool Catch and grill palm worms on stones Stream frog and taro Follow the tracks and trap the wild boars Ancient method to preserve meat Make an archery Trap the feral chickens Weave basket and harvest the nuts Build a new safe shelter during rainy season Eat grilled chestnuts and stream snails Make an crossbow Make bamboo rug and store fire wood for the winter Trapping wild boar and the best method to preserve meat Go hunting wild animals and process food Find the best food Design an open bathroom Hunt and grill wild animals Dig holes to trap frog beside the stream Hunt and cook bats in the bamboo tubes Make a pottery kiln Set traps around the shelter The most normal day How to make a squirrel and animals living in the tree trap Make fishing rod for catching stream scrabs Find and catch bats in the bamboo tubes Check traps and make delicious food with banana stem Make a table and wind chime Find and harvest salt from salt plants Make fish trap and cook Catch stem borer and grill them Follow the track of stream turtles Trap birds and take bath by tree bark Make a simple hammock from vines Build a soil house to avoid the cold winter Eat everything possible Make a hammock from forest rattan Treat the flu by medicinal plants Make cakes from palm tree starch Find another materials Lost in forest Collect sap glue from tree bark Trap birds bathing at the stream by tree sap Make snake cage trap and cook in the bamboo tube Leave and return

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