Importance of Natural Resources

SIUE Environmental Sciences: Invaluable Hands-On Learning Experiences

I feel like the hands-on experience that I've gotten it sa we is completely invaluable and I feel like I wouldn't have had that same experience at bigger universities or other programs my name is stephy Matthew I'm a graduate student here in the environmental sciences program at sae i have a focus and environmental toxicology I've really enjoyed a lot of things in the program not only having the opportunity to have lots of one-on-one interactions with professors I've had a ton of hands-on experience here I've had the opportunity to work firsthand with machines that I I know people in the industry haven't even had the opportunity to use the way they scheduled classes here is really awesome for being able to balance my work and my school life a lot of the classes are at night just one time of week which gives you the opportunity to like work all day or steady geld a tour be a stay-at-home parent if that's what you want to do and still be able to get your education

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