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SIMPLE Protective Style For Short 4C Natural Hair Tutorial!

SIMPLE Protective Style For Short 4C Natural Hair Tutorial 4C Natural Hair Tutorial

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  1. Question, do you get any damage from using eco styler gel for your styles? Or, How often do you do these styles and how long do you usually leave them in?

  2. The love I have for u I can't even haddly it dark beauty ur hairwork helped me a lot can't even sit a day wtwt watching ur different brilliant styles gal trust me I will forever be great full… love you all the way from South africa

  3. God bless you I'm gonna order Marley hair sharply u guys are life saving cos staying abroad n braids ee, I ve to pause paying alot for braids n try this, wish I can send u the style i did last wk .

  4. I love your channel and thank you so much for sharing how you can achieve simple and elegant styles with short hair. You have gain a new subscriber. ?

  5. Thank you for the tutorials. I did two already on my lil sister going to a kiddies party and she was the centre of attention.

  6. Man your page gives me life!! I was looking for styles for my curly haired niece back to school styles an I came across your page. My hair is in a fro I dont do anything with it. U have gave me hope. Lol I'm just lazy now I'm motivated. Love it!!

  7. Very nice. I don't wear hair pieces or wigs, but love the fact that you incorporate pieces that are more like your natural hair. Very cute!

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