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Simple Hairstyle On Type 4a/4b Natural Hair

I started with freshly clean and
conditioned hair I used the Aquage deep conditioner this was my third time using
that deep conditioner I used the Jane Carter solutions wrap and roll smooth
styling mousse okay maybe 3 pumps was too many I wanted to use something with a little bit of extra hold so I used the ego style olive oil shea butter
black castor oil and flaxseed gel now this is the gold eco and it is a Max 10
hold but if you’ve seen my previous videos using this gel it always gave me
a soft hold I wanted to have a little bit of hold without any kind of crunch I applied 3 pumps of the wrap and roll styling mousse at first I thought 3
pumps was way too much as I continue to use the mousse I found that the more
mousse the better if I did any less than 3 pumps my hair wouldn’t be as coated in
the mousse it wouldn’t take the form and the shape that I would really wanted it
to take when I was using the perm rods so 3 pumps or more for my density I
would take just a fingertip full of the eco styler gel detangle applied the perm
rod to the end of my hair and I just rolled up I think had I did that
twisting thing that’s kind of popular I probably would have got more flat roots
but I just rolled it normal I didn’t do anything special but next time I think I
might so stay tuned for that this is my first ever perm rod set on my natural hair when I was relaxed and transitioning I used perm rods almost every week I was
obsessed with perm rods and flexi rods but then when I became natural I just
felt like my hair was too dense for the style to work in my hair so I stopped doing it so it’s been about two years since I’ve
did a perm rod set so I’m a little rusty forgive me but I actually think I’m
really gonna start doing more of them because it was easier than I thought
it’d be main thing is to make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled if your
hair is detangle your style it’s gonna come out great regardless of what you do whether it be a braidout twistout flexi rod perm rod make sure your hair
is thoroughly detangled after I finish doing all of my hair I sat under my hood dryer for about three to four hours and then I actually slept with it in my
sleep was very uncomfortable you know I don’t usually lay my edges
no I don’t know should I do it should I do it I don’t know that does not
feel like I’m gonna do it rock it yes yes so now I am going to
just apply some oil to my hands and unroll these perm rods I will separate
and fluff I don’t want to separate and fluff too much I prefer to let my style
sit for a day before I separate and fluff so the majority of my separating
and fluffing and will be tomorrow so yeah that’s pretty much it I hope you like it like I said I’m going to separate and fluff tomorrow I am weird I like to let
my style set for a day or so before I separate in the fluff this is just the
pre style so right now I just look like a big-headed alien or predator I hope
you liked it I hope you learned something new as always please like
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