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Should We Block Out The Sun to Solve Climate Change?

This video is sponsored by Microsoft
Canada, and it’s a collaboration with youtuber Dom Burgess from the channel
Every Think so it’s gonna be a little bit different. Now to a dire warning about
climate change according to a new report experts say we have until 2030 to avoid
catastrophe it also says that if unprecedented changes are not made and
made soon there will be irreversible damage to the planet. Good Morning Global Citizens, Todays the world’s space agencies have come together
for what can only be described as humanity’s last hope for solving climate
change. Last hope? After nearly a decade of design and construction and four
trillion dollars later Project Sunshade is ready to launch at its core the idea
of rockets carrying trillions of small disks will travel into space and deploy them
in orbit around the earth when all disks are deployed they will automatically
arrange themselves into one giant disk or sunbrella almost 100 kilometres in
diameter providing a semi-permanent shaded area over the earth
Sunbrella will reduce the amount of radiation you receive from the Sun by up
to 12% and will in theory stop climate change in its tracks
and now let’s go live to the launch site. are you seeing this? yeah its ridiculous, right? yeah amazing No, not ‘good’ ridiculous, I mean out of all of the ridiculous ideas to solve climate
change this is probably the hardest the most expensive and the most
over-engineered one there is and believe me there are some pretty ridiculous
ideas out there know what like killing all the camels in Australia how many
times guys you can’t solve all your problems by killing all the camels in
Australia seriously it’s a real idea that’s been proposed and there’s
actually some logic to it look early settlers in the 19th century
introduced camels to Australia and now they’re no longer needed and their
population doubles every nine years because they have no natural predators
now considering that along with the fact that each of them emits the equivalent
of one ton of carbon dioxide per year and the fact that there’s over a million
feral camels down under it’s not an insubstantial amount but it is a tiny
fraction of the total 37 billion tons of greenhouse gases that humans emit each
year that’s 37 thousand times more so killing them all won’t really solve that
much Dom? there’s one. Go to hell camel scum! Dom? yeah sorry and I guess there’s a
fairly big ethical cloud hanging over camel genocide exactly Dom and it’s
actually funny that you should mention clouds do you have any books about
volcanoes so what clouds and volcanoes got to do with climate change well in
1991 a volcano erupted in the Philippines and it was the second
largest of the 20th century it’s viewed out about 16 million tons of volcanic
material which spread out into the Earth’s atmosphere producing haze that
blocked out so much sunlight that the average global temperature dropped by
0.6 degrees Celsius Wow Wow indeed Dom and this actually led
some researchers to wonder if we could use this same principle to help with
climate change and that’s how the idea of ‘cloud seeding’ was born okay so to make a cloud you usually need
two things one is water vapor and the other is particles like dust or salt the
vapor sticks to the particles and allows them to grow larger into raindrops when
you get enough of them together you make a cloud. One proposed idea is that we use
fleets of large drones they would go out and disperse huge amounts of particles
into the atmosphere which would hopefully create clouds and those clouds
would reflect sunlight and that would cool the earth I am the ruler of the clouds! Awesome. Yeah kind of… but the particles used
would only add to man-made pollution and even if we could find something neutral
it would still probably have a ton of unforeseen effects on the Earth’s
ecosystems and in the best case scenario it would still take hundreds of years to
work for it to stabilize the Earth’s climate so that’s a shame I love clouds
I guess I’ve just always looked up to them. What about ocean tubes then? What why? Well I thought would be good for demonstration purposes plus you know
want to be clean when the Sun gets blocked out. Okay then, anyway some scientists
have suggested that we look to our oceans for a solution after all they do
soak up about 30% of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere so the idea would be
put giant tubes in the oceans these tubes would encourage the natural
process of upwelling whereby cold nutrient-rich water rises to the surface
of the ocean and stimulates the growth of algae the algae in turn consumes
large amounts of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis lowering atmospheric
levels of the greenhouse gas. Yehaw! Riding the ocean tubes Won’t creating huge amounts of how algae
cause havoc with the ecosystem? Dom, you’re not as stupid as you look
mmm thank you, i think. Oh you’re welcome Dom. So, a huge rise in the oceans
algae population could cause dead spots areas where the bacteria that can eat
the algae they consume all the oxygen meaning that no other marine life can be
supported. Kurtis, is I think you might be the smartest man on the planet well I’m
no hero Dom I’m just doing my bit for old mother earth Dom, are you still there?
Look at this. Well that was fun but now back to
reality. Okay we should not launch a giant Sun umbrella to stop our planet
from heating up but there are some ways that technology can help save the planet
which brings me to the sponsor that made this whole video possible Microsoft
Canada they have a program called AI for Earth a 50 million dollar five-year
commitment that awards grants to accelerate research, innovation, and
solutions to some of the most urgent environmental problems of our time all
in order to build a sustainable future for the planet. Now how are Microsoft AI
for Earth program grantees helping to save the planet? While there are several
examples here’s two. The forests in British Columbia, the province that I
live, in have just experienced the two most devastating wildfire seasons on the
record in the last two years we need to figure out a way to help our forests
regenerate. AI for earth grantees as the mother tree project are collecting
tons of data about forests across British Columbia and they’re using AI to
help make sense of that data in order to understand ways we can successfully
renew our forests another Canadian AI for Earth grantee is WikiNet which is
developing tools to help clean up soil and groundwater that’s been contaminated
with toxic pollutants these researchers are collecting data about the
remediation of 10,000 contaminated sites that’s just too much data for a human to
look through but WikiNet is using AI to train computers with that data so
that it can provide expert recommendations for how to clean up
these huge hazards honestly initiatives like AI for Earth give me real hope for
the future and if you want to check out more of the climate solving projects
that Microsoft Canada is helping make possible I’ll leave a link in the
description. If it wasn’t already clear based on the irregularly high quality of
video content for this channel this was a collaboration with youtuber Dom
Burgess from the channel Every Think. He makes these incredibly cinematic short
films and sneeks in educational content like he did
in this one. The guy is a wizard the helicopter he just made that wormholes
no problem he’ll just make one and before you know it you’re learning about
time travel. I’ll leave links to a couple of his videos in the description and I
really hope you’ll go over there and check it out and subscribe to his
channel it is severely underrated also a huge thanks to Miriam Nielsen for
joining us on this project she runs a channel that is all about
climate change it’s called zentouro and it has taught me a lot about the
environment so if you want to go and learn more about actual solutions to
climate change that doesn’t involve killing all of the camels in Australia
I’ll also leave a link to her channel in the description and I hope you’ll go
over there check it out and subscribe and thanks again to everyone who made
this video possible and thank you for watching

Reader Comments

  1. Ok, so… I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the idea of "helping forests grow faster". The whole point imo is that maybe a good start is to just stop doing damage.

  2. This is I mean Awesome Dom and Kurtis! Go subscriber Dom. He's got just under 30k sub. Go subscribe Kurtis. He's awesome ?

  3. Wow, that video was kinda pointless. AI is the only solution? I have a crazy idea: how to stop the way we manufucture stuff? How we stop capitalism? Because it's the industry that causes this shit.

  4. As a cinema-wide screen user, I appreciate the video, but changing aspect ratio kind of messed up the effect… Great video though. Hopefully we can agree to do something before we reach the solutions shown.

  5. This is a commercial under the guise of a climate change production for five year olds. It goes to show we are going right over the edge without ever even taking Climate Change seriously. This species doesn't deserve to inhabit the planet any longer.

  6. Honestly the cloud thing is best option there is. It would not take hundreds of years, because the vulcano didn't take hundreds of years either.

  7. There were vineyards in the north of England in the middle ages because the earth was warmer then and no combustion engines either

  8. Getting rid of the camels would probably also help regrow Australia and help fight desertification. It's not the first time Australia has declared war on an invasive species.

  9. It strikes me there are two ‘ends’ to combating climate change. The most ‘sensible’ end and what generally gets pushed by environmental group is ‘stop polluting’. Unfortunately we are heavily invested infrastructure and technology wise in a fossil fuel based economy. You might be able to lower your personal footprint down to 0 or at least sustainable levels, but unless the 7,000,000,000 other people on this planet do the same, all you’re really doing is feeling smug about yourself. I’m saying this not to be an ass, but rather to be realistic. So whats a real solution? One that might make a sizable impact? I’d say we have to invest in and develop new technologies to make it first and foremost to people’s immediate benefit to be environmentally conscious. What might this look like – (1) garbage sorting bot — lets automatically sort all waste, particularly to pull out ‘high value’ recyclables, so its financially beneficial. (2) what about some kind of air—> fuel generator. Video mentions plans for algae to suck in co2. Why not a system to use sunlight to capture CO2 in the form of algae, and then cycle it around and burn it to produce energy (system would be entirely carbon neutral). (3) lets send people to Mars. Why? What better way to develop recycling technologies than to send some very smart people in to an environment where survival depends on their ability to recycle.

  10. I think the hope with geoengineering isn't that it will solve climate change but will give us more time to stop it and reverse it in a permanent manner, mainly upgrading the energy production and distribution system. given that we have 10 years, all cards should be on the table.

  11. Make the switch from fossil fuels to renewables + nuclear energy and climate change becomes a thing of the past.

    Support a carbon tax and subsidies for nuclear power instead of fossil fuels

  12. How much fuel would we need to burn to put an orbiting sunshade in place, and even if we could do it, how could we keep it from shifting and blacking out the whole planet? And why would cutting back on fossil fuel use and overpopulation be so impossible? Well, besides no nation on earth wanting to cut back in this way, lest the other nations get ahead of it –

  13. they've been sun dimming for years ,the planes spraying all kinds of nasties,what gates is proposing is depopulation ,why else would you deny ppl the right to vitamin d and to grow food ,stupid question really studied this for years and the scientists are not on the same page as this msm bull

  14. CO2 makes up 0.04 percent of our atmosphere. Out of that 0.04% carbon dioxide, more than 95% is due to dear old mother nature, leaving very little wiggle room for humanity to make much difference… and humans are, after all is said and done, quite a natural product of nature, i.e. A.I. is quite natural too and probably the most hazardous human endeavour to date. Read all about it, humanity enslaved itself. Meanwhile some bacteria rules the earth for longer than the dinosaurs because it has adapted to conditions and, tah-dah, plastic is the new free lunch. Eventually the entire series of parallel simulation universes collapse because the plastic develops a taste for gold etched silicon or whatever. Good luck everyone!

  15. A story: I went fishing on Oxnard quay in California in 1985 … the year I mov'd there. I remember clearly that, as a good fisher of fishes that I lower'd my line to the depth of the water's surface, and then released the catch on my reel, and count'd the number of seconds it took to reach the bottom (I glean'd that from the "Compleat Angler"). It took exactly two seconds before my line went slack, which means that I'd hit rock bottom. I then carefully crank'd my reel exactly twice to bring the bait just off of the bottom. It hadn't been very long at all when I had a hit. I then reel'd in my catch. Quelle Surprise! Having been born and raised in Niagara Falls, I was amaz'd that I had brought up a ray. We don't have anything stranger in the Great Lakes than the sturgeon, and that's an odd-looking serpent for those who've had the chance to eye one. I was then approach'd by a man who it turns out was homeless. He told me that the best fishing was when the tide was out. I remember this entire story because then the man ask'd me for the catch because he would make good use of the flesh for his rare but eccentric tastes that evening during his supper. Of course I agreed. I went home that day and look'd up the tidal information in the paper because I would return again one day to hopefully catch another. Twenty years had passed. I had been married to a remarkable woman from Mexico whom I want'd to impress by sharing with her the exhilaration that one experiences when one fishes, assuming he is a good fisher of fishes, of course. I had check'd the time of lowest tide, and we made our way to the beach, to the quay at Oxnard, California. I told her of the day I had giv'n a homeless man my only catch. What was I to do with a ray? I shew'd her how I brought my bait to the surface of the water, and I had let two seconds pass, and sure enough, my line went slack just as it had back in 1985. I hadn't caught anything that day, but my wife was tickl'd pink that I was able to share with her a visit of a time in my youth. I will miss those days at Oxnard quay, California; however, it did teach me a very valuable lesson: The ocean had neither sunk nor ris'n a Rhenish inch over that twenty years, and I fancy that one day upon returning to the quay in California, Oxnard, now another 15 years hence that it should be exactly as I left it in 1985 and in 2005: Two seconds till my line might go slack … The End.

  16. The evidence, i believe, has been known for some time.
    About 25-30 years ago i was reading articles released by NASA revealing several other planets in our Solar System were also undergoing Global Climate change.
    The reason they said was increasing Cosmic radiation from space.
    They knew.
    How does this tie in with todays understanding?
    Valentina Zharkova, a mathematician and astrophysicist has been 97% accurate over the last decade in predicting the suns state.
    Zharkova, using NASA data has created algorithms which show the suns four magnetic fields are quickly going into low output as demonstrated by the complete absence of sunspots.
    The magnetosphere is an envelope of natural protection, for our entire Solar System, generated by the suns magnetics that protect us from Cosmic radiation.
    It has been scientifically documented that radiation entering our atmosphere has increased by 35-40% since 2014.
    Radiation is heating our land, sea and air.
    As the oceans warm, including increased vulcanism CO2 is released, as a symptom of warming.
    Glacial ice samples taken reveal climate has been cyclical and that when surface temperatures increase, CO2 increase follows.
    CO2 is not the driver.
    NASA knew 30 years ago until it became political.
    Why the flooding?
    Henrik Svensmark has studied the relationship of radiation and cloud formation for over 30 years.
    Once radiation enters our atmosphere it ionizes particles in the air.
    We have all seen how dusty a computer can be when opened.
    The ionization causes particles to attract, grow in size, form water droplets then clouds.
    This superseeding is the reason we experience random flooding around the globe.
    Our magnetics, volcanic and earthquake activity are heightened.
    This is a cycle that occured during the dark ages…
    CO2 has become a political tool towards huge dollars and governmental control around the world, if and when adopted.
    Unlike so many, Trumps people actually read what the Paris accord said and demanded.
    A handshake agreement with little comittment, that would allow china and india to meet any meaningful targets for 13 years, because they are developing nations.
    China, a developing nation?
    Meanwhile the US would pay these countries a billion per year each.
    A family of four would have paid over 20,000/yr
    How many read agreements before signing them.
    5 trillion dollars held and directed by who?
    They knew many years ago.

  17. Maybe somebody can point me to the book/ study where I can find out how we established how old the universe is …My goal is to understand what is involved in estimating the age of the universe and how we did it. Thank You and regards.

  18. here's some simple math for you cartoon characters out there. carbon dioxide is pumped into greenhouses she promotes plant life and it's a good thing overall.

  19. PRODUCTION QUALITY ON POINT! better than most youtubers with a hundred times more subscribers ?

    If there's one thing I've learnt on YouTube, it's don't stop creating 🙂

  20. Really sad to see that a channel that used to focus on science is now indulging a conspiracy theory. I'm a big fan of the channel, but honestly I'm disappointed hat you're now focusing on something that isn't backed with science.

  21. Blocking out the Sun to solve climate change it's like wearing diapers just so you can keep shitting in your pants

  22. Humanity now doesn't need a hero, it needs a villan who develops a virus that wipe out a large percentage of our population, if we have to survive the future as a species.

  23. we should also block the sun after skynet or sentinals attack us. if we block the sun now, we wont have a trump card.

  24. You can't damage the planet and it ain't going anywhere. It's just gonna be inhospitable to humans. We're not hurting the earth, we're hurting ourselves.

  25. Why doesn't anyone address the real problem with climate change,the world can't sustain the 8 billion people on it with no vision off restrictions the whole world is eventually doomed.

  26. 2030? They’ve been saying that for years now. I remember when he said if we don’t make changes by 1995 there will be disaster. We still have the same amount of oxygen the same amount of nitrogen and we’ve only been recording the weather for under 150 years. Carbon in the air doesn’t prove anything.

  27. 2030? They’ve been saying that for years now. I remember when he said if we don’t make changes by 1995 there will be disaster.

  28. Haven't see the entire video yet and hasn'r think at full with the idea that pop into my head but what about dedicate an entire forestal area to reproduce cianobacteria (sorry for my english)

  29. I'm not a fan of this content. I like your message
    but these effects are making me forget what your saying

  30. Mankind has been like a flesh eating virus on the face of this planet. I'm surprised that our creator did not give up on us long ago and started from square one with another species. lol! That said, it is God after all. Infinite level of patience/love. But I feel that even the all powerful creator may have a breaking point. It just may tale a lot longer for him to get there than with your run of the mill human. Will it happen within our lufe time. ? Only time will tell. On that happy note, sleep well my fellow humans and please dont take your life/family for granted. Tomorrow may be our last. day on earth as a species.

  31. Lovely video but so disappointed that you didn’t place the partial sun shade at the Lagrange point between earth and the Sun. keep it out of the way of local traffic… and a few adjustable sections to deal with solar variability might be sensible.

  32. SRM .. SAI … is done now , no sun this summer , cool temps , the top of the world we see a 10% blue sky at best , no sun , no heat , a very nice cool summer here in alberta canada .. 2019

  33. How about using thorium instead of all this nonsense? Its really not hard to stop emitting CO2. The tech for thorium reactors has been around since the 1960s. Why cant people actually talk about real solutions?

  34. The big corps are manipulating the public into fearing fear climate change. It has been proven TPTB have messed with the data. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and not man-made. Do not believe the corps who say otherwise. What they now want is to block the sun and fill the sky with chemicals – which they've secretly been doing for years already. The scientists are in love with science and do not see the bigger picture. They're playing God. And who is funding all this? Diabolical criminals like Bill Gates, George Soros and Elon Musk! Wake up people!

  35. I think "they" already are trying that (chemtrails phenomenon seems to be about that). Of course that's not a solution…

  36. You never explained why a giant sun shade is a bad idea to solve global warming. you just claimed that it would be the hardest and most expensive and over engineered solution. Im not sure how its any of those things. I would like to hear your solution that is 1. easier 2. less expensive and 3 not over engineered.
    o look a video by reall engineering. "Can We Clock Out the Sun to Stop Climate Change" click.

  37. Tampering with highly complex systems could have far reaching and unexpected ramifications. Besides, the solar alignments, distances, activity levels will result in freezing cold eventually again on their own.

  38. If I were to travel from Canada to Australia and back, how many camels would I have to kill to make my trip a carbon-neautral one?

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