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‘She’s happy’: Greta Thunberg’s father says climate activism helped her beat depression

When she decided to do this, we said,
you know, quite clearly that we would not support it. Why did you say that? Obviously, we thought it was a bad idea. Putting yourself out there with all the
hate on social media. Three or four years before she went
on the school strikes, she fell ill and she stopped talking, she stopped eating
and all these things. She stopped going to school.
She was basically home for a year. Now she’s just like any other … You think she’s not ordinary now
because she’s special and she’s very famous and all these things. But to me, she’s now an ordinary child. She can do all the things like
other people can. And she’s happy.

Reader Comments

  1. Why she didn,t say : " Iam glad to be Home soon to see my Mother, my Sister and my dogs ?"
    It is up to you to say :"stop it now "and show her the bright side of the life

  2. He is now in the media because he knows what we all know he has used a vunerable child as his mouthpiece to push his sick nasty agenda on hard working people.
    Apologys too late.

  3. I read the abusive and ignorant comments for a laugh. Everything helps her, even all the hate. It's astonishing how these people jump on her every chance they get.

  4. Maybe he should act like a responsible father. Put his child back in school, get her medical help, and make sure the crazy made up nonsense the globalist have her spouting around the world is countered by actual science.

  5. The looser, who no one would listen, is using her to fulfill his ambitions. Failing neoliberal ideology is already is using children to promote itself , that’s the behind of attention and prize she gets for her creepy performances. World gone mad.

  6. Boyan Slat was a 16 y old boy who tried to change the world by doing a project with their classmates to help clean up the sea, he never stopped going to school, he never organized a strike, others followed him, just because of the same cause he was a part of, learn that Greta, you are nothing for us, if you are trying to get political favor or benefits for being a woman, you ain't getting that from us, the state might give you that power, but the power relies on us, the state is a lie, we let then steal us because we don't understand that a state is just an idea and entity…..

  7. Her father is so happy for his daughter, we all know that Greta has done something that no other child has been able to or will be able to achieve. However, we all love her and are grateful for her having the guts, determination, moxey, hutspah and just conviction to not only do what's right but for the most part doing it very respectfully and she been very aware of staying on the subject. Happy New Year to Greta her family and happy 17th birthday. We hope you live forever!

  8. Well her father certainly was right about hate on social media, you m*ther f*ckers! Go hate each other but not somebody who wants what's best for us all. Sh*t for brains!

  9. How she gonna get a man when every fker just pictures her mental little scrunched up face and the words. HOW DARE YOU……

  10. Wonderful! Now that she's made the young people worldwide crazy, divided the generations and helped put "higher taxes" on every government's agenda, she's HAPPY.
    She's famous and rich now. Maybe that's all she needed to cure her personality disorder. She seems to be a lot more shallow than she tries to portray herself as.

  11. Her moms PR guy runs a digital ad company….🤔 oh and her mom published a climate book 🤔 she is deprived but her family is LOAD€D and she got a Tesla at 16 🤔

  12. shame on you for allowing her to be put in this position, she is not actually doing ANYTHING for the planet but shouting at old men. Boyan Slat should have been awarded Person of the Year, not a child who does nothing practical or helpful for anyone… exploitation for fame and attention.

  13. Funny how there's international attention on the little Rat but not on the countless Sexual Crimes happening in Swedenstan… Shock Horror

  14. I can just imagine Greta first morning of her marriage, saying to her husband ,
    You’ve destroyed my toast
    You’ve destroyed my coffee
    You’ve stolen my milkshake
    The climate in this house is due for a climate change 😂🤣

  15. He says she stopped eating for a year and that's every parent's worst nightmare. Tell that to some African mum desperately trying to find any scrap of food for her kids. Seriously how can anyone pay attention to this family?

  16. There will be an assassination attempt on her which will cause Daniel Radcliffe to get aids. England to get into world cup final and lose on pens

  17. NO such thing as Climate Catastrophe.

    Don't believe me? Look up and see ALL the same alarming rhetoric from the 90's that I 100% fell for. "Fool me one. Shame on you. Fool me twice…shame on me."

  18. She is a breath of fresh air but please let's not kid ourselves that one person ever changes the world. The media turn up and put her on a pedestal and it goes from there. I relate to her immensely but tire of the "hero" narrative which the media seems to love.

  19. Mister surströmming has had a problem with his undefined slightly underdeveloped daughter
    preparing her vegan Tampon out of salad leaves.
    This is not a horror movie, this is reality

  20. Greta hypocrite trek through the ocean
    So how much jet fuel did you
    Waist ? to get your feeble LIES across the Ocean huh?????

    Rest assured the world is watching you Greta!

  21. Her mom simulates sex acts in a show she was in (actor) look it up. really! She carries around a water bottle with a plastic lid and her tesla is full of plastic! How dare she! See rebel news article. @

  22. She can't graduate from school
    She cannot pursue higher education
    She will not train for skilled work
    She is destined to be homeless person digging through dumpsters in Malmo

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