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Seoul hopes to have DMZ as ecological peace zone on Korean Peninsula

The South Korean government announced plans
today to spend almost 12 billion dollars to develop the demilitarized zone. There will be programs to allow visitors to
experience the two Koreas’ cultures, untouched nature and military life. Oh Jung-hee has more on the transformation
to come at the border area. With the goal of having the inter-Korean demilitarized
zone as an ecological “peace zone,” Seoul plans to create several tourists spots along
the inter-Korean border. South Korea’s Ministry of the Interior and
Safety announced Thursday that it’s investing 13-point-2 trillion won or roughly 11-point-7
billion U.S. dollars… to run a total of 225 projects until 2030. These projects are mainly to foster the development
of the border areas which had been hindered until now by regulations. But the purpose is also to lay a foundation
for future interactions and exchanges between South and North Korea… and to boost tourism. To introduce a few:
A 456-kilometer-long walking trail will be created to connect ten cities between Ganghwa
district and Goseong County in Gangwon-do Province. The tourists will be able to experience each
region’s unique culture and history and witness the reality of the two Koreas’ division and
the current peace momentum, while taking a peek at untouched nature. A center for experiencing the two Koreas’
cultures will be established in Cheorwon county. In addition to these, since the two Koreas
are lowering military tensions and removing guard posts at the DMZ,… the government
says it will also set up spots for visitors to experience what it’s like to be in the
military. The government expects these and other programs
to contribute to improving inter-Korean ties, boost economic growth in the regions and create
jobs. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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