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Sensory Santa Holiday Event at Core Health Chiropractic

Really I think the most powerful
experience Sensory Santa brought to us last year and why we have it marked on
our calendar indefinitely is just the sparkle in these kids eyes when they get
to experience this magic the magic of Santa and the season for themselves on
their own terms some things that I hear from our patients on especially families
with special needs whether it be a cognitive physical or emotional need
that their child has is that they feel comfortable bringing their kid here or
their family here and they wish that they could do it somewhere else or that
they might miss out on another aspect of a family fun event because of the needs
of their child or their families that might be where a child might be very
sensitive to light or sound touches smells maybe the lights the big flashing
lights crowds you know a lot of people experience anxiety and being in a crowd
and then having to perform like that seeing a Santa or a figure to take a
picture can be very stressful for a child and I just thought what could we
do so that our families could get that experience of meeting this magical
person in this really magical time in the year in their lives without the
stress and the commotion of what kind of maybe like a mall type experience would
be and I thought who else should do it but us I think Sensory Santa came from
kind of a culmination of our mission our values and the culture of our office to
be a family-friendly office if that child is not ready to meet Santa when
they first walk in we have other rooms where they can go maybe do a craft eat a
snack whether it’s not so stimulation and then
they can come back on their own time and come meet Santa and meeting Santa for
kids with special needs can be different maybe they’re just feeling his beard
maybe they’re looking at his coat and feeling it seeing the colors I’m looking
at the room they may never sit with Santa but just to be in the experience
without the pressure of that two-second timeframe it’s really magical just to
see Santa interacting with the kids was just so awesome it was such
a great experience so overall it’s just really like the combination of these
kids getting to experience something awesome in their own time and in their
own way

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