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Seaver Stories | The Rainforest Bonus Footage – The Eyelash Viper

(raining) – Step back. Move back, move back. – We just saw a yellow Eyelash
Viper which is really cool. This is one of the at least
seven species of venomous snakes that are living here in the Silva, so this is a really cool find after we saw the fer-de-lance
the other two nights. – This room when we were walking around and I was in the jungle, all I could think about was, “Okay, every time I turn my head, there’s going to be a snake there.” And it didn’t happen. I was like, “Okay,
maybe I’m in the clear.” And today that’s exactly what happened. We were walking along the trail studying dart frogs and then one of the snakes that
you’re always mindful of in the rainforest is the Eyelash Viper. It often is shoulder-high or above. Often rests on palm fronts and other types of vegetation. Some are green and match
the leaves almost perfectly and some are yellow. You might think yellow would not be an obvious camouflage color, but there’s a lot of yellow fruit, a lot of yellow flowers in the rainforest. And so yellow is a great
color to be as well. It’s hunting. It’s waiting for a
small bird or small frog to come nearby. But it’s a little dangerous because it’s absolutely
at head-level, neck-level. Just half a meter from the trail or so.

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