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SCANDAL: Climate Scientist QUITS USDA, Says Trump BURYING Research

You probably are not going to be shocked by
what I, uh, I’m going to tell you today, or at least not surprised, but this is a major,
major scandal and it is not getting the attention that it deserves. A top climate scientist has quit the USDA
and claims that the Trump administration is burying climate research data. Again, not
surprising, but a major scandal which may not even rank given everything that’s going
on right now. His name is Lewis Ziska. He’s a leading climate change scientists. He has
a study published in science advances. It’s a journal which says that more carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere causes rice to lose nutrients. Okay. Understand the implications. Climate
change literally makes food less nutritious. You would think that the u s d a being agriculture
would immediately be activating around this because 600 million people on the planet depend
on rice to get enough calories. Ziska has now gone public that the Trump administration
questioned his findings and tried to minimize that media coverage of this study. This is
not a unique claim from Ziska. Politico did an investigation and they found that a whole
bunch of government employees have actually lost their jobs over climate change, disagreements
with the Trump administration and that the USDA is regularly doing this. They’re regularly burying research that is
not favorable to Donald Trump’s view of climate change, which by the way, as a topic Trump
knows nothing about but has no shortage of opinions on the right loves to talk about
who isn’t getting to be heard. They talk about the suppression of speech. They blame us on
the left for limiting speech and suppressing speech. They totally misunderstand what the
first amendment is and what free speech and censorship even mean. And here we have scientists
doing science being silenced for political reasons. Even the Trump administration, uh,
is in a position here where they are not just suppressing speech, they’re doing even more
to hurt climate research. 550 federal workers at the USDA were told, hey, you know what?
We’re going to move the office from Washington d C to Kansas City, a place that a lot of
people who live in Washington DC don’t want to go with peace and love and all due respect
to Kansas City, uprooting countless families. And of course a lot of the people who have
worked for the USDA for a long time are quitting. And who do you think they’re going to be replaced
by? People that the new USTA under Trump wants to hire. There’ve been lots of horrible things
happening long before Trump obviously, but we’re now seeing this sort of sinister amalgamation
of the worst instincts combined with the worst people combined with the worst ideas combined
with a complete lack of morality and extreme greed. And this is where they’re going with
it. They aren’t just trying to suppress science and real research on the climate. They are
doing it, they are succeeding at doing it. And it’s not as salacious or headline grabbing
as a lot of the other stuff that too many people uh, are, are spending their time on.
So a lot of people don’t even realize that this is happening and the effect is um, uh,
irreversible in many ways and sickening. And so I’m doing my part to try to let you
know that this is going on. I understand that the more salacious headlines will continue
to get more attention. Corporate media is unlikely to talk about this, but for the side
that claims they are the victims of the suppression of speech and facts, they are doing a hell
of a lot of that suppression themselves. Make sure that you are following the David Pakman
show on twitch at Pacman. I hope you’ll join me Wednesday evening at
6:30 PM eastern for a live twitch stream. And if you have an Amazon prime subscription,
you can subscribe to twitch prime for free. It costs you nothing but it counts as a paid subscription for us.
All of that at with pacman. I hope you’ll check it out.

Reader Comments

  1. You can literally judge how big a scandal is in this country by how little coverage it gets. No wonder half the country are ignorant, blithering idiots.

  2. David, making rice less nutritious is not making all food less nutritious. Plants thrive on carbon dioxide. We increase crop yields tremendously by pumping Co2 into greenhouses. What do you think Jungles thrive ob?I don't agree with Trump going after Scientists and science, but please tell the story accurately. FYI, rice already has little nutritional value to start with. Climate change is a threat to human life, and the human way of life in many ways. Making food less nutritious isn't one of them.

  3. It's amazing what a huge polluter Trump is. The last thing the scientist should have done is quit !. Exactly what the polluters wanted him to do.

  4. What do you think of my prediction. Climate change as we have seen, causes significant rise in temperature and lack of rainfall particularly in central regions of the large continents. Let's say this occurs in the wheat growing states of America. The crops fail and demand for wheat cannot be met. All of a sudden there is a shortage of bread, combined with less on supermarket shelves of other foods also. Americans carry arms generally speaking, so who is it that will claim that last loaf of bread, that last bagel, that last box of breakfast cereal? God forbid, the one with the semi-automatic rifle.
    When a human is fighting for food to feed its children there are no rules.
    I hope I am wrong!

  5. It’s called Projecting: accusing the “other” of doing what you have done/are doing.
    2020 can’t come fast enough #feeltheBern2020

  6. Am I surprised? No! Does anyone expect trump to do anything differently? No! Are they destroying our climate,our environment,our,democracy,our,world standing ,our American values,our society? Yes they are!

  7. Back when Obama was in office and climate change got brought up, my ex’s family would say it was a load of bullshit, yeah the climate is changing it’s called seasons. Needless to say they voted for Trump.

  8. How much is enough? Overthrow this pos 45 and rewrite the damn constitution because obviously it doesn't work

  9. Republicans don't care about 1st amendment regarding free speech but defend 2nd one that allows to bear fire arms.

  10. Thanks, David, for letting us know about the suppression of Real Climate Science. And about the Rice, too.
    You are one of my daily, regular people I Always go to for Truth. Thanx, again…!

  11. that ice age is coming for all you, and you aint gonna be able to hide in the south. you done pissed all them off with your 'they are all racist talk'….

  12. Literally the same STORY 15 years ago….."NOAA scientist quits, President Bush hiding evidence of global warming" You people are STUPID

  13. It's just the standard issue conservative playbook. Previous Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, did the exact same thing. He was beholden to big oil too. He simply had a better ability to lie and hide his true agenda. Ttump can't lie well enough to be credible to anyone with an IQ over 80. I guess that means he might believe his own BS though.

  14. Take a bow trump supporters. Not only have you elected the dumbest b******'s in recorded history, but you also may potentially doom your grand kids. But you got your tax cuts and you keep the brown people in their countrues.

  15. I hope our kids(including Trump Jr’s own) hold Nuremberg trials equivalent for climate change, knowingly killing tens t hundreds of millions and possibly more for their own greed. Honestly, there should be accountability when the bill to humanity for these crimes comes home. I am for non-violence, but when science says hundreds of millions are going to die, on the conservative side, if nothing is done about climate change, and you lie and force the most offending nation on earth to do nothing, ensuring hundreds of millions will die from the collapse of ecosystems, and frankly putting the entire planets animal population at risk of extinction, then you should be treated as worse then the Nazi’s because the effect of your crime is worse than nazi’s because it could bloody well end human life on this planet. The collapse of plankton in the oceans alone would cause all the worlds ecosystems to collapse, and we have already seen it fall by 35% in the last 50 years. I have no words for how stupid humans who risk all humanity for their own greed and ignorance are…

  16. Repuglycons:
    "We need to know more before we can take action" – cuts science and makes it difficult for researchers to do their job.

  17. "That's just Trump being Trump" is the Gawd Damn Dumbest Excuse of All Time..! Yet the GOP says THAT all the time..! VOTE BLUE..! Straight Up..!

  18. Guess Trump and the people willing to go along with the damage he does don't care about their future generations to come. They probably don't have madre, children or grandchildren. RIGHT?

  19. Used to be at one point that the public service was there to give unbiased information and advice to the people and the elected officials. But of course now days you either shut up and put up, or just present information that agrees with the elected officials point of view, otherwise you are forced to leave or are fired.

  20. Again and again and again… Too many times… Americans let TRUMP cheat, lie, hate… And destroy the environment of the planet ??? SAD

  21. These are crimes against Humanity and should be treated as such. Maybe ten's of millions of people could be affected by this study and die. This isn't just Trump's doing but all his minions helping his agenda for profit of the companies they worked for and will after they leave Government..

  22. Join Extinction Rebellion and give voice to the people. Trump, the GOP and the democrats do nothing. Only the people can make the change.

  23. "If there is no problem, there's no need to take action. This can wait until the next guy takes over, I'm busy building a wall."

  24. All the world leaders get together to discuss what action needs to be taken and how to do it – and Trump walks out claiming it's a hoax. I hope all his golf courses either drown or burn.

  25. For some time now, we have known that rising temperatures make the Stomata of plants to contract. The Stomata is where the plant absorbs CO2 to produce Photosynthesis. So there would be MORE CO2 in the air, but the plant would have LESS ability to absorb it.

    I am not a Biologist, but even I know that, since Trump has not buried ALL the Data!
    Ziska states that the Trump administration is hiding Data to show that, at higher CO2 levels, RICE loses nutritional value. Considering the effect that higher Temps have on the Somata, that is not surprising. The rise in CO2 > leads to higher Temps > and leads to smaller Stomata and thus, less Photosynthesis and LESS nutritional value.

    Millions of people depend on Rice. This is analogous to the Tobacco Companies hiding data in the 1950s and 60s on the dangers of Tobacco on our lungs. Of course, the Deniers think if you cover something up, it will go away.
    Bit WHY is Trump doing this?
    Do Trump and other Deniers have another ExoPlanet we can go to when the Earth is UNFIT for humans???

    One day, we will have to stop adding eight and nine and pretending that the answer is five.

  26. People that quit important jobs because they don't agree with Trumpty Dumpty should stop. Stay there, get under his skin.

  27. They can bury all the research they want. It’s already out here and now that you are firing scientists and researchers and regulators of food and water safety we will hold you accountable for the last research that was published in any and every science. Jesus Joseph and Mary. We are going to have to stop this rapid spread of fascism in this government soon. I have a German girlfriend who grew up under Hitlers regime. She says it happened just like this and just as fast as this. Things happened so fast that they never had a chance to resist or respond. It is happening now here.
    We will have to respond soon and en mass. Decentralize and keep your fingers on the pulse of your community and state. Prepare for food shortages and water shortages just to be safe. Organize a distribution network within your state for goods and services. Each state may have to defend itself if and when we start separating from the union. Not here. Never again

  28. I saw a video on YouTube 2 weeks ago, about nature and changes occuring, and it EDITED OUT THE WORDS CLIMATE CHANGE. That was terrifying in my opinion.

  29. That’s obvious. Look at all the environmental regulations he’s rolling back. I’m glad I don’t have kids because that’s going to really suck with no clean food,water, or air.

  30. what really pisses me off is, seeing this they will say its all a hoax by the left. but believe that the Clintons run a child sex ring out of a pizzeria basement that doesn't exist. everything bad said against their party is a lie and a hoax, but EVERYTHING bad said about dems is true? how effin dumb do you look? YOU PEOPLE ARE THE DUMBEST OF THE DUMB. I LIVE IN A RED STATE AND HATE DEALING WITH YOU IDIOTS ON A DAILY BASIS.I CAN'T BELEIVE HOW STUPID YOU ARE.

  31. Never understood why reps insist climate change isn't real. Earth quakes, floods, and tornadoes aren't fake. Air and water pollution caused by corporations isn't fake. What's the point denying it.

  32. More evangelising by The Cult of Climatology. He probably left because he was offered more money by the cult.

    “IN Searching For A New Enemy To Unite Us, We Came Up With The Threat Of Global Warming”

    “The common enemy of humanity is man.
    In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
    with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
    water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
    dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
    changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.
    The real enemy then, is humanity itself.“
    – Club of Rome,
    premier environmental think-tank,
    consultants to the United Nations

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the
    industrialized civilizations collapse?
    Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about?”
    – Maurice Strong,
    founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

    Which part of:

    "We Came Up With The Threat Of Global Warming” do you refuse to accept?!

    "Came Up With"….they CAME UP with the scam.

    I cannot believe that most of the world was stupid enough
    to fall for this SCAM!! 

    Your carbon footprints are miniscule and are no cause
    for alarm. 
    (1) Amount of CO2 in the atmosphere = 0.04% which = 0.0004 of the
    (2) Man-made CO2 is 3% of that which = 0.0004×0.03 = 0.0012% or
    (3) Burning fossil fuels is about 50% of that. Therefore: The amount
    of man-made CO2 from burning fossil fuels is about 0.000006 (0.0006%) of the
    If you are telling me that this miniscule amount of CO2 can cause
    ice ages and catastrophic global warming then you are either pushing the
    Alarmist’s political agenda and/or you are intellectually dishonest.

    decades of false climate predictions and completely inaccurate climate models…


  33. The right wings wants to shut down all government groups that say climate change is real and is a threat and turn over all the things they do to corporate run profit motivated groups.

  34. The right in Canada muzzled scientists a few years ago and basically outlawed them from speaking as well as the media was prevented from gaining access to anything but what they wanted them to. The conservatives here are so authoritarian but they claim the left is authoritarian… It's crazy to me that they poll so high.

    Our current neo-liberal government isn't great but it's leaps and bounds better than the previous conservatives. We need an alternative to these two parties but they both poll twice as high as the next leading party. Our country has been fooled into an us vs them mentality and it's sickening. We need a Bernie Sanders here.

  35. This has been done for years in science. But people still think they are getting all the facts. It's all money driven. You can buy whatever facts you want and you can pay someone to prove you right.

  36. And the population will do nothing, as per usual. We're just gonna take it and take it and take it cause so many people have been duped into believing that we can vote away this problem, that reform is possible and all we need to do is get the right savior in office and we'll be fine. The state has been entirely captured by capital, if voting radically changed anything they wouldn't allow it and no savior is coming. We're just fucked cause the majority is willing to let it happen.

    If you aren't, get involved and get active. Spead the word, participate in actions and do whatever you can to try and avoid the end of organized life on this planet. We don't have the luxury of time on this one.

  37. A whole lot of people quit not just him and not just climate scientists. How much food poisoning is there already? It's about to get much more unsafe. Really beware.

  38. The move of US government agencies to the hinterlands is THE BIGGEST STORY right NOW… Thank you, David.
    This will take decades to unravel, IF we can ever get these criminals out of OUR government.
    This is Grover Norquist's WET DREAM.

    WHEN are we going to do what the citizens of Hong Kong & Moscow are found TODAY?

  39. I'm really not understanding why corporate media won't report on stuff like this, especially left-backed news channels!

  40. we brown people plant the food, we tend to the food..we harvest the food……… but we're not killing the american people as some would suggest!!!!!!

  41. Trump and the republican party are causing so much damage to our Democracy, society and environment that's it's going to take decades to recover! But, this is what republicans do, they take us backwards! They're not interested on making America better, they want to destroy it! Republicans are practicing a scorched earth policy! If "White" people can't rule the US then they rather see it crash and burn!

  42. Is the Trump administration, specifically the Donald, guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, or a malignant combination of all 3?

  43. Look into the Lucifer project, these people despise all of us. They want suffering it feeds them. We are dealing with demons literally.

  44. This is one of the problems with old people in positions of power, someone in their twenties wouldn't that easily bury research like that, bc they'd still have to live on this planet for some time, all those 60+ yo politicians don't care because they know they won't be around much longer. Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders being notable exceptions of course.

  45. I am going to take a positive mindset and think that those 44 people who put a thumbs down are doing so because they are not happy with the truthful factual information and not because they are trumpsters?

  46. The Trump Administration is burying Data? Say it ain't so…….what do you expect from a Criminal in our White House. Trump is dumb as a bag of wet hair. Don't believe me look at his school grades, oh he refuses to release any. This is yet another good reason to vote numb nutzzzout in 2020!!!!! Make sure your still registered when election times come up. Republicans will try and purge your votes!!!!

  47. Americans would very quickly start believing in climate change if air conditioners stopped working… we have insulated ourselves from the environment.

  48. For the love of all things holy Yahoo how many times to I have to click at the 5 second mark when that fat hippie with the blond hair and stupid beard tells me to buy his sunglasses? Yes, I get it to watch on youtube I have to wait 5 seconds and sometimes 15 seconds to watch said vid. But, again for all things fair atleast let me when the ad is an insult to all things human and just in the grand universe let us click something that implies "I wish this effer would go to hell though I don't have a just cause just  a pure hate for him from being forced to see him in a bs commercial for worst than bs product over and over again. Oh, and while at it to save all of the world from any future damage "fix"/neuter all relatives five generations forward and backwards and left and right to ensure no one ever has to see such and obvious conman again.:

  49. I am a 'conservative', however we can not deny what we are seeing with our own eyes. The collapse of insect populations globally can be recognized by anyone that actually takes the time to notice. Where are all the bug splats on your windshield? No credible person is ever going to argue that you can break a cog in a timepiece and it's going to continue ticking. Insects are as important to us as the air we breath. The thing that almost worries me the most in all of this, in America the whole climate change topic has been foolishly politicized. You HAVE to be a leftist to believe in Climate Change. It is absurdity of the highest order. Climate change is not a 'BELIEF SYSTEM'! It is a proven fact, it is proven that man is a driver of that change. Politician's talk about 'growth' of wealth and the economy. WHAT WE NEED IS REVERSE GROWTH… we need all economies to SHRINK! Our survival as a specifies depends on it. Growth means 'produce more to consume more'. In a very finite world that very subject is literally and factually NONSENSICAL and even IMPOSSIBLE.

  50. Here in Colorado Springs, CO we've been getting "air quality alerts" on our phones and from our local news and I find this quite amusing! WTF can any of us do about this??? VOTE EVERY REPUBLIKKKON OUT OF OFFICE! Where are we supposed to go??? THE GODDAMN POLLS! What other air do I have access too??? NONE! We put the people in power that our literally killing us and using our money to do it (taxes)! Before any of you right-wing Russian assets starts; corporate Dems have to go too! This is yet another example of how we're being exterminated! No affordable "healthcare," no living wages, less nutritious foods to eat, and now soon, no clean air to breathe or clean water to drink! If voting isn't a refuge for us, it's time to try and find out where the über-wealthy will be holed up when this all comes crashing down! Will it be somewhere in Wyoming where chicken hawk Cheney is? What kind of life will they have with just themselves on a destroyed planet with just about all other life destroyed? It would seem we're only scratching the surface of this issue and we better "up the ante" to find out! Time is a luxury we don't have! For those looking at Bernie as our "savior" like many of us do better realize [they] already have a "contingency plan" in place and they'll use republikkkon politicians to enact it! VOTE THOSE BASTARDS OUT! Stop believing their bullshit!

  51. The US is one of if not the least contributor to CO2 emissions in the world. Get actual data not the press lies. Ones of us that have dealt with its reporting an regulations for years always get a laugh out of the lies. They go back for years with only change be during Obama the press praised his lies. Maybe the US did go down bit but the world went up big time. Yes, fact, we sent high cost due to EPA jobs to China that in truth have no laws and I saw that personally. Liar liar,. press liars have never been there. Now we have a bigger issue, people are the biggest air pollution problem and what do Democrats want, flow the country with illegals. For all you uneducated, you emit CO2 when you breathe, so doing it. Another good trip of you is India, take a tank of oxygen with you and stay totally out of the water everywhere, worst place I ever had to go as we were in the tourist "clean and pretty" but in the working class industrial areas. So hopefully we send all jobs to the rest of the world and the Democrats can keep the money tree alive as the money goes to where the jobs are as we saw under Dumbo. Check where the main headquarters are for most of the US big business already, the big paycheck businesses not the minimum wage ones which will end with higher minimum wages.

  52. There are whistleblower protection statutes for federal employees, I wish he'd stay and fight from inside.  Dump your whole damn computer on the front desk of the Washington Post!

  53. I can't wait till that motherfucker's out of office.. Trump's gonna go bankrupt as fuck, and when I find his homeless ass, I'm gonna ask the biggest, fattest cock gay guy I find to feed it to him over and over..

  54. oh man, this crap has to end soon.. trump has to be pushed the fuck out of the white house, NOW!!!!! this fucker is so fucking dangerous, how can the other repubs just sit back and say or do nothing about that dumb fucking son of a bitch, Christ almighty,

  55. how many times does he have to prove to us that he is BEYOND UNFIT, , and sickeningly dangerous and stupid. W H A T IS IT GOING TO TAKE?????

  56. This should have been one of the biggest stories of the year. For the technically inclined here is a paper on this where Ziska was a co-author

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