Importance of Natural Resources

Sambazon presents #PurpleForThePlanet : A movement to protect 30 species in 30 days

Did you know for every 584 acres
of rainforest that are destroyed one species goes extinct forever? And currently, we’re losing over
ten times that amount every day. At Sambazon, we’ve been fighting to protect
the rainforest for almost 20 years by cultivating and wild-harvesting açai – a vital part of
the rainforest’s complex ecosystem. To date, we’ve preserved over
2.5 million acres of rainforest. And this Earth Day, we want to save even more… With your help. Introducing Purple for the Planet, a movement
to save 30 endangered species in 30 days. Our challenge is simple: Color your hair purple, Take a selfie, And tag it @Sambazon with #PurpleForThePlanet And we’ll BUY 5 acres of
rainforest on your behalf Because if we lose one species for every
584 acres of rainforest we cut down… That means we save one species
for every 584 acres we protect. Together, if we can protect 17,520 acres We can save 30 SPECIES. And we want to do it all…in 30 days. So grab some (eco-friendly!) chalk,
dye, or even Sambazon açai. Because it’s time to make a difference. Time to make your mother proud. Time to go #PurpleForThePlanet.

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