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Russia Is Profiting Off Global Warming | VICE on HBO

[Applause] it's not as cold as I thought it would be here we've got full of wisdom with me is mr. slowly Sergey bow myself helps coordinate shipping traffic in Murmansk the world's biggest Arctic port he told us that with warming temperatures the city will thrive what is Murmansk around 440 Vlad's acronym strategic is Rainier but a most economy is optional we had never awaken the stock nasir Normal School poutine savonia immediate homogenous Virginia the northern sea route is a legendary shipping lane along Russia's Arctic coast line that has been largely inaccessible because of the dense sea ice but now that ice is melting opening up vast untouched reserves of oil gas and minerals so while much of the world fears the catastrophic effects of climate change Russia is looking to capitalize on it the Murmansk port it's called the Gateway to the Arctic we're about to get on this massive cargo ship it's owned by a neural Snickle and we're gonna ride with them along the northern sea route as they transport a bunch of nickel and copper to the next port city Archangel is nor else nickel a massive shipping and mining conglomerate worth more than 20 billion dollars is just one of the companies betting big on the northern sea route just a few years ago navigating these waters was extremely difficult but that's changing now the ice is melting away at record rates shrinking in summer months to about a quarter of its size in just 30 years how much is traffic increased on the northern sea route in last few years traffic which a Blueskin solution basically means or top low salinity cargo ships traveling from Russia have historically used the Suez Canal to reach Asia navigating around three continents and often traveling more than 10,000 miles however the northern sea route cuts that distance almost in half and can save up to 15 days in travel time and that exploitation doesn't stop with sea routes and a real stability to ship faster and cheaper also means stepping up its core business mining more than a kilometer underground but as production here increases so does the environmental impact with that smell electrolyte suggestion serial kisser to know proportionally until after that what are the effects of that being released into the air into the environment correct even oddly-shaped hopefully thoroughly the media minute loves you the difference is neural Snickle emits so much sulfur dioxide that acid rain has left a dead zone around the city as far as the eye can see this combined with heavy metal waste that seeps into the ground in the water has turned to real skin to one of the most polluted cities on earth while neural Ska's made efforts to reduce its footprint just last year a chemical spill turned one of the vocal rivers bright red and studies have shown neuroses waterways are flush with industrial pollution but with business booming residents here don't seem to mind is it safe to swim here is it polluted absolutely disap asthma absolutely – what is a desirable what the cannibal sure moiety does Monsieur advance create a new Prezi Daniela another one such as more cocoa pods we open your favorite even more no coupons them how is the environment been affected by all the mines in the factories and all of that simply crassness names toner is chemically you can grab over it not a skinny kilopascal taco gas now water store the shite roster he was more non-negotiable not is preferred included watching Hiroshi presently Thunder Rajesh gas of the Lucas brothers but it's not just the locals here that are putting a positive spin on the effects of pollution we spoke to Nobel Prize winning climatologist dr. Oleg and new seamoth who is studying what climate change could mean for the Russian economy we see the effects of climate change as negative catastrophic do you see it that way no the problem of climate change is actually the problem of adaptation to climate change this is not a tragedy certainly some places will become unlivable but other ends there are places that will become more livable one should not consider challenge the climate change without connection to the potential benefits there are regions in the world where there are no potential benefits but Russia is not such a region the list of gains is perhaps advances of the modern agricultural lands to the north which creates lot of jobs to have savings on the heating energy the task is to turn this potential benefits into real benefits Russia is lucky and as climate change continues to create new economic opportunities russia's fossil fuel industry is in the mood to celebrate and we're in circuit which is the oil capital of the country and also one of the fastest growing cities and gas bomb one of the big oil companies here is huge celebration not only were residents of Surgut unconcerned about climate change many we spoke to felt overwhelmingly positive about it vanessa some Delita ocean prius with a guy – abuela – I'm a dog master finish with a blue Subaru sauce with a pine little crusty this nonchalant attitude is now a national phenomenon a recent Pew study revealed that Russians were the least concerned people on the planet over the threat of global climate change and that the population surges in boom towns like circuit developers are cashing in [Applause] local real-estate mogul Yevgeniy warszawa is building whole neighborhoods from scratch to accommodate the influx people as we looked out on his budding real-estate Empire you've gained he repeated familiar arguments often used by fossil fuel proponents in the u.s. do you ever hear about climate change on the radio or on TV or in the newspaper interests Mishnah new cards you don't want to stress you can detect a change in upon you might in each state literati Yaniv erosion can create nimble datum change now a single person we spoke to in circuit took the threat of climate change seriously and they might be taking their cues from Russian state media shoes that's it are you still thinking in our global impeccably dojaquez Iranian our democracy is the woman's costume now she's throwing another journal show food UT sleeper cheaply while the Russian media tries to sow doubt about climate change the first signs of its long-term impact are already plain to see [Applause] we're flying over Lake Baikal right now this wildfires broke through hundreds of thousands of acres around the place couple 40 at Lake Baikal a jewel of Russian tourism forest fires last year were some of the worst in history and were covered extensively by the international press 51 individual fires have spread across tens of thousands of acres of land particularly hard-hit where the forests around the world largest and deepest freshwater lake NASA's satellite imagery showed more than 8 million acres of forest were destroyed in early 2016 but the Russian government tried to downplay it reporting just a fraction of the damage it seems like everyone in Russia I wanted to focus on the benefits of climate change while ignoring the costs and the national narrative is being orchestrated from just one place the Kremlin to get the government's official stance we spoke to president Putin's top climate change adviser Alexander Petrovsky Russia's pledge in Paris actually allows the country to increase emissions for years to come why is that we purchased ideas that you convinced Inagua Seto so strongly promote you silly push near any we Brussels for Nicole Gaza to anxiously neeya naana Yahoo sheer so ammu economies camera agility Nick Tony Tsuburaya economic eros Agri an issue eight whose ship reservation a castle stood Petraeus Morales releases the gift rosco polyarny Regan arctic analogous to tonight primitive schemas Mohini T is million in capital police hooded and príncipe diode bullsháá was more nasty through the resource no patents ort schedule until recently many Americans would have considered this an outdated philosophy that only made sense during the industrial revolution but now it's once again becoming doctrine in the US as well regarding climate change I think the president was fairly straight for is if we're not spending money on that anymore we consider that to be a waste of your money administrator Pruitt will just sort of make the EPA go away as of today the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord what do you think America's role is in fighting climate change compared to Russia no obvious ties to a miracle blue Raja gory alidium moody strands motive which car show Beauty aesthetic possess the blue troponin Anna boo-boo parsley Buscemi scarab your comedy telling me the sawdust minutes with all these economic opportunities it's hard to deny that climate change will be financially beneficial for Russia nutrient-rich soils you

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  1. VICE’s Gianna Toboni visited Russia's Arctic to see just how big the country is betting on climate change.
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  2. I love the russians attitude, noone gives a shit about the earth worship and throwing money at a problem that cannot be solved with money LOL.

  3. "Climate change" when in the last 100,000 years has the climate held at a stable temperature? Never, check it out

  4. Russians are very smart cause they stay inside and read too cold to muck around but occasionally they still do crazy people

  5. global warming = Earth naturally warming up we might have just sped up the process little bit not that significantly but the animals going extinct that is on us 🙁

  6. No one is going to slow down and those that do are the nice guys, and we all know what happens to nice guys. Its a race to the bottom. Buckle up.

  7. So they say climate change will benefit them, but they dont believe in it. How stupid could the Russians be.

  8. This is such biased and irresponsible journalism. It is by default that they benefit from Global Warming, and the title immediately conveys that they are evil and probably speeding up global warming to profit. "Russia is looking to capitalize on it" . It is happening in any case, so why wouldnt they make money because of the new oil they can extract.

    In my opinoin, they haven't done anything wrong, and their sentiment and view of global warming is just fine. You should make a documentary on how the US has been by far the biggest contributor to global warming for the last several decades, consuming 25% of all resources consumed in the world; and Americans for the most part are oblivious to it! Not by shaming villagers in some remote part of Russia!

  9. The climate scientists must be very f**** dumb. Ok let's say the rest of the world Burns and Russia prosperous fair enough Russia gets a few good decades of economic growth and prosperity. That prosperity will come to end when there is no ice to force for warm water downwards creating what is called the ocean conveyor belt. We need to Arctic for this process and without it for warm air and water the ocean gives us in the form of a gulfstream, it will slow down massively and less heated air will come up from the tropics as the whole system has slowed down. Worst case scenario for this arable land and all the new developments in Russia could potentially freeze back over if there is no warm air keeping the cold temperature gradient at Bay. This would also affect the jet stream. They could be locked in a temperature gradient which would cause much damage. Are they even thinking about the storms the flash flooding or even drought. Russia is a massive place with many time zones so part of Russia will get affected especially coastal regions from sea level rise. What's the Russian population are cheering dancing around with oil in their Siberian port towns they are totally blind to the fact that their way of life could get wiped out by a rising ocean. But f*** it 40 or 50 years of pure hard economic growth is definitely worth the death of millions the mass of caps in the Earth's biosphere and eventually the Extinction of us. It is funny when you hear Vladimir Putin story of how we came to power. The fear he felt when the Berlin Wal fell, when his embassy on the Russian side of Berlin was overrun by protesters. A man has deep rooted fear of instability more than most he has obsession with his grip on power as we all know, Innocence he is just createring a future where his worst nightmare and phobias heighten their chance of occurring massively. What is Russia going to do when you have all this amazing rich arable land and all these reserves and resources. Imagine how many people are going to flock to Russia in a hope of living a better life, this has got to be careful about what they say on this issue and not boast too much for his reason. What were Vladimir Putin do when two times of population of Russia cross the border in order to have watch Russia has helped and the rest of the world has helped destroy and what Russia has got. But conclude s short team profit and competitive economic growth is definitely Worth dying For and destroying the only planet we have. Intelligence. ?

  10. Y'all need to chill, Russia of course wants climate change, we have been stuck with soviet era buildings and towns for awhile now and want to be the next america, growth and GDP wise!

  11. Russian economy depends on sales of fossil fuels. I am Russian and I read Russian news – they (Moscow) rejoice every time they make another dirty deal over oil or coal, such as when they made deal with Japan, Germany and now with France to buy coal from Russia instead of using clean renewable energy. The Russian propaganda is full of titles mocking global warming and affirming it is not real. I am ashamed to be a Russian.


  13. Earth has been around for billions of years. We are merely a speck of dust in the history that has passed before us. Several instances in fact possibly millions of instances have happened before that have to do with climate change. Climate change will continue to occur In the future and that is just a normal adaptation of our planet. It’s a normal occurrence .

  14. wow… Mista Trump! even Rusia is accepting climate change… that means Señor Putin is accepting it! you should do it too mista Trump!

  15. russians the least concerned people about climate change because they being kept ignorant. and this is the ementality: I don't care about other people's problems till it becomes my problem even if it will happen tomorrow. so i am safe till tomorrow. But besides climate change they dont know about drinking water. It is hard to understand but russians don't know about benefits of hydration. no one drinks 2 liter or so of water a day. 10 years ago you could not even buy bottled water bc it is just not a thing there.

  16. I thought russians were smarter than that. Global warming doesnt make your summers warmer. God almighty how stupid can you be. " da I no turn into fish so water is hadshow. Hahah

  17. This video is so painfully biased that it hurts to watch. Everything that is said pounds in global warming at all points. Report on the title of your video "Russia Is Profiting Off Global Warming" not your opinions on them.

  18. Yea lets pick on the Russians, ignore the Chinese and Indians, the most flagrant destroyers of our environment. Perhaps that doesn't fit a narrative.

  19. My hunch is that the Russian propaganda didn't end with supporting Trump, but has been going on for years around building support for Putin in America (which shows a strange uptick amongst Republicans after 2014) and to sow doubt about climate change. The longer the US refuses to act on climate change, the more the Russians benefit.

  20. Weather you're a leftist or conservative, your point of view doesn't matter anymore!!! The scales have tipped, doesn't matter whose right or wrong, this is happening & we are not capable of stopping it!!! it's too late so prepare for the inevitable & what the next practical step of action is cuz arguing over who is right isn't gonna help anyone except your egos & nobody cares about your ego!!!

  21. every country do's what they want but in the end they all do the same thing when it come down to money do's matter how you pitch it

  22. Selfishness everywhere! Every person in this earth is just living for the moment that’s why nobody cares, when they die they won’t have to deal with the consequences.

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