Importance of Natural Resources

Russell Crowe’s message on the climate crisis

Ultimately, there’s only one way
to mitigate climate change and that is to step away from
all fossil fuels on a rapid timeline and convert the entire country
and economy to renewable forms of energy. Industry, houses, cars, exports,
electrify what we can with systems and technologies
that already exist. Wind, solar, geothermal, biomass
and renewable-generated hydrogen. It doesn’t matter at all how many people
engage in the decarbonisation of their lives individually, if we don’t erase
fossil fuel use as a society then the extremes in our weather
will just continue to increase. We need to focus on big decisions,
on core problems, and put the planet and people before politics. Now, everything I’ve said here can be
backed up and confirmed by our brightest scientific minds.
Just ask them. Our taxes have already paid for their
bloody education, it’s time to utilise that knowledge. It is time to act. Let’s lead the way.

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  2. What gives actors and entertainers the disgusting egos to think they’re leaders in society who need to tell the “little people”, their fans, what to think? I don’t care what Crowe thinks or the script he’s following about this. Stop idolizing these puppets and believing in the agendas they push. Critically think. Don’t let Hollywood or the UN tell you what to think!

  3. This never done a days work in his life dullard has just taken himself off 80% of Australian peoples movies list..POS just like his Globalist pedophile; cannibal masters

  4. I believe that the problem is not the climate. And yes, the Orbit of PLANET EARTH in VIA LACTEA has changed. The way the SUN appears and disappears throughout the day CHANGED throughout the YEAR. That's what catches my attention the most. By Jairo

  5. Okay, I've swapped my petrol automobile for an electric vehicle, ceased eating meat and adopted a vegan diet, stopped purchasing products wrapped in plastic, and installed solar panels on the roof. Your move conglomerate corporations and governmental establishments that dictate the global economies…

  6. Let's create a new economic system based on sustainability and reducing consumption generally. Do away with planned obsolesence and advertising. Teach people how to recycle, re-use and reduce consumption. This is going to be fun. Sharing is caring. When we share more we consume less.

  7. This is beyond fossil fuels.
    Solar minimum approaches and with that a reduction of protection from cosmic rays, which causes devastation.
    It's Fate really.

  8. Russell Crow please stop with your antics you sadly are over rated. Put your money where your mouth is. Oh that's right you dont as which has been proven in the past.

  9. Cars powered by electricity is less likely to explode since there is no flammable substance like oil.
    And it can be hackable by police to stop chase.

  10. Australia has lost half of its prehistoric rainforest in the NE. Yet an acquaintance on FaceBook is arguing with me that such things have always happened there. Perhaps his business designing GOLF COURSES makes him so dead sure that climate Cannot change, and that my reading ability is impaired by living at the near-antipode of Australia. So my concerns about climate are negated by his livelihood.

  11. Dear Russell, I wonder how many people understand fossil fuel and its damaging effects. We need to put out our messages in more simple language to garner more response; is what I feel.

  12. Original Sin = Carbon Footprint
    Priest Class = Climate Science
    Indulgences = Carbon Credits
    Salvation = Go Green

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  13. Don't listen to tese people he knows nothing …. He doesn't bring up cloudseeding
    Thars changing the weather…man made … Weather is doing what its suppose to . fossil fuels are fine … He's a actor remember that

  14. If I produce carbon it can at least keep one tree alive. Russell it’s not backed up with science buddy. It’s backed up with Globalist Chash. You got the cash, I’ll give you whatever you want

  15. "Rus Crow ere, science and stuff just believe me alright". The Gov only funds research projects that fit their narrative. If research goea against that. No more money to prove it..

  16. 말이 좀 직선적이고 싸가지없긴 하지만 그래도 큰 폭행사고는 안으려켰다! 성격은 좀 안좋긴하지만 연기력은 인정하는 배우이다!

  17. Agenda 2030- create a global crisis to gain control of young voters. Then we take everything! I mean it's about control not the planet. Politicians and bankers don't care about the planet.

  18. Blame blame what about individual responsibility we can eat plants instead of needlessly destroying ourselves nature and 150 billion animals each year

  19. Great – another actor with minimum education telling us how to live. Did you jump onto your yacht or a jet after doing this video Russell? Hypocrite

  20. You make a mistake when you say to put 'the planet and people before politics', in an off-hand manner claiming the actions – and the inaction – aren't political. They are entirely political.

  21. The problem is the governments and the major corporations. They are the ones that need to sit up and make changes NOW, not in 30 years time!

  22. Know what peops? He's RIGHT! & we should listen & ACT b4 our ecosystems/forests/ oceans acidify & turn into toxic wasteland.. & ALL we'll have left are the obsolete tools of our own demise, including of course polluting fossil fuels — ie. Black Death, which kills all life in its path (as O&G workers oughta know!!!) LUV, Vegan Saz XO

  23. Problem I have is its impossible to get rid of fossil fuels, green energy can not produce plastics for the electric cars, rubber for the tires, electronics and windings for the motor and computer nor can it turn sand into Glass. This also means getting rid of the militarized industrial complex as our weapons of mass destruction use more fossil fuels then the average person does, but I don't see anybody mentioning this.. There are things we can do today that will help to mitigate climate change, while we slowly move away from fossil fuels as an energy source.. We need to revolutionize our food industry go completely plant based, give animals the same rights as humans and stop this madness of death, slavery and the perceived notion we can breed and sell animals as pets… this green movement is not about saving the planet its about saving rich peoples money..

  24. Russell, extremely well said, any intelligent person knows you are 100% spot-on with every word. Thank you for your efforts to educate the masses on this critically important challenge for humankind. To those that think this is fodder for cracking jokes or spreading lies and misinformation; WAKE UP! This is no laughing matter. The health of our planet Earth must be put before selfishness, greed and profit. NOW!!!

  25. Can you imagine if we stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow? No aviation fuel so no air travel to shipping fuel so no shipping every country having to grow its own food. Don't tell me we can go totally electric when we would need three times the amount and can only produce a minuscule amount now with alternative production. The only realistic way is for us to use fossil fuel in a more productive way and remove any pollution at source. Come on you engineering companies I am sure you can do it.

  26. I am from Syria, Idlib, we are refugees in Lebanon, and the UNHCR does not assist us in the resettlement program. Is there anyone who helps us in providing asylum (five-year guarantee), please help us

  27. "His name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the armies of the north, general of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius, and he wants you to make a change for the world, and save it."

  28. Where's the beginning of that clip where he talks about "climate" as opposed to "weather"? I'd recommend finding the full 3 minute clip

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