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Robert Reich: 5 Responses to Climate Change Deniers

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation
with someone who denies climate change? Here are 5 responses to climate change deniers: 1) The science is undeniable. Scientists have
concluded that the Earth’s temperature has been steadily climbing since the late 19th
century, just when humans started emitting large amounts of carbon pollution into the
atmosphere. And it’s intensifying. 18 of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred
since 2001. And, no. Just because it snows doesn’t mean
climate change isn’t occurring. You can see the consequences of extreme weather
all around us. Wildfires. hurricanes. droughts. 2) Tackling climate change is good for the
economy. Clean energy creates more jobs than natural gas or coal, with 3 times as many
Americans already employed in clean energy as in fossil fuels. These jobs also tend to
pay more. States like California that have invested heavily in clean energy have grown
their economies, while reducing carbon pollution. 3) Other countries are charging ahead with
clean energy, leaving America in the coal dust. Germany plans to close its remaining
coal plants by 2038. China is moving ahead with clean energy and has pledged to invest
hundreds of billions more, far outpacing the United States. Even Saudi Arabia is now investing
in renewable energy. 4) We can’t afford not to address climate
change. The devastation brought on by climate change will cause the U.S. economy to shrink,
according to scientific estimates. The losses are projected to be more than double those
of the Great Recession. 5) Oil companies have known for decades that
carbon pollution threatens the planet, but have sought to block action addressing the
crisis. They have poured billions into political donations and misinformation campaigns to
protect their profits and block clean air laws. At this point, anyone who denies climate change
is either willfully ignorant or complicit in protecting fossil fuel profits over the
safety and security of our children and grandchildren. If you found this video informative, please
follow this page.

Reader Comments

  1. Excellent but in 2018 or 2017 world wide already 3 million people died of pollution. Think of that. That's our generation. How many investments of money, education and skills are lost. And there is a overproduction of energy also. Think about the amount of food that we trow away every single day. There is an overproduction on electronics, cars and weapons. Think about the amount of waste we producing on wars, wasted lives, weapons. So much greed and corruption. Over paying: managers, politicians and businesses who are adding only more destruction to the people and the planet.

  2. GOP voters and especially trump voters have something wrong with their brain, so trying to educate them is a waste of time. very sorry to tell you Robert, but your preaching to the choir and pissing into the wind at the same time with this video depending upon who is watching it.

  3. There are many psychological explanations for explaining why ‘climate change deniers’ cannot accept even the basic science of global warming. But, they all boil down to one factor — the Fear Factor.
    This factor, also, helps explain the doomsday predictions of Anthropogenic Global Warming adherents. I personally would rather err on the side of caution and overall environmental responsibility by pushing for renewables of all kinds.

    Even if the science supporting global warming were somehow flawed, we still must change our ways in an overpopulated world. Pollution is pervasive. Even the One Percenters can’t escape it no matter how hard they try.

    The Basics Of Climate Change:

    Err on side of caution comic:

  4. Six Stages of Climate Change Denialism:

    1. CO
    2 is not actually increasing.

    2. Even if it is, the increase has no impact on the climate since there is no convincing evidence of warming.

    3. Even if there is warming, it is due to natural causes.

    4. Even if the warming cannot be explained by natural causes, the human impact is small, and the impact of continued greenhouse gas emissions will be minor.

    5. Even if the current and future projected human effects on Earth's climate are not negligible, the changes are generally going to be good for us.

    6. Whether or not the changes are going to be good for us, humans are very adept at adapting to changes; besides, it's too late to do anything about it, and/or a technological fix is bound to come along when we really need it.

  5. The earth's climate has been changing since day one and will continue to change until the sun goes super nova and takes the solar system out with it! Don't believe that, ask any dinosaur about climate change! Ice ages, tropical ages, you name it the earth's gone through it many times over! Man made climate change on the other hand is a hoax created to steal money from the worlds poor and to steer the world into a elitist totalitarian controlled one world fascist government, ya know exactly what Hitler was trying to do! Play God!

  6. Do you actually think that Barr doesn't know the law?, sir it is you who doesn't know the law and blindly leads NPC's , you sir are FAKE NEWS, I'm calling it loud and saying it proud, you are playing to your base for$$$$$$, the only people who believe a word of your trash are college student's that have never experienced real life, or paid a bill, or created a job, rubbish, reply MR. Reich, but you won't cause your fat and happy off their stupidy

  7. Heh. At what point do you have to deal with people who deny basic facts in ways more active than words or education? Some folks won't believe the truth no matter what. Period. What do you do when they have ABSOLUTELY decided to make decisions that will destroy YOUR life? It sort of feels like at some point there has to be the kind of action that is willing to force the issue (hopefully peaceful means can be our method instead of something more radical).

    I am deeply concerned by the people who won't accept facts or reason no matter what. I've run into them. "I don't care. This place isn't worth shit anyway and humans should die off." <- That is not something you can argue with or convince. That's the level of immovability that many have on this issue as it would require them to finally admit those "god damn hippies" might have been right (at least about the planet being important and recycling… maybe not the free love, but hey who can say) and that just isn't a thing they can do. Being wrong was intolerable, but being wrong and having someone they hate also be right at the same time? Hard "nope" there. So… is this issue worth legitimately fighting over? I'd say it is. I'm more than willing to fight about it, but 1 man vs a world that doesn't care or won't act is suicide. Maybe you can make it 2?

  8. I’m old enough to remember the media, scientists, and government scaring the public in the 1970’s regarding the coming of an ice age that will destroy life as we know it. The ice age was coming due to our poor treatment of the planet. Of course media was different then, no internet, you tube etc. When you live through a false alarm of that proportion, it makes you have at least some skepticism of following predictions. It’s just human nature.

  9. Too bad the un debunked that hurricanes and tornadoes and the other bad storms ee have been having since we can remember is not caused by the earth warming.

  10. You are completely lying, Californias economy is in the toilet. People are leaving in droves and the homless population is out of control. Other countries are doing nothing did you see when they had the Olympics in seoul they had to have the residents stop driving there cars for a month to bring down the smog

  11. What about the many climate changes in past 5 000 years or so ? Isn't this called nature ? It goes this way, then that way then back again. In 1400's crops didn't ripen in fields of europe, people starved…global cooling

  12. All You deniers follow this link to website that shows loss of Greenland’s ice loss 2002-16

    Also there are all kinds of climate change statistics and images from satellites how Earth has changed due to climate change at this website.

    My own testimony of climate change is in the Sierra Nevada mountains here in CA you can now see huge swaths of dead trees due to drought that I didn’t used to see 15-20 years ago.

    Also when you think about it, the hundreds of millions of cars trucks planes trains internal combustion engines spewing carbon into the atmosphere day in and day out for about the last hundred years….need I say more?

    We humans need to be mindful of our home Mother Earth that gave us life and not take our gift for granted. What will be our legacy?

    Ive heard testimony from people who live on the Florida coasts who are seeing sea level rise along their properties.

  13. China and S.A. are likely lying? Sad to be so skeptical but they have a history(like American politicians) of lying!

  14. There are many climatologists, that deny either anthropocentric global warming, or at least convincing evidence for the same. It simply isn't true to say "the science is undeniable". The truth is that even the science of determining what constitutes the Global Mean Temperature (GMT) is utterly debatable and contested for it is a human-constructed formula . Even over the last 20 years, methods used to construct the 'GMT' have changed considerably and previous methods did not demonstrate warming. Even if you accept GMT as gospel, there certainly is insufficient data to construct GMTs for more than a few decades, making comparisons extremely contestable.
    Having said that, decreasing pollution and increasing renewables is surely a good thing.

  15. To change hearts and minds, one needs to acknowledge and understand the differences between liberal and conservative (Democrat and Republican) and what shapes and influences their personalities and psychologies.

    I strongly recommend that you read or watch the YouTube videos of:

    1. Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind (plus his newer works)

    2. Chris Mooney, The Republican Brain (and other works)

    Discovering these authors (social psychologist and journalist) opened new doors of understanding for me.

    Happy learning!

  16. It is amazing that not a single denier has commented on this video. The echo chamber is deafening.

  17. What is so disheartening is just how many climate change deniers there are and just how little people seem to care. It should be everyone's number one issue yet because of excellent propaganda, and little reporting on the issue on MSM, it's sadly not.

  18. Thank You,…
    The Denier's are much more than just wrong or willfully ignorant. They are Dangerously wrong. I believe it is time, to hold them CRIMINALLY Responsible

  19. You know what bob and I do believe this big oil during the Trump campaign sent up rednecks from the south to spread there hate garbage around in bars restaurants and where people gather Evan in church and also to save coal

  20. Climate change denial is reality denial. It's almost impossible to deal with people who just don't want to face reality.

  21. Another possible response, one that I use is fairly simple. Ask the climate denier if he is a betting man. Then ask him "if there is a 50% chance climate change is real, would you bet your children's well being and life on it… Or your grand children, their children?

    Our progeny are the one's that would be most affected by continuing to burn fossil fuels, we are just experiencing the tip of the iceberg, so to speak

  22. Reich's not usually naive as far as I've noticed but if he thinks these response can penetrate the preconceptions of a denier I think he's mistaken.

  23. A scientist that did another video about climate change that believed in it himself said if you ever came across someone that used your first reason of this video that they were full of shitt. Sir you are full of shitt.

  24. Is more jobs an unconditional benefit to society? If clean energy produces more jobs, then it is only because it takes more labor to produce a unit of energy that way. If clean energy could be produced with a smaller investment of man hours, wouldn’t that be preferable, even though that would also mean fewer new jobs?

  25. It will be very sad when the trump supporter children are staring down a bleak present and future. I wonder how happy they will be that their parents got to see criminally wealthy people and corporations get a huge tax cut off the backs of working americans while they gave away the whole game to the most egregious polluters and environmental terrorists. Oh well, good luck as that's about all we have left…

  26. The silver lining in all this is that the outrageously stupid lies spread by deniers aren't changing minds. They may be slowing things down, but now the overwhelming majority of Americans want the government to do something about climate change and have listed this as one of their top concerns, far above Right Wing idiotic concerns like a border wall or sanctuary cities, the most of us don't think it's the national emergency as the lying Right makes it out to be. Republicans = making America dumber and poorer again, with leader dumpy at the helm.

  27. Is there anything you will not attribute to global warming? You didnt come up with any science to back up your claims. Clean air and CO2 causing global warming are two different things.

    Climate Change Boondoggle

     It is impossible for humans to create global warming. The earth  naturally processes CO2 and balances it to provide a suitable environment for life. The oceans are the greatest sink for CO2. There is a vast amount of water in the oceans which could never become saturated with CO2.
     CO2 accumulates in cooler regions near the poles and at the ocean depths. When the atmosphere is low on CO2, the oceans release CO2 to balance the atmospheric pressure and provide necessary sustenance to plants. When the atmosphere is high on CO2, the oceans take in CO2 to create an equilibrium at sea level.
     As I stated earlier, it would be impossible for humans to create global warming and raise the CO2 in the atmosphere to any degree. The oceans are a vast sink for residual CO2 produced by fossil fuels.
     The oceans contain 20 times more CO2 than the atmosphere.

  28. The Modern Maximum was from 1914 until 2007ish
    before that we had the
    and Dalton Minimums

    The Medieval Maximum was from about 1100 – 1250
    The Dalton Minimum ended around 1820. Right before the alarmist like this guys favorite graph likes to start to show warming. 1880 – present
    Its a scam to get you to pay them to solve a non existent problem.
    The next cooling cycle is on its way and they'll be warning of an ice age again.
    These type of "scientist" are no better then the "End is Here" sign carrying doomsayers.
    co2 fertilization has greened the planet. Even deserts are greening.

    This man is a fraud.

  29. As a group, science deniers are too bloody stupid to learn. He can't educate them. We just have to defeat them.

  30. Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone who denies the Second Amendment exist? These damn Second Amendment deniers, destroying the country.

  31. I can prove it in 45 mins and for under 50 bucks. Greenhouse effect heated the planet up and is setting off a shi*tstorm.

  32. Very important thing to keep in mind: Deniers will often say that climate change is part of a natural fluctuation that we can't do anything about. They'll say shit like the Romans didn't drive SUVs and other garbage. But while it is true that climate has fluctuated over history, not only where we in the middle of a cooling period when temperatures started to rise, meaning it is not part of the natural cycle, but the rate of increase in temperatures has been skyrocketing compared to previous times. Normally it increases and decreases extremely gradually and only to a certain level but in the last 200 years average temperatures have grown much faster and much higher. Look at any graph displaying average temperature over time and it is clear as day that something is very different about the recent increase.

  33. There´s one for Trumpists: if you don´t want people from poor countries migrating into rich countries, do something about climate change. We will soon have a billion refugees fleeing the climate disaster.

  34. America is the worst country for climate change-denial to strike , because it has at present still the largest economy of the world , which could make the biggest difference in combatting that climate change . Erwin , Belgium .

  35. They say its a natural cycle. Which is an acknowledgement of climatic events. They do not say what adaptive strategies they have for flooding, heat, storms, population migration, drought.

  36. There's so many self-righteous comments that 'deniers won't consider the evidence'. But I'm sorry there's even more pigheadedness on the global warmist side. I am a lefty, have studied science, and my wife even did her honours thesis on policies of deforestation and how they affect Global Warming. For years I accepted Global Warming, until I looked at the science. Now I lean towards mostly non-anthropocentric warming, if any. The reality is that the scientists on both sides are guessing, there is no consensus, there no possibility of coming to any clear conclusion. We have soooo much to learn. Since I am an environmentalist, I still vote for the Greens, and am happy for a reduction in emissions, and expansion of renewables. I align with the Global warmists more than I do deniers, but can't stand the self-righteous attitude.

  37. So I went to NOAA. Looked at their tidal gauge data…and saw nothing remarkable. What does Bob Reich have to say to that? Nothing. Not that I expected him to do so.
    I must say that I trusted my fellow scientists on the climate change issue until I took the time to look for myself and engage with what the other side had to say, rather the media's portrayal of it.
    (yes, I know hard science… so please don't impugn my education)

  38. To deniers: is it possible for you to accept the culminated data of thousands of scientists working independently for decades (many in completely unrelated fields) that all point to this as a serious problem or do you wish to continue to believe the "information" put out by PR firms working for a few hundred people who stand to loose billions of dollars if the status quo changes.?

  39. Mr. Reich, I'm watching your documentary 'Inequality for All' on Netflix, right now. I don't see blacks, Hispanics, Natives or Asians mentioned during your three decades of economic prosperity after WWII. That's neat that blacks were doing so well. I've never heard that in a documentary on civil rights. 'Yo, we sure had it good in the three decades after WWII. Those were the good ol days. We couldn't use the same drinking fountain as whites or the same bathroom, but we was sure paid handsomely.' The blacks who were house servants or field hands were paid a living wage in the 50s? A black man, working as a sharecropper could afford to feed his family of four children, his wife and buy a car and buy a house, in the city, back then?

    Or 'Life was so good for us natives after WWII.' Would you make a youtube video about that, mentioning these groups specifically, because I'm going to need some more information in order to get it all straight.

  40. @Robert Reich thank you for this breakdown. I appreciate how you break Climate Change down so simply. I did a video about climate change recently when Wally Broecker passed away. Keep up the awesome work!

  41. America leading from the rear as usual. Stupid Americans who allow themselves to be Foxwashed by Fix Faux News the Network for Nitwits and Chump Propoganda.

  42. There is a very obvious solution to this that saves everyone money, but will never gain acceptance. Doctors must stop treating people who cannot pay their own bills in full. Poor people will die of easily preventable diseases and accidents like they used to, life expectancy will go down across the board, and with reduced population, less land will be used up for agriculture and other human excesses. We just need to rid ourselves of this stupid "every life is valuable" BS and collectively realize that there needs to be a hard cap on the number of people allowed to live. This would be much cheaper than changing everyone's way of life.

  43. The US dollar is backed by oil “the petrol dollar” this is why the Gov will not move against it!

  44. About 1 1/2 years ago I whenever this is brought I switched to asking what they drive. If they said anything else then a model T ford I asked why they don't drive a model T ford. By your own account old technology is better then new technology. I which is better old technology or newer ones? Many just shut up and left. Others put there fingers in their ears. Its sicking.

  45. I found that most climate change deniers have an affinity towards conspiracies or at least mistrust towards power (which is a good thing most of the time). The easiest and most convincing argument always was: "Who do you think would proft more? The green lobby if climate change were false, but they convinced us otherwise? Or the fossil fuel lobby if climate change were real, but convincing us otherwise?"
    My discussions mostly took place in Germany though, it may be very different in the US.

  46. Not to mention that we have a population issue that plays directly into climate change, two thirds of the human population needs to die off first in order to bring us back to a sustainable number of people. Climate change will inevitably end up killing billions of us, particularly in equatorial regions. It's a sad and damning time to be alive.

  47. 80% of United States Of America Population Are Functinally R..You think ? You can Argue Facts ?

  48. The thing about this is that the elites who have most of the currency once more people to die so this is why they are allowing the Earth to get to our higher degrees for climate. The Georgia Guidestones also says the only one a certain amount of people in United States and in the world. Saudi population can be a form of a genocide are there men hand-to-hand biological warfare painting the water or allowing the climate change to eradicate more. The greed of power and wealth is going to be the downfall of civilization.

  49. When i go to the supermarket i look at my shopping cart everything is plastic when i was a kid it was paper and glass bottles, just saying.

  50. Science is based upon measuring facts. It appears that the Global Warming scientists have not used real data to arrive at their claim of the hottest years . We shall see very soon what the read truth is .

  51. When the coal mining museum in Kentucky is installing SOLAR PANELS on its building, you know coal industry is dead.

  52. This video simply states that Climate Change Deniers are both Incompetent and selfish for their owner interests sacrificing the health and safety of others and ultimately themselves too. In short, they are evil people and they know it.

  53. Global consumers are changing the global economy, when they reach a critical tipping point the economic elites will follow very quickly or go bust.

  54. Doesn't matter, since the #1 cause of the problem is pure population, and #2 is the military industrial system. If you don't address those FIRST, nothing you talk about doing so far as climate has any chance of changing the outcome.

  55. The first economy that is completely green powered will be the most competitive one . When that happens the whole world will want to follow , and the biggest step will have been made . After that it is just a matter of taking the overdose of CO2 back out of the atmosphere , fysically removing it to pre-industrial stable values , done so by green power . The biggest problem hereby is time . And Trump , who slows everything down . How can people be klimatechange-deniers . That is insane .

  56. Hang with me here:
    My daddy used to tell me the difference between the boy(girl) at the dance who goes home with the girl(boy) and the one who doesn't is that the one who does asked one more time. ?
    Moral, keep spreading the truth you will be hurd!

  57. Despite the fact that I agree with his last statement here I don't find it a useful strategy for conversation, i.e. "You are willfully supporting the fossil fuel industry's destruction." I'm not going to convince anyone to change their actions with that strategy. I find it more useful to listen to their beliefs and concerns,… then letting them know I've heard them, respond in a way that they may be able to hear and see there are alternatives which can benefit humanity as a whole. No one wins an argument!

  58. I'm a believer, BUT HANG ON !
    "18 of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001" ?
    And we're in 2019 ?

    Study your own arguments properly, please, Robert.

  59. Trump has appointed cabinet holders with stakes in pollution producing industries. It's definitely willful ignorance. They also lie by providing false data; gaslighting the public. Scientists in the government are under attack and are disappearing when we need them most as are programs established to monitor and counteract climate change. I'd like to know who's pulling Trump's strings 'cause I don't believe he's smart enough to come up with these ideas or choose the people placed in cabinet positions on his own.

  60. I think the last part is a false dichotomy. There are many reason people deny anthropogenic climate change then just willful ignorance and protecting fossil fuel profits. I think most on the right reject the science as a hoax because of their political ideology of small government and de-regulation of business. They believe that if they allow action on climate change that the leftwing will dominate politically and thus destroy their political identity, economic freedoms with heavy government taxes, regulations that cripple business, and economic poverty. All of this is of course ridiculous and has nothing to do with climate science, but its what their ideology teaches. They fear the solutions to climate change, so they reject the existence of the problem to begin with by making up a pseudoscience and flip it as a leftwing liberal conspiracy theory.

  61. I'm with you on everything else but this. Firstly, Co2 is only 0.05% of the earths atmosphere. Secondly, it is a published known fact that the US weaponized the weather with the use of trillion watt laser beams directed at the ionosphere. By heating this fragile upper layer to hundreds of degrees more than the normal range, they were able to influence precipitation which in turn influenced weather patterns. For example, the monsoon season season during the Vietnam war. The program was called HAARP. Due to public opposition the program was officially canned a few years ago, but its still exists by other names within NASA. Checkout for starters. There's a very big scam going in the "climate change" space.

  62. These are facts, not helpful arguments to wrestle with science deniers and occupants of alternative reality "facts".

  63. Tobacco/cigarette manufacturers were well aware of the toxic health effects from their products and produced massive propaganda campaigns fighting exposure (& medical science) for decades, before being finally exposed for the amoral scum that they are.

    Then governments across the US pursued them in the courts (& through legislation) to recover some of the enormous costs of health care, for the victims of cancers/illnesses that are directly the result of smoking.

    We're just starting to learn exactly how much that fossil fuel corporations have known for decades that their products were actually responsible in creating severe, & cumulative, disruptions to our global climate. Yet, once again, rather than corporations acting responsibly to invest in alternate energy sources (or even just curbing polluting emissions) they chose to fight tooth & claw, attacking accurate climate science (& scientists) through a cynical propaganda campaign – just so that they might suck up a few more billion in profits (into their bottomless amoral souls) before the inevitable demise of their industries.

    Perhaps governments should be recouping their staggering expenses – from all the impending droughts, floods, megafires, super-storms & myriad others disasters (that are directly caused by the Climate Change Crisis ) – back from fossil fuel companies (& profiteering CEOs, boards & private company owners).

    Or, at the very least, we can stop subsidizing their pollution & force them to pay their full quota of taxes. And if a few corporations go into receivership, then too bad, so sad… (Just make damn sure that they pay their bills & don't get off scot free.)

    I'd actually really like to see some of the obscenely rich, who have been corruptly buying up politicians, parties & stacking government departments, obscenely gaming the system for years (such as Big-Coal billionaires, the Koch brothers) get prosecuted (very publically), convicted & imprisoned – but I really don't see this happening any time soon in America. Maybe after several cities have to be permanently evacuated due to storm/floor surge damage to basic infrastructure (which is now only a matter of time).

    Maybe then the insulation corporate boards have enjoyed, from the legal consequences of their criminal actions, will be finally removed – along with the absurd legal fiction of corporations as "people".

  64. For number 1 the amount that human pollution causes on the climate rising is debatable. Also We have Renewable energy facilities. It's called Nuclear Power Plants, the cleanest energy out there. France gets more than half of their energy from Nuclear at 70%, Sweden at 40%. So if we have those we could invest more in that instead of solar and wind because even if its a battery its more expensive and without the questions are what if the sun isnt shining or what if the wind isnt blowing? The problem is that people are afraid that if a plant fails it explodes like a nuke which is far from the case. At an incident near Philly in 1976 even though there was no environmental damage, 19 facilities have closed since. We almost had it in the bag 50 years ago, but because of that incident, chernobyl, and fukushima, less people support nulear than oil! Previous predictions said climate change was irreversible by 2000 and boy were they wrong. And where is the 12 years coming from? We should fix it but I like to take a healthy skeptic approach rather than throw all the cards on the table. If we did Nuclear it would be much cheaper than AOC's 93 Trillion. There is a great TED talk out there called: How the fear of Nuclear Energy is harming the environment.

  65. These videos by Inequality Media are brilliant … all of my like- minded friends need to SHARE them on their FB pages…
    i plan to watch EVERY video [and hit the 'like' button],
    post at least one each day on my FB page
    and i've sent a $500 donation … we need to circulate these videos far and wide  🙂

  66. If the ecosystems collapse , the economy is irrelavent .
    We can't base our decisions upon dead systems and apply them to living systems .

  67. Once you buy into the narrative of the CULT, there is no hope of a rational discussion of FACTS. Like trying to have a discussion with the Scientology cult members about other religions. Poor Reich blathering bloviations totally devoid of facts like the other cult members.

  68. Not one bit of proof it is man made, me have tons of proof in the opposite. Do the research people. Put the money in fighting real pollution rivers,lakes

  69. What is a climate denier? Right wingers according to the left. What is a climate alarmist? Left wingers according to the right. It is not ok to just go after the other party. A Price tag of 93 Trillion is too much and we should invest in technology and not spend as proposed in the GND.

  70. the question isnt whether climate change is happening. its wether its cause by human CO2 production. If you go into a debate with these facts, you will get blown out the water. jeeeezz

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