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Return from the Okavango in 360 – Ep. 4 | The Okavango Experience

this is a place filled with magic everything has to have a reason the movement of the grass the core of an animal call of a bird everything we’re connected to all of it and that is the most alive we can ever be this is a sanctuary for these incredible animals just to be the way they’ve always been giraffe are disappearing everywhere they exist but not here in the Okavango Delta let’s bear are perfectly adapted to the open floodplains of the Delta so they thrive the boons are more like us and we would like to admit they live connected to each other in the world around him while dogs are endangered threatened with extinction with so few left they are hardly ever seen the hippo the Kabul that is the custodian of these waterways it is the engineer the hippo creates this environment and without the hippo we would not have the Okavango Delta but while we moving through this environment we need to be aware of this animal if we lose these places then I think we’re all all lost and to our connection to this planet that looks after us that’s why I say we want to look after this one for children and the children of our children we we want is ever to be better it’s a downward slide into developments in people and tourism and USC parts it is a basic human rights to be able to experience a wilderness like this after 18 days in the wild we are sad not happy to be leaving returning to the developed world that threatens these last wild places so it’s almost like a comedown you know from an amazing place you just start realizing that the whole world’s not like this every single one of us will go to bed that night it’s going oh I wish I was back out there we all need to do everything we can to preserve our last remaining ordinances before they’re lost forever rudeness places like this around the world of formative to who we are as human beings and without them we lose something fundamental to who we are you

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  1. wow hahaha ilove national geography even im from philippines. national geography for me was so famous😂😘🌃👑

  2. I would love to go to the Okavango! Amazing wildlife and environment! Conservation efforts must be extended to all our creatures and wild places! Let's hope that 2019 is the year we all get on board!🌷

  3. I can touch the screen and have a more personal experience. I like this technology, and much more because it is Nature whith National geographic, thanks! 🐅🐗🐘🌴🐒🐾🙂 👍🏼

  4. Amazing let us pray that instead of these places and Animals disappearing that instead they will develop and expand that the Lord's Animal populations will increase. The Lord's Prayer Matthew chapter six verse nine of the New Testament in the Bible strengthens the mind and is worthwhile habit every day and God is listening we are just not coming to him to honour and ask for preservation of His Creation

  5. O retorno de um sítio especial …deve deixar muitas saudades!! Viver num mundo de forma primitiva e vagarosamente desfrutar de uma paisagem cheia de esplendor e seguir os animais ….para regressar ao mundo frenético e apressadamente …deve ser um choque?! Obrigado pelos momentos fantásticos que nos mostraram e a beleza que também está a passar por momentos de tragédia…havendo respeito estamons nós, estão os animaus e a conciliacao da natureza em pé de igualdade!! Qual a próxima experiência a 360?!!

  6. YouTube is the only way for people like nat geo to send their message regarding footage of the natural world and all of its beauty and poisonous structures but deadly to the touch some kill in natural ways but I cant forget the animals with the technology footage of these creatures that rome the earth in natural strategy and order almost makes you want to be in the natural world and there's also facebook and twitter and instagram and thats pre tards

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