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Republican Attacks Climate Change With Star Wars

Senator Mike Lee from Utah is not a believer in climate change and he decided to make a fool of himself recently by attempting to persuade people that climate change is nothing to worry about take a look I rise today to consider the green new deal with the seriousness it deserves in a future without air travel how are we supposed to get around the vast expanses of save Alaska during the winter well I'll tell you how Tontons mr. president this is a beloved species of reptile mammals native to the ice planet of Hoth Bella while perhaps not as efficient in some ways as airplanes or as snowmobiles these hairy bipedal species of space lizards offer their own unique benefits so clever my favorite was at the end when he seriously then he got serious and put up a picture of a bunch of babies and said you know what's gonna really save the planet babies we all need to get married and make more babies what how would that save the planet that's super-creepy first of all um like Republican men love talking about people having babies with Tracy Morgan up there and go somebody get bragging tonight want it like Marco Rubio can't stop thinking about people having babies large you guys having babies don't really save the economy how babies normal no well no well it's not gonna save the economy it's gonna make people poor that's what's happening right now so their answer to everything is Family Values okay that might be answered for some things but not this thing so look let's show you all the things that he put up if you notice there in the beginning of that clip he had Reagan on a dinosaur shooting a machine gun so that obviously proves that the green New Deal is a bad idea and then Mark Hamill the original Luke Skywalker was upset about the part of the clip that you saw he couldn't believe it he thought it was photoshopped in the beginning in fact didn't he quote John iadarola yeah he apparently a tweet quoted John ed Rolla I don't know if we have that right now no we don't okay we'll move on it's okay okay there it is look good John getting retweeted by Luke Skywalker can I just say I started using Twitter again and I have notifications for certain people that I care to follow like John and to some extent you John tweets a lot like turn off notifications anyway Aquaman was on a seahorse these guys are jackasses okay they don't care about saving the planet they're having fun while the planet melts the science is real 99 percent of the world's scientists are correct the Republicans are incorrect the TYT Plus app is now available on iOS and Android download to get more TYT content at TYT comm slash app

Reader Comments

  1. lets not kid ourselves. the number one benefit of a tauntaun is if you get stuck in a blizzard you can cut it open and climb inside.

  2. Since the republiturds are obsessed with having kids, i vote that they should receive mandatory vasectomies.

  3. You've literally made yourselves so easy to make fun of, that people from UTAH are able to do it……May I suggest going to nursing school, or maybe just leaving this country you hate so much?

  4. Ana: "Marco Rubio saying having babies will save America. No it won't, no it won't, no it won't…it will make people poor"
    Wait…I thought we needed 3rd world migrants because we don't have enough babies Ana?
    Which is it?

  5. He's using imaginary animals to sound like a smart ass. Why not use bison or sleighs? I get it, he wanted to be a smart ass, but be smart about it.

  6. It is easy to do this when you are bank-rolled by American tax payers, being part of one of the least effective branches of government. If you did something like this at your work, it would get you instantly fired for incompetence and waste of resources.

  7. How did the a science question of rather Human are effect the environment become a political question?
    None of these politicians have college degrees in any form of sciences . They have not done any research on any climate issues. But because they can get people to give them money for elections and get people to vote for them, they think that they can say that Climate change does not exists.

    If you are going to state that climate change is not real, than you have to do it in the peer reviewed journals by doing research that disproves the current accepted research. This is called the scientific method.
    The Congressional Record is not a peer review journal and just mocking Climate Change is not doing research.

  8. I used to believe in climate change or I mean global warming or is it PC to say Climate change? Anyway until I heard ANA say it was true. She also said Tulsi isn't progressive. Someone's a liar and it's not Tulsi

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