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Renée Schuffelers – Luxury by Nature Tenthome

For my graduation project, I designed a tent house. Not just the product, but the service around it. They were always innovating and looking for the next step. De Waard tents are so heavy and large, they are difficult to take with you. The passenger seat would often be sacrificed for the De Waard tent. Mum or dad would have to take a backseat so that the De Waard tent could sit in the front. But I wanted to take it one step further – make it into a space to live. Can’t we make sure that heavy De Waard tent stays standing for longer? And if you then make a service out of it, you could camp in it for a longer time I validated things first to see if there was a demand there. Would De Waard themselves be interested? Were the trends going in that direction? Turns out yes. And if you look at what’s happening now and the future I believe that this has been proven true. These concepts boomed and we saw ‘glamping’ arise. This is a model of the design. You have terraces on several sides of the tent. It’s a tent house that is pitched once a year for a longer period of time. You can rent it for a weekend, or a week. You don’t have to lug your De Waard tent with you and the passenger can reclaim their rightful place in the front of the car! You need different partners when you offer a service – that’s a big part of what I proposed. It implies giving away a certain amount of control as a company. You need a rental company. They thought it was interesting but not long after I graduated, Piet de Waard sold his company to De Vrijbuiter And they wanted to take it in another direction. What I tried to show with this design, and where I believe opportunities still lie is more elegant tent designs. Glamping has become much bigger but travel in general has increased tremendously. People go farther, want more unique experiences That has only grown, in all shapes and sizes.

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