Importance of Natural Resources

REAL NEWS / Climate Change Commercial

Hi! My name is Rob McLyingston
and I’m reporting to You from the antartica. As You can see…
there is like a ton of ice and stuff. You heard about melting? Its not going on! No! It’s all frozen! Hey! Is that a polar bear? Man, i thought they where extinct! Guess not!Hey You little fella.Fake news isn’t always that obvious. Climate change is.
Come here…Act now.
Oh look at those cute babies…they are propagating I’m now in the… In the heart of the amazonian jungle and…uff…its hot here! Well not…not like unbearably hot… It’s… It’s the natural temperature, right? I guess. Yeah I see a lot of trees here, literally like a million trees or so. Just… Just doing their tree-thing. So we can breathe. We’ve got real animals. Healthy ones, too! Well man, I just love this natural vibe can a great nature just feeling all around here Yeah! Go mother nature! Bring it! And a very good evening to You! We are doing a special report from
inside the pacific ocean. And man… Is it blue down here! A lot of fish! As You might espect. I saw blue ones, yellow ones, I saw like one that was blue and yellow… Guys I’m just running out of things to say here,
what are we doing?Yeah I think we’ve got everything,
I think thats it.Alright, let’s call it a day!Oh great! OK! Can we get this thing off my head, please? Anybody? Fake news isn’t always that obvious. Climate change is. Oh come on…
Climate change is. Oh come on…
Act now. Act now.

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