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Rascal says the “everyone’s friends” environment in Gen.G will link to performance | Ashley Kang

You’ve joined Gen.G, can I get some self-introduction? Hello, I am Gen.G’s top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee. You’ve just won the series. It looked like you were having a tough time in the first game. However, the second game was very one-sided. I’d like to ask you your impressions for the series. First of all, today … Team Dynamics did perform really well for their last series [against Asura Gaming]. I was personally a bit nervous about today’s match. But we’ve won in a good way, so I’m happy. Also, you laned against Rich. Rich recently changed his position from mid to top. He also has a very “dynamic” champion pool. Was it tricky going against Rich? What were your thoughts about the match-up against Rich? Well, first of all, because he was originally a mid laner … So he had really good mechanics. And he played many different champions. The top Vayne did give me a bit of headache. A random side question. Do you believe mid laners have better mechanics than top laners? No, I don’t think that is the case. But I do believe the solo laners in generals have good mechanics. Sure. Rascal, you recently decided to join Gen.G Esports. Clid, Bdd, Rascal — The three players were announced at the same time and made some headlines. What made you decide to join Gen.G Esports? First of all … There was the teammates that I would get to play with. Then there was the positive reputation the organization had, and the package it provided. And the fact I would get along with the teammates — There were so many positive facets to it. So I decided to join. People are expecting a lot from the current Gen.G roster. As of Bdd, you have played in the same team with him previously. How is it, playing on the same team as Bdd once again? Well, we really click. In terms of our personalities. Also, we trust each other in our own performance. Guess it’s really good. Clid, after he joined Gen.G, also implied that he really wanted an environment where everyone was good friends. Can you tell me more about Clid, or about the over team atmosphere of Gen.G? Well, it really feels like [bunch of] friends. I’m the oldest player, yet … Everyone feels like a friend. What do you mean? No one’s respecting me as the eldest. We’re just friends, actually. Yeah, friends. They just feel like my close IRL friends. If you have such a friendly environment, maybe you have an interesting episode or two. Do you have any stories to share? Because we are all close friends to one another … We don’t hesitate to joke or prank one another. We swear at one another, so, like … So every moment just feels fun, it’s difficult to pick one … I can’t think of any one specific episode, that I could tell you. It’s because I’m just enjoying every day. Every day, it must feel like you’re just hanging out with your friends. Yeah. Just that, everything is so easy-going, and … If anyone has a concern or issue, he won’t feel awkward to discuss it. We feedback on things. No one gets their feelings hurt. Everything seems good. These things feed into the team’s performance. When people see this Gen.G roster, they are already predicting this to be a top-tier LCK team. Do you think this friendly environment could feed into the team’s performance? I do think this way, for certain. Individual skills are very important, of course. But when you become good friends with one another, your thoughts get aligned. When everyone’s on the same page, the teamwork also becomes more solid. So I believe the [team atmosphere] is a very important part of the performance. People’s expectation on this Gen.G roster is extremely high. Rascal, when you see this roster, can G … Wow, I almost said G2. What is your personal expectation on this Gen.G roster? First of all … Hmmmm … I believe the roster can yield good results. The team atmosphere is good, and all the players are individually gifted. As long as we keep this going … Yes, I believe we will get good results. When you say good results, you mean, win the spring split and go to the MSI? That … I’m not so sure about that . Sure. However, because the expectation on this Gen.G roster is so high … Doesn’t it also give you a bit of pressure? With people already saying that this Gen.G is meant to win the spring split. So, I … I’m not really used to this, being at the centre of all this attention. I did feel this pressure, so I talked to my teammates about it. Then one of them actually cussed at me. That “you just have to worry about doing well”. Like, in a bro way. He was like, the only thing you need to do is perform well, so don’t worry about it. Now, a lot of these pressure I had felt has dissipated. Just bro advices because it’s such a casual, friendly environment. Yeah. Just … It’s fun. Sure. I wish you good results for 2019 KeSPA Cup and also next year. So, you have joined Gen.G, and now have new teammates and new friends. Is there anything you’d like to tell them? We’re having such a good time together right now. But when things are going a bit tough, or the team atmosphere goes down … Let’s all keep putting our efforts in, let’s not lose the trust in one another. As long as we keep going like this, we will do well until the very end. Let’s just keep this going, guys.

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