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Rajeev on Respect for the ecosystem @ Davos

Rejeev: Hello YouTube, this is my Davos question
and answer. I’m here to talk about respect.
As a race, our track record of respecting — well, the human race itself, we don’t
respect much, but our track record of respecting anything else that’s not human is pretty
poor, pretty pathetic. And a lot of the symptoms we see today, extensive
deforestation, all of the species that are sort of going into extinction and climate
change are symptoms of this deeper malice which is basically our inability to respect
the ecosystem that sustains and builds us. Take meat eating as an industry for instance.
Everybody knows that for every gram of protein that you derive for your body, if you do it
through meat, the amount of resources spent is ten times the amount of resources you would
spend if you had – if you switched to a vegetarian diet to get the same amount of
nutritional protein. The challenge is, we still continue to not
only persist in eating this, we are expanding this.
Because if you look at what is happening in the emerging world right now, meat eating
as a practice is increasing, causing much huge distress.
Ten times the amount of resources get consumed for every gram of protein you receive through
meat. Is it really required?
Do you really need that? Don’t you want to think about the ecosystem?
I think we have to do something about it. And oh by the way, if you start to respect
the ecosystem, the probability is that we will perhaps get a lot more out of this,
and a lot of the problems that we are confronted with, things like climate change, things like
deforestation, things like species extinction, perhaps might be mitigated
and perhaps might go away and we might actually start to learn to live in harmony.
Thank you very much, look forward to your response.

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