Importance of Natural Resources

Rainforest Rap

The amazon rainforest is in a critical state
We have to fix it now or tomorrow will be too late
The amazon alone represents half of all rain forests
So conservation isn’t only beneficial for us 10% of all species reside only here
We are destroying their home with over .5% a year
This toad right here is acting like a boss He could probably put up a fight with an albatross
But he needs your help before it is too late So you can help these species procreate
This adorable lemur, he lives there too Here’s some more enjoying a day out as a crew
So you’re probably thinking, what can I do? Stop buying all the tropical hard wood dude!
And knock it off with all the palm oil on your food
Because palm tree distraction kills animals mood
Make sure you furnish your home wisely Use something other than rosewood or mahogany
In conclusion we are trying to make you see To knock it off and let the rain forest be

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