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Rainforest in Germany ?? غابة مطرية في المانيا ؟؟؟

Hello again with a new tour Today we will go to the Leipzig Zoo in Germany The zoo is located in the northwest of the city of Leipzig It is considered one of the most diversified zoos in Europe It is also considered one of the best zoos in the world The park contains 300 different types of animals Including rare and endangered animals such as Komodo dragon Which is one of the fiercest animals in the world And also the pygmy hippopotamus The park was opened in 1878 and get over two million visitors a year Imagine with us, it was the idea of ​​a German businessman He wanted to bring more customers to his restaurant o he brought a bunch of animals to keep customers entertain Now, after a hundred and fifty years you cannot spend your day in the zoo without eating in one of its restaurants We can say that the idea worked well In 2011, they decided to build a huge greenhouse on 16,000 square meters A tropical grant has been created inside the greenhouse When you enter it, you will feel that you have moved to a forest from the Amazon jungle with all the sounds, smells, and even rivers This forest is considered one of the largest artificial forests in Europe and contains thousands of animals and tropical plants We will take you on a short tour of this forest and the river running through it This forest has several hanging bridges you can walk on and enjoy the view of the forest from above This park is divided into several sections each section expresses a specific country and suit the animals that live in it Africa, India, China We liked the Africa section where you can see pink flamingo giraffes, zebras Also Lions and tigers deer and crocodiles You can also see many other animals There are instructional boards that include detailed explanations of animals in each section And you should not forget the aquariums here you can see
Hundreds of species of aquatic animals Especially the beaver as we consider it the cutest animal in this section You cannot say that you visited the zoo without visiting the monkeys there is many types of them some of it stays in closed cages and the other play free in the park. Here you have to pay attention to your things because monkeys may steal it If you love birds you will find many kinds and species including those in closed cages The other is free to fly around the park Here, our tour ends we hop to meet you soon Bye Bye

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  1. الحديقة رائعة زرتها وما بينمل منها ابدا ♥️♥️بجنن الفيديو 😍موفقة رزون ♥️

  2. كتير حلو حبيت الفيديو ياليت تكتريلنا من هالفيديوهات الي بتخلينا نسافر عبر العالم

  3. OMG this such a beautiful place ! I like the video, please can u add your instagram account if available?

  4. جميل جدا خلق الله و الاجمل نحافظ على مخلوقاته

  5. ولاحلا من المشوار معكم وهل الجوله الرائعه استمتعنا معكم غوالينا ناطرينكم برحلات قادمه

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