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Rainforest Fast Facts with Dr Rober Kooyman

My name is Robert Kooyman, I’m a researcher in evolutionary ecology with a focus on the rainforests and the evolution of rainforests particularly in Australia. Here we are in the Lowland Daintree rainforest hyper diverse rainforest on the lowlands that stretch all the way to the coast – one of the only places left in Australia where that’s still the case Behind us, we have uplands, Thornton Peak included, that provide the history of the Gondwana connection and part of the the deep time story of the evolution of these incredible forests. The diversity that we see around us is an expression of those deep time histories and the interaction of not only the gondwanan forests but the forests of Southeast Asia when Australia finally hit that continent. An amazing place, a unique assemblage of biodiversity, and one of the most important places in Australia.

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