Importance of Natural Resources

Rainforest Drive in San Juan, Puerto Rico | Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival logo: A red, white,
and blue Y-shaped ship horn.
Rainforest Drive;
San Juan, Puerto Rico.
A sign reads, “El Yunque
National Forest;
US Department of Agriculture.”A path winds through a dense
and shady tropical forest.
Thick vines hang like
ropes among the trees.
A vine curls around
a tree branch.
A snail’s spiral
shell rests beside it.
Shafts of sunlight filter
down through the high,
leafy tree canopy and the broad
green leaves of delicate vines.
A tiny sprout grows from
inside a decaying tree trunk.
On the forest floor,
a deep red orchid
bears slender,
black-tipped petals.
It grows among
broad green leaves.
A tiny lizard sits on an exposed
tree-root tinged with algae.
Shallow water flows past
worn, smooth river boulders.
Crystal clear water ripples over
a bed of brown and gray pebbles.

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