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Rafael Forsetto, Kiane Assis, Brazil “What is Agroecology” #ClimateSummit #Globalgoals #tvebiomovies

Brazil is one of the top pesticide consuming countries in the world using over 370,000 tons of pesticides per year pesticides can make their way into the soil the food that we consume and then to our bodies possibly causing health risks but a group of local farmers want to change that culture through agro ecology the commercial cool to Dow remember a less formal customized piece was the cidade become a el malecon one being why not three years in this settlement southern Brazil over 150 families work with agro ecology a sustainable approach to agriculture that uses no pesticide they seek to increase biodiversity and reduce ecological impact as much as possible one of the principal ideas of agroecology is a diversification of crops fruits and vegetables are often planted together to guarantee biodiversity the farmers also use dead plants and fallen fruits as organic fertilizers they are also responsible for conserving many types of Creole seeds which are traditional varieties of seeds that have been cultivated locally for generations some of the locals have adopted agroforestry in their fields agroforestry incorporates the cultivation of crops with the cultivation and conservation of trees hasta la Duda Nevada EDA produces bastante carbon vitamin produce Alimentum a a fruit opposed pasaría possibe Leflore to do is enter an flonase Ella judo judo Putra todas upon research a poor KO Anna Torres a descubrir SI episode aired a boozer holiday una casa mortar the target is David but they don’t just want to keep these practices in the settlement they want others as well the dental sentiment the main thing I scholar Latin America biographer Lucia kala Enzo enjoys many secret knowledge is greatly valued and students from all over the world come here to learn agroecology in theory and in practice the school is endorsed by the Federal Institute of Parana that assists is supplying them with professors and diplomas a sentimental token tostado complies of many of the United Nations sustainable development goals for the 2030 agenda they seek to grow organic food in a sustainable manner combat climate change and grant quality education for future generations for these residents agroecology is not just agriculture it is their culture [Music] you

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  1. Magnifico essa descoberta…meus tatatatataravos jah faziam isso,e agora em 2019 que foi oficializado a descoberta pelos gênios invasores de terra alheia.Hilários.

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